Dungeons & Dragons (In Minecraft!)


I’d like to propose a new game to play on the server that is very easy to play and set-up and would make an excellent addition to the server and forum’s lore. Dungeons & Dragons in Minecraft!

What is Dungeons & Dragons?: The core of D&D is storytelling. Each player makes up a specific character however they want under certain guidelines, like class, race, and character stats. A Dungeon Master serves as the game’s referee and storyteller while maintaining the setting in which the adventures occur, and playing the role of the inhabitants. The characters form a party that interacts with the setting’s inhabitants, and each other. Together they solve dilemmas, engage in battles, and gather treasure and knowledge. In the process the characters earn experience points in order to rise in levels, and become increasingly powerful over a series of sessions. You can purchase books from the game’s authors that take you through lots of pre-made campaigns and adventures, but you can just as easily make your own, using the same simple game mechanics and the lore we’ve created on the server already.

How would we play this in Minecraft?: Each player that wants to play would create a new profile page or alter their existing one with their characters stats and they would start out at level 1. We could either use the official character presets by D&D found HERE. Or we can make/alter our own completely, by erasing the details in that template and writing in your own. Once your done, share it on your character page in the forum and use it during gameplay.

We would have a new dice rolling plugin in-game for deciding the outcome of each players actions and of the non-player characters during gameplay. The Dungeon Master (or DM) would be any one of our staff members. When a player joins a campaign and shares their character sheet, the DM will keep it in a personal database and update it whenever a game session is completed, but it would be your own job as well to keep track of.

The stories can be made up completely, but following the world we’ve created in the lore on the forums. Or there is a ton of online content and actual D&D campaign books to pull inspiration from and even use. But basically the general setup is this…

  • Short backstory
    A backstory is told of the setting, location your in, local people, etc.
  • Synopsis of the adventure -
    A short summary of the upcoming adventure or what the quest is for.
  • Mapping -
    It can be difficult to keep track of all the corridors, turns, areas and other features of a dungeon setting, and players could soon get turned around without a map. There are two ways this can be played. Either a volunteer can be the party mapper, listening to the DM’s in-chat descriptions of an area and noting its size and exits and drawing a map, or the session can be played out in a real built map on the Build Server. The encounters a player will run into is all text-based by default. But if desired, the game can be played out with mobs, npc’s, ect, spawned by the DM.
  • Adventure hooks -
    The DM’s job is to tell a story, and every good story needs a hook. The characters can be drawn to the dungeon for any number of reasons, for glory, treasure, solving mysteries or rescuing trapped adventurers. A good quest will have many elements like these aside the main objective to interact with. So different locations, and different side tasks are always a plus.

This idea is great for all parties in our server that wish to get a taste of what an adventure map or RPG feel on our server might be like, or just want to play out the server lore in an actual tabletop game style rather than storytelling alone. It can be built, planned and played in a day, in a week, any amount of time we feel like attributing to a particular campaign. Since it can be played through chat alone as well, it is as easy as pulling up a pre-written D&D adventure (module) online, your dice, character sheet and friends and going at it!


I’m not sure I totally follow- are you proposing we play via in game chat, voice, etc, or we are in game in a world and use our characters like miniatures, or is it a forum thing with in game rolls or even forum rolls and nothing in game?

Haha so many possibilities. But I like the idea whatever it is. And always support new games and fun ideas.


If staff alone were to be DM’s, this thing is already dead before it even begins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No offense but… the ‘‘main’’ lore of the server is writ only to its basics, Siil is away, staff is not that active, and when it is active its busy … you know, staffing, and don’t have much time to do other things due to life. Asked Ica to copy a ship of mine a while back, took 3 weeks to get Jon (thanks again <3) to do it for me instead… Im not seeing this going anywhere fast like that. This would just be burdening staff with even more crap to deal with imo.

But then again, who else can we really trust to adequately keep track of the group’s participants progress, levels, and such? If it were merely player run, I can already see people acting as DM maybe selling a participant short at the end of a story, or vice versa, a participant falsely accusing a DM of doing so to get better levels even if he/she didn’t earn them. And nobody else would know, because only the player himself for his own sheet and the DM keep track.

Edit: I should also mention what a clusterfuck it would be in chat if you plan to host these things ingame.


Lots of work would need to be done to this to make it viable, as we discussed in staff chat.

This would be a huge undertaking, and, as anyone who has played D&D knows, a lot of time and effort goes into designing a campaign and creating character sheets and builds for each character.

This could be a lot of fun, but it’s not at all as simple as you are making it seem here. <3


One idea that might be doable is to setup a world or portion of world where the DM and any helpers could be given creative and use world guard to exclude players until the build is complete. Then let them in to play when ready.

Definitely a lot of work but a dedicated player base could do it. I think Discord VC is going to be easier than typing things out unless it’s more “forum RPG” than table top d&d due to all the back and forth.

A separate server is def a better idea now that I think about it. For inventory reasons, all the perms, etc as well as helping to keep IG chat local (though party chat or local chat could work).

I’d recommend messing around with ideas on a test server to get a working proof of concept and hammer out bugs then make an official proposal once there’s some feedback and lessons learned.

Excited to see where this goes. Let me know if I can help!


I have many years experience as a dungeon master, through my own created module and might consider serving as one. Though my experience is long lived, I’m not sure if I will be feeling good enough to make a creative and intriguing world. If the players don’t mind waiting I can create a good world to be in. I’m sure samcv can agree I’m a decent GM.


Hopes IQ and Sam understand the definition of dungeon mater that everyone else is referring to :wink:

To clarify what Claire is saying… even I wouldn’t touch a D&D project with a ten foot pole. And I’m notorious for taking on too many responsibilities/projects.


well I sure wouldn’t mind being a dungeon mater :wink:


They need people to host the story, not go world building :wink: The idea is to work with everything we have already built, and everything we have already writ. Or so I think it is.


I said this in Discord but I’ll say it again here. I am no expert in dungeons and dragons or RP games like it, but as far as I can tell there ain’t any reason to do this in MC. What makes this so much better than regular D & D games that it’s worth all the other problems that come with translating games to MC. In fact TBH I’m not entirely sure where the MC comes into this equation at all. Again, no expert in role playing games but to me, the idea of on the fly imagination creations is the whole point. So that sorta rules out the whole build team doin there build thing making the D & D worlds. So then what are ye left with? the profiles, the Discord for easy communication, and the dice? seems like there’s not really much MC can do to make D & D any better? seems like the actual value in all this is what’s on the forums not the server.


I think its fine if we kept the roleplaying on the forums like we have till now. Just write down your character and what skills and weaknesses he/she has and that’s it, avoiding combat of course… because that would require some sort of dice roll as well so there’s not an endless argument. Not like many people participate in that either…


funny is i did say something like this on atlas and come at me bra i have my own DM guide 3,5 ftw