End KeepInventory


Yey for Claire <3


How about falling into the void in the end would teleport you to Y:300 with the same X and Z values as you were in the end. That would give some penaltie; If your Elytra broke, you’d die. If you didn’t have one; the same. If your Elytra didn’t break, you have a second chance, but can’t fly back into the void, thus losing all of your exploration progress.

I mean, the end biome is “Sky” after all…


No its not.

‘‘The End is the third and final dimension in Minecraft.’’

^ Straight from the wiki.


Like claire said, im feeling pretty babied. Its a good suggestion though.


Back to my toggle idea. You stop feeling babied & I don’t lose my stuff to shulkers.
And how is Holy, severely outnumbered, somehow making important people agree that everyone needs a harder life. I have been killed like 15 times by shulkers. Sometimes it gets to instakill b/c NZ wifi, meaning /back useless (by the time I get to respawn I’m already dead). And surely I can’t be blamed for being born here.


I’m from Australia. We’re like the same distance away from the server and I don’t have these issues, so your relative distance isn’t the cause and it’s definately on your end not ours. Maybe you need to invest in better internet within your household or stop playing games when others in your house are downloading stuff, you’re probably just lacking in bandwidth.


We have the best router on the market rn. Fiber’s not available till next year and I play only when noone else is on the internet.
It’s not about distance from the server either. My friend who is super into computers said that about the fastest internet in NZ is like 200mb/s without fiber. It’s not connecting to the server, it’s connecting to the internet.
It is on my end but I (well my parents really) am not in a position to improve it.
And if you ask anyone who was on when I found my End city, I died so many times so fast it was ridiculous. Half Internet, half just shulkers being evil.
Not to mention the constant AAC kick.


I can’t imagine the pain, AAC really sucks atm :confused:


Except for the fact i removed AAC about 2 days ago now :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven’t been on in a while.
#Icalave for prez!
Thanks a ton.


Gotta agree with claire here… This is the exact reason economy exists. The end is too dangerous for you to go, so purchase the items you can get in the end by mining in the overworld. Im not sure why we should keep this gamerule on for the benefit of one bad internet :stuck_out_tongue:


*takes log of what holy just said for the day he lags out and unjustly dies in the end and looses his things to the void *


Ara, when holy dies, he goes to the armoury, and takes another set : p



My internet is great from 6am - 4pm…but it goes to shit when i get home as it seems the entire building uses the availible bandwidth on my DSL type connection.

Its not one bad connection, there are a few of us with crap internet. (I rarely go to end as well)


Well you can, because you have shit to spare, what about someone who doesn’t?
If you don’t get affected if you loose your crap in the void because ‘‘you just get new gear’’, then why bother arguing this?


i dont have shit to spare…I’m not even wearing pants om Mxl right now.

Unless having 100,000 blocks of cobblestone means I am rich


Someone will trade cobble for nice armour. Someone… somewhere… not me tho.


I was replying to Holy if you didn’t notice the little icon there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


how much for all of it


You could just throw all your items into the void if you died, that makes it more hardcore ;p. That’s virtually the same as it being able to toggle it.

However I don’t think anyone would if they didn’t have to, just like Claire argued

Turning keepinventory off would be viable if the end were to reset every once in a while. (Yes I know there are enderman farms, but they are made in an hour or 2 nowadays anyway, and knowing the end will be reset one could salvage any valuables.)

Edit: except this wouldn’t help with ‘lag deaths’ of course