Description of Builder Ranks


Here we will explain the Hierarchy of Build Team Ranks, the permissions they have and a rough idea of how to earn them!

There are 7 builder ranks in total on the build server (excluding the guest rank), and each one has more commands and better perks. To earn a promotion you must work hard and be patient. The two biggest factors that can get you a promotion are skill and maturity. Without either you won’t get very far.

Let’s start at the bottom, and work our way up.


Once your written application is accepted from here you will be promoted to the Apprentice rank on the build server, and will be able to claim a plot to start the next phase of your application. Make sure you’re on the build server (not the Plot Realm) before claiming a plot with /plot auto.


Novice is the first official rank of the build team, and has limited permissions. Once you’ve been given the rank, one of our staff members will take you to a specific town and give you instructions and a place to build there. You now have creative mode (/gm 1) and /hdb (head database). You are not permitted to build in any town not listed for Novice ranks.


Ranking up to engineer requires cooperation skills, and a willingness to apply yourself to the town you were assigned to as a Novice. This might not be easy. We want to see that you can recreate a particular style and theme, while still keeping it unique and your own. Don’t be afraid to ask staff to keep re-assessing your builds. Their feedback can help you do better, or you could earn yourself a promotion.

Engineers get world edit, a powerful tool that lets you do a lot of work in a short amount of time. It is limited at this rank though, for good reason, as it is easy to confuse quality with quantity when working with world edit. It’s also server intensive and things can go very wrong, very quickly if you are unsure of how to use it. As a Engineers you’ll have a smaller amount of blocks you can World Edit in one command, and you also won’t have access to terraforming commands.


As a Drafter you will have less World Edit restraints and access to other commands. To get this rank you’ll need to prove your efficiency as a builder and be well versed in World Edit. You’ll need to show you’re not compromising the quality of your builds with world-edit overuse, and that you can maintain a high level of detail. You’re expected to be able to work from real-world references, such as photos, blueprints, and real architecture. We may even ask to see source material.


This is a difficult rank to achieve. To earn it you need to show high levels of skill in planning out our builds, as well as the area around them (terraforming or landscaping), creating a great color pallete and being highly efficient. This rank has even fewer World Edit limits, and even more useful commands.


This is the highest achievable rank on Team Allura. For this rank you’ll need to prove your maturity, your exceptional eye for detail, organisation skill, and your understanding of aesthetics, planning, and the tools you have at your fingertips. Professor is a pillar of leadership within the build team, and are able to start their own towns once approved by a Build Leader. At this rank you will have unrestricted World Edit and the most permissions of all ranks.

If you have any questions about how the build team works, read the Build Server Guidelines [here] (Team Allura)

You’re friendly neighborhood build leaders.



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