Dimensional Tools



Howdy! I would like to explain to you my idea of these new items called Dimensional Tools
(which are actually re-textured diamond tools that are unbreakable)

Yes you heard me! Unbreakable tools!
Now you may be thinking Logi why?? we already have mending books for our tools to repair them… and this is just ridiculous!
Yes that may be so but hear me out for second :slight_smile:

This can serve as some end game content which in my mind is quite a challenge to get, since I’m sure it would be nice if we had a tool we could keep using to build with.
To offset this convenience, crafting even one of these tools is absurdly expensive.


Word has got out that Axcom has invented new set of special tools for their workers that allow them to gather resources without the tools themselves degrading! I’m not sure of the exact details, but it appears they managed to manufacture the tools out of a special material which is very hot and qauntumly super positioned. The rod of each tool is made out of some sort of spiky material. Some say if you put your ear close enough to the rod, you can hear the screams of a Witherly being. They are rapped in special fibres found only in Elytras to prevent them injuring the workers. I must get my hands on one of these!


The items include

  • Dimensional Pickaxe
  • Dimensional Axe
  • Dimensional Shovel
  • Dimensional Hoe

Each tool is unbreakable and has no enchants to begin with, you must add those yourself.

These are the custom items used to create the tools

  • Dimensional Star
  • Dragon Rod
  • Void String


These might be implemented

  • Dimensional Sword
  • Dimensional Bow

Crafting Recipes

Dimensional Pickaxe

  • 3 Dimensional Stars
  • 2 Dragon Rods
  • 4 Enchanted Mending Books

Dimensional Axe

  • 3 Dimensional Stars
  • 2 Dragon Rods
  • 4 Enchanted Mending Books

Dimensional Shovel

  • 1 Dimensional Star
  • 2 Dragon Rods
  • 4 Enchanted Mending Books

Dimensional Hoe

(for that hardcore farmer)

  • 2 Dimensional Stars
  • 2 Dragon Rods
  • 4 Enchanted Mending Books

Dimensional Sword

  • 2 Dimensional Stars
  • 1 Dragon Rod
  • 4 Enchanted Mending Books

Dimensional Bow

  • 3 Void String
  • 3 Dragons Rods
  • 3 Enchanted Mending Books

Dimensional Star

  • 4 End Crystals
  • 4 Nether Stars
  • 1 Dragon Breath

Dragon Rod

  • 4 Dragon Eggs
  • 2 Elytras
  • 2 Obsidian
  • 1 Wither Skull

Void String

  • 2 Regeneration II Potions
  • 6 Dragons Breath
  • 1 String


Thank you for spending your precious time to read through my suggestion! :slight_smile:
If I could possibly take a few more seconds of your time :kissing_heart: please give me some feedback on my idea
either by voting in the poll or in the comments! Thanks! :smiley:

  • I’d support this!
  • Good idea but needs to be more expensive!
  • Good idea but needs to be less expensive!
  • I have questions…
  • No! Just No!

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So I notice a lot of you like the idea which is awesome :smiley: but also some of you have some concerns as to how expensive the recipes should be. Feel free to comment a recipe you think would fit better :slight_smile:

Update 2

New textures for the tools & weapons have been updated with the help of @ShinyNate :slight_smile:

Update 3

Added crafting recipes for void string and dimensional bow


You have two of the same poll choices.
I’m triggered.


read them again :wink:


You integrated it into the lore and thus, i greatly support this idea.
And of course because it would be useful. :slight_smile:

@Holy Might like this. He loves challenges. :wink:


I actually like this, a lot. Whether the rest of the staff will though, is a different question. I know as soon as Nate sees this he’ll want to make textures… Lol.


lmao this is the best idea yet Logi :smiley:


Oh. Misread. Make them less similar, then!


Other than being unbreakable I feel like they should have some other abilities. Not sure what else they should have but it seems like just being unbreakable isn’t enough for what all you would put into them.


Imagine finally getting a maxed diamond pick… then you run out of xp and it breaks… Unbreakable items OP. Could be a little cheaper though if they don’t do anything else.


Time to ruin the mood a bit and address the one issue here, which I see in the lore. My apologies. x3

If this knowledge comes from AXCOM, what of people who claim ignorance about anything to do with them? Like those who want to go purely medieval?

Just make it some sort of divine thing that come from the kingdom instead? Or make it unrelated to either.


While this is an awesome idea I brought up with claire when we were back making allura, but these items are hilariously expensive, for a perk that really isnt needed with mending and a tp to a fast grinder. If they were implemented, id probably make some for the museum, but as a player, id much rather have the beacons. Unbreakability isnt worth much in my eyes.

Good idea though :’)


I would make them for picks and my elytra, would easily cut my repair time by a factor of 10.


Is it worth it though? /bottle get max makes repairing crazy easy.


and fair enough :slight_smile: but some players including myself don’t like the hassle of going to a grinder and spending their levels on repairing tools. It’s there as a challenge and a useful option, not to mention only people with legend rank of above can do the /bottle cmd to get there lvls back.


Also on another note,
If this gets approved, would you like Dimensional Swords and Bows?

  • Yes that would be so cool!
  • No tools are good enough we don’t need unbreakable swords as well

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[your vote does not count if you already said No to the first poll, this is for people who have said yes to the first poll]


I would like an unbreakable pick simply because I always get distracted mining large areas and break my pick without realizing it : /


same here!


Unbreakable elytra.


elytras technically already are unbreakable :wink:


Elytras are already unbreakable they never degrade to 0 durability. You just get a broken one instead that you have to fix