Empires Update Dev Diary 1


Hello everyone,

In looking forward to resetting Empires, the team has been hard at work trying to both sort the technical elements (many thanks to our developers and admins for their efforts on fixing the damn maps) and on the systems we use to run the game mode.

Today, I shall discuss a part of the new system, giving players a chance to digest, ask questions and provide some immediate thoughts. Please note, this is only part of the system we are planning on putting in, so keep the questions reserved specifically for what is discussed here.

Revised Power Score system: Part 1

Many players liked the simplicity of this system, but ultimately, this proved to be a double edged sword, as players struggled to make use of the value in a meaningful way. To that end, we have revised this system, in the hopes of making it more useful, while retaining its simplicity.

As a part of this, we are introducing two new features, National Focus’s and the Dice Roller.

National Focus’s

National Focuses are a simple mechanic to provide some definition to the power score system, your nation and will interact with the dice roller to help settle disputes. These Focuses are split into three categories: Military, Economy and Culture.

  • Military: Representative of all elements of military prowess, army size, training and leadership, on land and at sea. High scores in this can suggest a drilled professional army, a warrior culture or a history of aggressive piracy.
  • Economy: The productive might of your nation. Manpower, Resource extraction, manufacturing, artisans and trade all contribute to your nation’s economy. It also represents a nation’s ability to withstand attack and raids.
  • Culture: Religion, Science and the Arts fall under this banner. High culture nations are more defined and unified in its identity. They are less susceptible to infiltration, subversion and conversion of its peoples.

In each category, you can have a score between 1 (worst) and 5 (best). When deciding your National Focus’s, everyone will start with 1 in each category, and will have an additional 5 points to spend where they see fit. For example:

Example Focus

Such a nation would have a well-developed economy, good infrastructure and a decent military to protect itself with. However, it’s not well known for its forward thinking and its people may not consider themselves of that nation, but simply residents within its borders.

The specifics of what it means, is down to the lore, but these focuses are aimed at showing what your nation is most known for and what it’s government and people prioritise when it’s looking to advance its own goals.

When you create your nation, you will be required to assign these values as part of your submission for your nation. You can change them, but only in 1 point increments at a time and this will only be possible rarely, to prevent people abusing the system.

Dice Roller

The other major new element is the Dice Roller. This will take the form of a Bot on the Discord Server, which players will be able to interact with, to generate values they can use to help settle disputes, both in character and interpersonal. These work alongside the National Focuses as demonstrated below:

Let us say that two armies have assembled and are now about to engage each other, but the writers, A and B, are struggling to decide on an outcome, or want to write more organically and allow for some unpredictability. They can use the Dice Roller, to roll against each other and determine a winner. Since this is a military matter, they will be adding their Military Focuses to their dice rolls. Writer A’s Military Focus is 4, while B’s is only 2.

Each player will roll a 10 sided dice using the Bot in Discord and add their Military Focus to the result, as such:

Dice Roll (DR) + National Focus (NF) = Overall Result

Player A: 7 (DR) + 4 (NF) = 11
Player B: 4 (DR) + 2 (NF) = 6

In this instance, Player A has won, and by quite a sizable margin. Player A and Player B can now get on with writing out the battle for other’s to enjoy.

With this system, it is still entirely possible for a player who has a very low Focus, to beat a player with a high Focus, but it is considerably more likely for those who specialised to succeed. This will hopefully allow for some surprise twists for stories.

Of course, if players have a very specific story in mind they’ve agreed, you don’t need to use the dice roller. How you specifically use it, such as just once for the battle or multiple times for a complex multi-stage engagement, is up to the writers. However, if players do use it, we expect you to respect the result, put the argument behind you and move on.

That’s it for the moment, in the next part; I shall be discussing changes to how we award plots and their interaction with the above mentioned numbers.

Empires Round 2 Land Claims

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