Custom plugin for RoA


You are amazing, man. I love how you just came out of the blue and made a custom plugin for RoA. And it friggan’ works.


Can you tell us whether the code actually allows this to happen? Like does MC allow a plugin that does this?


Maybe. I have been able to give myself uber OP tools on my server with commands. I suspect the “too expensive” check is in the client and therefore not something a plugin can affect.

It might be possible to recreate the entire anvil inventory logic in a plugin as a work around. But it might also lead to exploits if there are missed checks, etc.

I think this may be too niche and specific of a plugin for me to investigate right now.

I am looking for my next project ideas and appreciate the request but think I’ll try and find something more broadly applicable for the community first.


Ha! Out of the blue - you a pun-y man.


Let’s not get too impundent with those puns there, mate