Died because of lag, pls halp


Look before you click away thinking this is an excuse for dying, please hear what i have to say.
I was running through a plains biome exploring to try to find villages when all of a sudden my screen pauses (as it always does), however what was infront of me was a ravine and when my game lags out it makes the one button pressed down, which, ofcourse was the “W” key. Long story short my screen un-froze at the moment of impact and i was instantly respawned at my house, a good 10-20 min boat ride & run away.

Because i wanted to trade with the villagers I would hopefully find I brought along with me a shulkerbox full of all my valuables (gifted to me by Spazz), anyway all my items are off somewhere in a ravine, unloaded.

Quick sidenote about the lag, here in Australia there is a new internet scheme being rolled out called the NbN, which was meant to be the ‘saviour’ to slow internet speeds, however NO the NbN is not a ‘saviour’. Some internet companies (including the one im with) have also abused this new ‘fast’ internet by selling the internet to more clients than they’re allowed to. So to fix this they changed my internet to a slower one that doesnt drop out as much.

Here’s some lag evidence:

Here’s a list of items I had (off the op of my head):
Full diamond armour (no enchants, around 3/4 durability each)
16-18 arrows
1 bow with power I (almost full durability)
1 sword with smite I (almost full durabilty)
1 fire protect III book
1 Dia Pick (efficency II, silk touch, 1/2 durability)
1 Dia Pick (efficency II, 3/4 durability)
1 Dia Pick (fortune I, effiency 1-3, >100 durability)
1 Shulker box (Spazz’s lootcrate)

Inside the shulker box:
everything thats inside a spazz’s lootcrate
33 more emeralds
2 blocks of dias
1 protect shovel
1 spawner pick II
1 Dia Axe (effiecncy 4, unbreaking 3, 3/4 durability)
1 Dia Shovel (effiency 4, unbreaking 4, silk touch, 4/5 durability)
1 elytra (1/2 durability, no enchants)
3 coal blocks

I havent teleported anywhere since dying, just tried to find my stuff. So if any staff can allow me to do /back and then take it off me that would be greatly apprieciated. I wont go on the server until I get a responce (in case of death).

Thanks heaps, looking forward to playing some more

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Alright. This… ain’t gonna get far. Sorry to break it to ya. Staff are quite particular about not returning items due to lag, reason being it just creates a whole assortment of situations that staff aren’t prepared to deal with. In short, the general rule is that you play at your own risk. Luckily for you, I am still in a sort of karmic death to the universe after on WOA a special someone reimbursed me for my losses after I died to lag as well. DM me on discord next time yer on the server please.


Looks like Crispy has answered the reason why we can’t reimburse your lost items.

For the future, I would suggest you drop your render distance and graphical settings, at least while you’re exploring. Those additional settings will create a lot of additional lag that you can combat. Use the Optifine mod if you’re able to. It will help reduce lag even more so.

As a note, I can’t really interpret a video being used as valid evidence of lag because recording in itself causes a lot of lag.

I also wish to remind you that you do have access to support.realmofallura.com. This is where you can post bug reports. Although death by lag isn’t a bug, just an unfortunate occurrence, it will be useful to you if something does occur.

That being said though, it looks like Crispy has your back. So thank you for that, Crispy.

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