Eject Player From Claim


There should really be a command to eject an unwated presence within your claim…
To prevent people using alternative measures to get rid of someone who’s preventing smooth building in your claim.
IF this is already present, i would be glad to know the command. :slight_smile:


That would be really helpful with banning streakers from certain events a player may host.


But invisible walls in the overworld ruin immersion :c


Don’t be a Clumsy and you won’t have to worry about invisible walls. xD


Possibly something like /eject
or /eject all

and you have to be standing in the claim to eject them from

ejecting would teleport them a few blocks outside the claim


Looking into it. Thanks for the suggestion.


There wasn’t a command within Grief Prevention to kick a player from your claim, but I found a plugin that will answer this request. It’s installed and to use it simply type:

/kickfromclaim [player]
/kfc [player]

As a note, you cannot kick members of staff (Helper and above) or players who are trusted within the claim.


Neat. This can prove both useful and amusing… hehehe


Thanks Jon. :slight_smile:


now im hungry…


I thought the same thing hehehehe


is it odd that I just had kfc as tonight’s dinner before seeing this? o_O




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