Desert Structure Building Contest!


The Survival reset is fast approaching, and work on the custom generation features is starting to pick up steam. We’d like to give our wonderful community the opportunity to have their structures as part of the next world gen! We’ll have a number of these contests through the coming weeks, with a different structure theme for each



No limits, you can build anything you want that could reasonably pass as a desert structure. You’re welcome to add traps, mazes and redstone, try and make something that would be interesting to explore! It can be any size (within reason) so be creative!

See below for examples (taken from a youtube video)

It doesn’t need to be that detailed or extravagant! Anything that fits the theme is a valid entry!


Contest is open as of this post, and entries close on the 31st of January. Winners will be announced shortly after.

To enter, post a screenshot of your build, and also the plot tp command to access your plot in the replies below.

But Claire, I hear you ask, what do I win?
Great question!


We might have multiple winners! Anyone who we add to the world gen, will get a prize!

PRIZES: Your build added to the world gen! + either a game of your choice from the list below OR on month of W/E + a secret prize once we go live
ALL ENTRIES: A secret prize once we go live!

===GAME LIST (All PC)===

  • Overwatch
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Dead Island Definitive Edition
  • The Dwarves
  • Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator
  • Sundered
  • Regions of Ruin
  • Darkside Detective


Plot ID: -6;4 (north western corner)


A few words:

If this gets picked, i not only allow, but encourage for staff to change the palm trees, because I’m shit at plant life.

I made the build as a dungeon in mind, and attempted to make it difficult to get to the treasures. The beacon will be the easiest to get to, obviously, so if yall have any idea on how to make it even more difficult (with barrier blocks so they cant dig straight down, maybe?), go ahead.

And yes, the beacon is green, and the green emeralds are there, because green is my colour. Fight me.

Oh, and there are probably grass and dirt blocks under the top sand layer. Just btw. Those aren’t part of the build.


Plot id: -3;-9

hold’s four hidden rooms in the towers and i thought the build might aswell be useful beside looting


plot id is 15;-16

(light blue wool is markers for where to place spawners)

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


The builds have signs with recommendations near them.
Plot ID -3;4
Temple (Joint effort by me and Holy):

Run-down Caravan (Solo effort by me):

If 2 builds per submission isn’t allowed, ignore the caravan. Temple is priority. :slight_smile:


Plot ID: -3;4

Deep within the desert lies an ancient school of thought, a place of insurmountable intellect…

A place of knowledge, alchemy, and wizardry…

But these intellectuals are hiding something… A ritual so ancient and unruly few wish to see it…

Choose your path wisely…

One holds death…

The other riches…

Be careful about that chest though… These guys are… crafty

Built in collaboration with shatterjure <333


The structure contains a pre-placed skeleton spawner. Remove/edit as you please. The two chests, behind the spawner and on the altar are empty. If you would like suggestions for loot, ask us. If not, feel free to do what you want! The dispenser in the altar room contains splash potions of poison, harming, and slowness. Edit as you please.

Holy & Shat <3


2nd build:

Plot ID: -6;4 (next to the first one)


A few words:

Same style as the first one. I was bored.
(Can i make lore about these? :D)

And yes, there are grass blocks under this one too… (sorry)
It does not have an underground though.


Small temple of magic :o

plot id: -2;16


The Tomb of the Lion

Ancient whispers are heard throughout the villages of the desert in regard to the Red Lion of legend, which is said to be resting upon immeasurable wealth. Indeed, the Lion Pharaoh Simbakhamun is said to be guarded by it. But is the lion his only guardian?

Here I bring you this structure of which I shall say little more, but I would like it more if people were given the opportunity to explore it (making it more interesting to find). For evaluating staff members, I would encourage you to copy it over to survival somewhere and have a go at beating it! For more information in regards to the build, please dm me on discord!

Anyway, here are some pics (weathered on purpose):

Cheers and good luck!


Desert temple with under ground maze on plot -2;6

![11|690x Thanks for looking :slight_smile: good luck all


The tomb of an unknown ruler…
Plot ID: 14;-6
Fight your way through the tomb to recover the treasures. Beware of the traps.

The build may require some changes as there are many empty spaces inbetween walls and roofs. I encourage something to be done to the terrible oasis surrounding the tomb whether it is removed or modified I don’t mind. If this build does get chosen the sand is a mixture of sand, sandstone and chiselled sandstone so that will need to be fixed. I have already placed all the spawners.
I hope you like it.


And we have our winners!

Congratulations to @Aragottix, @Thanius, @SpazzAttack1000 and the combo of @Holy and @shatterjure. You are all winners today. You guys can pick from the list of games, OR pick up one month of world edit. PM me and let me know what you’ve picked for your prize!

I’d like to thank you all for participating. He had some truly awesome builds and as a result we had some super tough decisions to make. You will all be granted a special item once Survival goes live to thank you for your participation!

The Sea Temple contest will be closing soon, so keep an eye out for the next contest and next set of winners!