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Kingdom of Ayrith

The kingdom of Ayrith is a small, highly religious kingdom located within the Ayrithean hills.

Through tough times and through war
Motus will guide us
With wisdom

He will light up the path before us
He will vanquish all our enemies
He will make Ayrith shine like a beacon
Of hope
Of strength
Of worship

The kingdom was founded many moons ago by a religious few who decided that there needed to be a haven for those who truly worship the glory of Motus. It was established by the current king’s great-grandfather, Garias I, advisor to the council of Ebongrasp.
With heavy funding from the Ebongraspian government, the five settlements came to be; Norith to the north, Norwerith to the north west, Souwerith to the south west and Sourith to the south. The capital, Ayrith, is located just east of all the aforementioned settlements. Together they form a paw-like shape on the map. This is said to be symbolic, representing the paw of a lion, the most gloryful of beasts worthy of Motus’ aknowledgment.

A few short years into the rule of the current king, the port town of Harboria has begun construction as an exclave just south of the kingdom.

Soon after this, the people of Ayrith have begun to experiment and use minor steam technology. This includes simple steam engines to power trains.

Ayrith is a theocracy. Garias, the king, is also the high pope and holy representative of Motus himself. Just below him are his closest advisors.

As said, Ayrith broke off from Ebongrasp with heavy funding from them. Which makes Ayrith the closest of friends with said faction. They are not only bound by religion, but only by close, personal ties in the higher-ups.

The Ayrithean economy is based around lumbering, mining and less commonly, investments from churches worshipping Motus all over Allura.
Ebongrasp is by far the biggest investor, though.

Ayrith has a small, yet influental army. It’s located mostly along the border and in strongholds around the kingdom.

It is seperated into the following ranks:

High Paladin: This is the most powerful and highest rank. The king and pope himself holds this position.

Paladin: Paladins are the most devoted rank, recieving training from the High Paladin himself.
They, just like their master, have extremely strong connections to Motus himself and wear his symbols to battle with pride. There are only a few paladins, as only the truly devoted can handle it’s responsibilities. They carry runed hammers or swords.

Commander: The commander is often seen on the battlefield giving out direct orders to the troops. When not on the battlefield, he is in charge of army bases.

Cavalryman: Riding horseback to battle, they represent an important role in battle. They are often seen carrying spears or bows.

Infantryman: The most basic and common rank. They move by foot and carry casual fighting equipment such as a sword and shield.

Guard: Guards are tasked with keeping the peace within Ayrith.

The people of Ayrith are stout followers of Motoism.
Motoists believe in the entity known as Motus.

Motus is the embodiment of balance in the universe. He is both light and dark, good and evil. Whenever Motus is balanced, the world is too. There may never be too much dark, nor light. Too much dark makes the mortals of the world crave war and too much light blinds their of judgement.

There should not be too much war, as well as too much peace. War is not believed to be inherintly bad, but more of a necessary tool.

Motoism has the following hierarchy:

  • Pope; he is Motus’ representative on Allura. This title used to be a seperate entity but is now taken by the king of Ayrith, as the kingdom is considered the world hub of Motoism.

  • High-priest; usually a local religious leader that has less power than the Pope but more power than a normal Priest.

  • Priest; usually leads small cathedrals and churches.

  • Monk; Monks occupy church/cathedral grounds and are occupied with various religious activities such as honoring the dead.

There are also titles specific to Ayrith:

  • High Paladin; This title is also taken by the king of Ayrith and usually leads and trains paladins.

  • Paladin; A highly religious warrior with specialized training.

There are currently two known nations that follow Motoism:

  • Ayrith

  • Ebongrasp

  • City of Ayrith - This is the cultural center and capital of Ayrith. It is also where the king resides.

  • Harboria - Harboria is an exclave located south of the kingdom itself. It serves as the main and only port.

  • Norith - Norith is the northernmost town.

  • Norwerith - Norwerith is located northwest of the capital. It’s mainly a mining town concented on a nearby quarry.

  • Souwerith - Souerith is located southwest of Ayrith. It holds the second most important place of worship, the Souwerith Chapel. It is looked over by Baron Fleck, who resides in a nearby fort.

  • Sourith - Sourith is the southernmost settlement.

Ebongrasp - Friendly Highly friendly. Could be considered an ally. Also shares religion.

Aldrain - Friendly A vassal of Ebongrasp, so they’re friendly.

Kleriel - Friendly/Ally Coalition Co-Member.

Mon-Taizon - ??? Have yet to make contact with them but there have been good rumours of their willingness be friends with many nations.

Milites - ??? Have yet to make contact.

The Northern Realm - ??? To be edited.

The Grimguard- Hostile/At War They have threatened a coalition member and thus, we have declared war.

The kingdom is extremely hilly. So much so, that the ground beneath the capital had to be manually flattened so construction could begin.

The border around the kingdom is designated by a very deep and wide ditch. It was dug twenty years ago by the hands of around a thousand slaves imported in from Ebongrasp. The only bridge over this ditch is located to the south.

An Ayrithian guard:

The Ayrith Tiltyard:

Gates of Ayrith

God’s Cross Bridge with the Southern Tower in the background:

The Ayrith Keep:

The Throne:


Deepstone Quarry:

Motus’ Hand docked at Harboria:


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