Empires Round 2 Land Claims


This thread is for the claiming of initial plots for the founding of factions within Empires. If you already have a post, feel free to modify your existing one with the new information.

You will need to include the following:

Faction Name:
Faction Leader: (Player in charge of making claims and who will be assigned the plots)
Faction Members: (other players who are a part of your faction).

Brief Description of your faction + Faction inspiration: This is to introduce your faction and to allow the community to see if what you’re planning to do fits within the setting. Feel free to include images, but keep it relatively short, we don’t need an essay.

Faction National Focus: (for an explanation, see Dev Diary 1, link at the bottom of this post.)

Initial Starting Plot: (You will be getting a 3x3 area, same as last time, centered on the claimed plot. You can find the plot id, using /plot info)

Empires Update Dev Diary 3
Empires Update Dev Diary 4

Faction Name: still working on that.

Claim area of interest:




Here’s a full-map with added circles so people can keep adding on their prospective claims, should they choose regions outside of the screen-cap provided by Siil.

And here’s a map of approximate biomes (from the original PMC post)


Lets do it!


Faction Name: Picea
Faction Leader: Ahtheboy
Faction Members: None Yet

Brief Description of your faction + Faction inspiration: This is a faction that uses a harsh cold climate in place of military protection. It is self sufficient and can grow its food in greenhouses but will still sell to other nations to grow its economy.

Faction National Focus:
Military: 1
Economy: 5
Culture: 2

Initial Starting Plot: 177;120
Possible Claim Area


Faction: Unknown

Claim interests:World claims


Faction Name: alqazhia
Faction Leader: Chazkl
Faction Members: CaptianAlpacax

Brief Description of your faction + Faction inspiration: Ancient Egyptian and Persian style with a dystopian theme.
Faction National Focus:
Military: 3 (1+2)
Economy: 4 (1+3)
Culture: 1 (1+0)

Initial Starting Plot: 248;178


(quick modification to the map, as one player didn’t get carried forward like everyone else has so far)

Current Claims

Also, just gonna overlook my name being spelled wrong, not like I’ve known you for years @Claire88c. :stuck_out_tongue:


Faction name: Charkov
Area of interest:912963e450acc86c0a86124108cb86f7df1de888


Faction Name: Takusha

Area of Interest:


I have done some testing and decided I can’t live without snowy mountains.
New plan:

Faction leader: Me (IGN: Solerca)
Faction members: N/A
Faction name: Evoida
Faction description: Peaceful academics focused around the Source. Inspirations: Oracle of Delphi, Eton etc.

Faction focus: culture/academia.
Military: 1
Economy: 2
Culture: 5

Starting plot: 138;128


Faction Name: Xia Empire
Faction Leader: Me
Faction Members: Myself

Brief Description of your faction + Faction inspiration: Elf + Oriental

Faction National Focus: Awesomeness


Initial Starting Plot: 245;236


Faction Name: Nidgardheim
Faction Leader: Me
Faction Members: Myself

Brief Description of your faction + Faction inspiration: Elf/Dwarven/Human + Norse

Faction National Focus: growth


Initial Starting Plot: 213;172


(Yes, Geo’s, Ario’s and Music’s faction is no longer a thing. We’re making our own separately.)

Faction name: Commonwealth of Chromaros
Faction leader: Ariovistas
Faction members: Ariovistas

Brief descriptiion and inspiration.
The Commonwealth is equal parts plutocratic (rich people rule) merchant republic and church theocracy. Its wealthy citizens vote and sit in government, but no politician would dare cross the church, and in legal, military, religious matters and many aspects of society, church influence cannot be overstated.

Influences include the Byzantine Empire, the Abbassid Caliphate, and renaissance Italy.

Faction national focus:
Military: 2
Economy: 4
Culture: 2

Expansion region:

Starting plot:
154, 172


Faction Name: Angaronti
Faction Leader: Me.
Faction Members: Yours truly.

Brief Description and Inspiration:
A coalition of infighting high elves, who battle for control of a central fortress dug into a large mountain. They live in a range of mountains in the midst of a ice blasted hellscape.

WoW Orks, Dol Amroth.

Faction nation Focus: War. Geo, Geo never changes.

Military: 5
Economy: 2
Culture: 1

Starting Plot: 161; 125


Faction name : Wulfstan
Faction Leader : me
Faction Members : Lukie
Brief Description of faction and inspiration : (Lethari ) Welsh: elves who can transform into wolves with blue or purple eyes, and hair color of black,gray,white tri-color or white hair.

Faction National Focus
Military 2
Economy 3
Culture 2
Initial Starting Plot>>> 116;161


Faction Name: Midland

Faction Leader: Music
Faction Members: Me

Brief Description of your faction + Faction inspiration: This is going to be a generic medieval country. It will have knights, Lords, castles, and peasants and what not. My goal is to create a VERY ordinary medieval faction, but make sure to balance building and lore proportionately. A big focus on making things completely, possibly building first.

Faction National Focus:

Initial Starting Plot: 172;149


Faction Name: Lega de Tescana
Faction Leader: shatterjure
Faction Members: shatterjure, holychicken7, liasetten, crispy, kung, thanius, longfellow4, alexamder52

Brief Description of your faction + Faction inspiration: Venice + Spain inspired Carribean city-states focused on trading

Faction National Focus: Trade


Initial Starting Plot: 199;219


All plots given to me in this thread have been processed. If you want to take part, please do fill out the remainder of the application. :slight_smile: