Empires Update Dev Diary 2


Hello everyone and welcome to Dev Diary 2.

Now, following on from last week, today I’m going to talk about core changes to the way plots will work, and more on the interactions with the National Focuses.

How Plots are earned

We’re fundamentally changing how plots are acquired and allocated, as we were dissatisfied with the way people were earning and using them. This is not to say any player did anything inherently wrong, but the logical usage of the mechanics resulted in large tracks of claimed land which was often left empty, simply so that players could get to where they wanted to build their next town. It pulled focus away from the Minecraft game, and put it towards writing. On top of this, the number of plots earned also fluctuated wildly at times, making growth kind of jumpy.

We want to make the main focus the server itself, with the written RP there as a part, but secondary to that of the actual game. To this end, plot acquisition will be much simpler going forward. Rather than having the monthly expansion with a formula for plots earned, plots will simply be requested from the staff, up to a maximum of 9, using a modified version of the support ticket system currently found here on the Discord. The specifics of what to type will be covered later once the bot is up and running. How many you claim, is no longer determined by systems like Plot Score or how much lore/episodes you have written.

When requesting these plots, not only will need where, but also for what purpose. Whether we grant these plots, is down to us (the staff). We will be looking to see if the plots already granted have been used and filled. Those obviously full of copy/pasted work, either with W/E or just building near identical buildings, or builds that can be very easily improved with some more work, will be told so and denied further expansion until this is sorted.

On the flip side of this, plots may now be requested that are not connected to your initial starting set. This will allow for much quicker expansion for new settlements, rather than the quite painstaking slow expansion to the new site as was the old system. Plots will now also be merged from the start, making larger projects that much easier to work with.

For those concerned that players might put down military bases right next to their capital under the new system, fear not. There will be a soft exclusion zone around existing plots, with the intent of preventing players deliberately trying to cut each other off. In practice, this will come down to common sense rulings by the staff. If we think you’re trying to screw another player with your requests, we won’t grant them.

Plots and National Focuses

Since plot expansion will only be granted when existing plots are developed, we shall be doing away with the plot scores. These were by far the most time consuming part of the old system on the staff side of things, as it required multiple staff to cross check each other’s work, searching the entire plot for what its contents were. Going forward, we will simply count the number of plots a nation owns.

Last week, I talked about the new National Focuses and how they will help define your nation by showing what they specialise and/or lack in. However, these focuses don’t take the nation size into account, which IMO, should be a factor.

To this end, we are introducing the National Development Scores; these will work alongside the National Focuses to provide another layer of understanding for player nations.

These are very simply worked out by the following formula:

No. of Plots x National Focus = National Development.

With this, we now have a way to define both the nation’s main interests and specialisation, through Focuses, and a way to show their total output in these areas. This should allow for much easier comparison between nations at a glance. This also allows for smaller, heavily specialised nations to maintain parity with larger, more generalised nations.

Going forward as well, we will be attempting to make information about nations easier to see. More of these details will be discussed in a later dev diary about lore and the REDACTED

Next week, I’ll be talking about the new War mechanic, how we are looking to try and give some idea of casualties in conflict, standardisation of time and distance in the RP world, and the map reveal.