[DEFUNCT] Garias Cliff


Character Name: Garias Cliff
Species/Race: Human
Age: 28
Title (if applicable): Lord/Master
Faction Allegiance(s) (if applicable): Brotherhood Of The Yellow Cloaks/The Yellow Cloaks
Physical Description: Garias is slim yet very fit. He’s around 5’ 9’’ tall. He has black hair, purpleish-gray eyes and white skin. He wears a dark suit with grayish decorations and a light gray poet shirt. His most striking feature is his yellow mask. Masks or cloaks dyed yellow are a symbol of the brotherhood.
Personality Description: He’s very accepting of others, especially those who wish to join the cause of the brotherhood. He’s also very trusting, which may or may not be an exploitable weakness. He greatly despises most ruling classes unless they are proven to not be run by greed and the need to oppress the working/lower class.
Abilities: He’s a skilled thief, assassin and spy. He’s very agile which allows him to make quick and silent movements. He’s also very good with knives and daggers, as well as swords and rapiers. Bows are also a specialization.
Weaknesses: As mentioned before, he’s very trusting. This might be a bad thing as this is an easily exploitable trait. He’s also very bad at heavier weapons such as maces. As a wearer of light armour, he’s not very protected from direct physical strikes.


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