(Discontinued) [RP Episode] The Rogue Who Ruled


It was late evening in stark, gloomy hallways of Frostwither Citadel. Muzwall was looking over the final draft of the Mon-Taizon agreement…the howling wind outside moaned some dreadful tale of woe that had seeped into his mind, clouding his thoughts. He looked longingly at the tightly closed shutters, where little wisps of snow trickled through the cracks. “Those were the days!” thought Muzwall, placing his quill back into the inkwell, “If only I could go back to that life…”

He turned away and began hastily folding up the parchment. Tipping over the candle, his only source of light, he wax-sealed the treaty, marking it with the wyvern emblem. Rising from his desk, he exited his chamber and approached the guest bedroom. Giving the door three loud raps he exclaimed, “Gerrey get up, the treaty is finished. I want you to take it with you when you head back home.” At first there was only silence, but soon he heard a shuffling of feet followed by a few sleepy sounding Iceorian curses. The door slowly creaked open…

(This is a hook specifically for @Kung. But it should be fairly short, because then I will invite other players for the next stage. I’m thinking either @MissDiana @Spencer82605 @MoonMidnight and/or @Iancito111. This will give you a chance to meet my character in his travels and explain your presence in the Northern Realm. Also when you make your character, don’t worry about your history with the Northern Realm yet.) @SirGeorgar may enter the scenario as a companion that I reluctantly allow to come with me.


Opening the door, Gerrey blinked the sleep from his eyes. “Gapkiv tesnheqomcip!” he moaned, “With all due respect, could this not have waited until dawn, milo…?” He didn´t finish the sentence. The door had swung open, revealing the waking voices owner, his liege, the mighty Muzwall Frostwither. Yet the man who now stood before him was an unexpected sight. Rather than the straight-backed, alert man, who despite his height seemed to grow on occasions like this to be taller than most people, Muzwall seemed weary, his stern eyes failing to hide that all wasn’t as it should be. “Is all in order milord?” Gerrey asked surprised, while taking the treaty from the kings outstretched hand and with a quick glance glimpsing the Wyvern emblem.


“Yes Gerrey”, Muzwall handed him the parchment,“I’ve just had a thought…I’ve been feeling the urge to go on a little ‘vacation’. Ever since all this king business started, I’ve not had a moment to myself. As a servant of the people I feel very honored, but it’s really taking its toll…I want to just disappear…”


Disappear…” The words rang through Gerrey’s head like a temple bell. Then, realising he’d frozen, he quickly asked, with as much calm as he could muster, “Where, if I might ask you milord, were you going to go? And for how long?” He felt the unease rise within him. “What’s going to become of the realm without its king?


“To be completely honest, I dont know.”, Muzwall shifted uneasily,"I just want to see more of the world."
Looking away he muttered,“I was going to simply give you the scroll and head out without telling anyone…but that seems very wrong.”


Maybe a trip to the Isle?” Gerrey suggested, then, upon seeing the confused look Muzwall shot him, he continued, “The Isle of Peace! Home of the Dragons? It was your own discovery milord, it should not be news!” Muzwall’s eyes suddenly sharpened, focused on a spot slightly left of Gerrey’s elbow. “That could work…” he muttered. “Well of course it will, milord!” Gerrey said calmly. “No one will find you there! And the monks will take good care of you, you know they will!

However, milord, you have yet to answer me! How is the realm going to function without its king? And what should we tell people? The last time their king vanished, he ended up being a diligord maniac, thinking he could rule the world!” At these words, Muzwall rose his head and looked angrily at his vassal. “I know you won’t, milord,” Gerrey said dismissively, “but the people mightn’t! And Inceptus was a fair king too to begin with, so your honorability so far will only buy you limited time away!


Suddenly, loud shouts echoed down the hallway. Both men turned to see the doors swing open, and a very angry looking hooded fellow entered, a few knocked out guards rested peacefully at his feet. “Muzwall what the bloody nether is wrong with your guards.”" He motioned to the bodies on the floor, “Every time I arrive, your blasted guards mistake me for a wandering vagabond, intent on slaughter. Also, why the hell are you here Gerrey? I thought you were busy with affairs of state in Dragonspine.”

Muzwall rolled his eyes condescendingly. “Ahhh Ranger…what a pleasant surprise.” He turned to the lord, “Gerrey, could you excuse us? I need to talk to this maniac…”

[Written by me and @SirGeorgar]


Of course, milord,” Gerrey said, backing back into his bedroom, "Suuv teshen!"
Lying back onto his bed, he could still hear the voices of the newcomer, Sir Georgar, and his king, but the walls were too thick to let him get a proper grasp of their conversation, and slowly he drifted back into sleep. “Gapkiv tesnheqomcip!” was his last thought bafore the void swallowed him.

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As Gerrey meandered back into his room, Muzwall turned angrily to the bedraggled ranger. “Seriously Geo, why is it that every time you come, it’s the middle of the night and you’re doing something outrageous? Why are you even here?”


Georgar responded, with a frown on his face. " Outrageous? What do you mean, outrageous? The only thing outrageous that I’ve noticed is your Nether-spawned guards!" Then, looking toward Gerrey’s room, he asked in a lower voice: “But seriously, why is Gerrey here? I heard something about a trip? Where is he going?” Then a dawning look appeared on his face. “Oh, right, you were asking why I was here. I’ve come to ask about your plans for our military. Do we have a set defense strategy in time of war? We need forges, weapons, supplies, horses, and food. We also need to keep the men in fighting trim.They are growing restless…”

Anything Goes Here

“Well Geo, as a matter of fact I DO have plans for the army, but that’s not relevant.” Muzwall shifted uneasily again. “I want to leave. I enjoy fulfilling my duties as king…don’t get me wrong, but I wish for some more excitement in my life…the open road…something other than this frosty mountain range I’ve lived in my whole life.” He turned and briskly began walking to his room, “To be quite honest, I’d rather leave right now!” He swung open the door and began rummaging through the large chest that sat at the end of his bed. The ranger looked on, looking rather perplexed. His confused face then turned to that of displeasure. He barged into Muzwall’s room grabbing him roughly by the shoulders…


“Leave? Of course you can leave! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I could’ve gotten you away from Gerrey’s clutches days ago! If you want to leave now, I won’t stop you. But” He said, with a admonishing look on his face: “On one condition. I’m coming with you. I can keep you safe, and that should take care of any concerns for your safety that Gerrey might have. Where do you want to go? I suggest farther north. I’ve been meaning to go that way for sometime myself…”


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