Empires Update Dev Diary 3


Hello everyone,

So, in the last dev diary, I said I would be talking about the War System, standardized measurements and of course, the map. Now, we need a bit more time to go over the first two, but, lets be real, the main thing you guys are waiting for, is of course, the map. Thank you for your patience with this, those extra 24 hours allowed us to be very thorough with the testing.

I am happy to report, we have found 0 chunk errors with the map (though of course, we advise you to keep an eye out when you build) so we are happy to announce that this is what we are going with.

Without further ado, I present, the new map, Theia.

This whopping 20k by 17k map is made by Valjeta-Dawn and contains a wide selection of biomes. While not as complex as that of Moonti, they are certainly spacious and easy enough to be reworked with World Edit, by players who want to get their teeth stuck into it.

If you wish to see the Planet Minecraft page here you go:

And if you wish to see a 3D render of the map using dynmap (while we still get ours sorted), voila:

Sadly, no large 1.13 and up maps are currently available, so we have gone with an earlier map. I want to give a big shout out to my fellow devs, particularly Lami, for his efforts in finding the bugs causing the map generation to fail. This would not have been possible without their efforts.

I have put up a forum post, where players can stake their interests in what land they would like. While you obviously can’t log onto the map yet and thus get your plot ID’s, we can begin to work out who is going where.

Finally, in response to a question on the Discord about role-play with the map up, since people seem incredibly keen on writing out stuff to get started, you may do so. However, since people haven’t been set up for location, we would STRONGLY advise that you don’t do something that would compromise yourself later. We’re not gonna fix that for you if you screw yourself.

As for full lore posts, do hold off on that though. We want to set up something different for this, rather than using the forum for it.

That’s it from me for this update for this week, tune in next time!


Oh, on the topic of teasers…


Edit 1: Added link to the forum thread for posting up areas of interest for your new factions, follow the link!