Custom plugin for RoA


I like not dying when I warp. Also, finish the plugin BEFORE jumping off a volcano or it might never get done.
On a serious not, well done Bluekelp. HashTagKelpForAdmin


good news: didn’t die.

bad news: almost zero time since last update to work on it.

good news: have some awesome video of my and maybe of my first flight (pending GoPro being pointed in the right direction)

bad news: have to go back to work the same day RoA opens to public

good news: maybe working from home

rinse. repeat.


@bluekelp hows this going :slight_smile:


lol. yeah. I sent a beta version to @ironly tonight and he and I were kicking the tires on a private server and he was looping me in on some server lore and asking if certain things are possible, etc.

three biggest remaining items (other than the ever present cleanup + tweaks) before a next test:

  • detect when a portal frame is broken and delete the portal (important)
  • set the direction the player looks after TP to match the portal orientation (minor)
  • limit # portals each player can create based on rank/group (important?)

so basic create + combo set + combo to choose destination + warp functionality works. Jon can give input as to other required features before it’s ready for RoA.

for the remaining items above I know how to do them all just need the time to code + test them. hoping to have more time after work this week to make progress.




Is there any way to make a special kind of item; Say, an enchanted emerald named “Keystone Gem”, and once right-clicked on whatever block, creates the portal? This way, you could make Keystone Gems a vote reward? Just an idea.


Bluekelp told me that it was possible to dedicate a portal ‘activater’ to any item (instead of flint and tinder). It would indeed be cool if said activator could be an item with lore. If so, yes it could be a vote reward. Good idea!


No. We should just be able to craft them


yeah well, with that it may become a top priority and/or become very easily obtainable, which would result in one person having a massive amount of Keystones, which in turn would cause a few problems…


No, craftable but with a rank limit like on WoA


I’ll probs make them craftable but make them expensive to craft since it is a portal


The WoA price was fine (8 IB 2 GB)


I really, really do not like the idea of giving that to any ranks like on WoA. It just seems unnecessary. The fact that you have to pay to get warps is really irritating; While I understand it gives value to ranks, they already have multiple home perks.


But voting makes you depend on luck. I would agree with you, but my luck is always bad.


I certainly would want keystones to be accessible to everyone. It’s too useful for it not to be. So regardless of how we do the recipe, it’ll be craftable/usable by everyone.


I think I’m done with the initial version. Needs to be tested and I’m sure people will ask for tweaks but it’s good enough to kick the tires and maybe even use as-is. I’ll focus on bugs and test issues then consider tweaks and requests after that.

The block types are configurable, as is the item necessary to create them (including lore on the item). I haven’t added the command to list your portals yet or mark some as public but once we figure how we want to indicate a portal is public they’re both pretty easy changes.


With 5 vote tickets yesterday, 3 of them I got gravel, which has a 6% chance of happening ONCE! 3 times of 5??? Apparently this is the same chance as for beacons. Yay, 3x gravel, 0x beacon.
So, anyway, please don’t make the only way to get these a vote reward, because I will never be able to make one in that case.


Power to nons!


Been a while so figured I’d update. The last (?) release candidate plugin is done and it doesn’t kill you, keep your items, flip you upside down, insult you, or any of the other nasty stuff it could do.

Jón and I have kicked the tires on a private server and while I don’t know the timing I think it’s safe to say KP is coming to Allura soon(ish). Just after all the other things more important than it.

After release I’d like to get feedback from the community and we can decide if there’s anything we want to change.

So, barring any issues discovered in testing I’m back to brainstorming other ideas because, turns out some nights I’d rather code and test than play. Lol.


Yay! Thisll be great : D