Custom plugin for RoA


You know what would be cool if we could make a combo public so say we type a command like “/keystone list” it would give the public combo’s


But private combos would be nice too (can be guessed obviously). Edit: Lol nvm just read in more details


Good ideas! It should be possible to make your portals listable and I don’t see any troubles with being able to make some public. Maybe public portals could even be created with different materials or something.

Once I get basic functionality working we can play and explore new ideas. That could be fun.

As for creative worlds hogging them all, iirc there was a per person limit to them, so if you want to put them all in creative that’s your call. Staff will be able to set a cap so it’s a server administration issue at that point.

We can even exempt some worlds/servers or require extra/different materials for them etc.

Lots of ideas and suggestions. I like it. I’m still working on basic functions and will give a copy to staff once we’re ready to test. Then we can iterate new ideas and fixes and take it wherever we want to.


Was there a per person limit?
was always too poor to make more than 1
Maybe it could be a rank perk? Like basic gets 3, and extrapolate from there.


The # per person was based on your rank.


What were the numbers?


i dont know…ask martin lol


I think I remember basic being 1 portal, donor 2, and legend… 16? Idk exactly, or at what ratio the portal count increased per rank. I just know legend had a lot.


Basic should have 2-3, expert 4-5 etc. Cause you want one for your base, one in the shopping district is good, and if you bought a rank you prob have more things to have people tp to.
And you still have to be rich enough to make them.


Portals were cheap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just gold and iron. Besides, if we get a mall with the shop chests plugin, there will be a public warp to there. And everyone not having a keystone there would promote exploration and browsing. And you have /home for your base, so there’s really no excuse for a basic to have more than one, the one being if he makes a public town. If a faction steams up with all of them being rankless, one guy can set the keystone at town, the other at the grinders, 3rd guy at the XP farm, etc. It encourages people to band together. While a more advanced and dedicated player would just buy Mystic and would become the new Hamco by himself.


Yes, I do see your point. However, the problem with the shopping district on WoA was that it was so big. If we do do this (and the layout is basically the same) there should be one in the centre (as there was) but also ones in the corners and/or at the end of the paths leading off the centre. I remember running out of food, and miserably walking very slowly in circles trying to find IQ’s shop for stone brick. And on the topic of @TheIQFactor’s shop, please don’t accidentally sell stone bricks at 9 times the price you intended again…


implying he didn’t sell it that high on purpose and then covered his ass with a lie when confronted


The mall wasnt even that big, it was as big as my town, and for you to run out of food there, you either ran past his store continiously for a long time, or you brought a single apple.


Well I couldn’t find it… I do however have waypoints this time


The problem with the mall was that there was very little activity in it. First, it took a month or so before the mall could actually open for business due to… protections stones or something it was Martyn’s fault anyways. By the time it was opened. Those who were all about those shops already made them at there own place. Also, since by the time WOA 2 (or 3 depends on how old ya are) enthusiasm about shops was gone, and nobody was in the mood to fill a whole 25 by 25 area, it was hard to fill the mall like was hoped. Fortunately these problems seemed to have been solved with the new mall :grin: .

Edit: also yeah back to custom plugins


‘‘It was Martyns fault’’ what? Dude, the first mall was made by DKfluffyDK. Remember? He sold plots for his own profit. It didnt start as a staff initiative or whatever untill much later when it became popular.


shhhh its always martyn’s fault remember he’s our official scapegoat


oh right, crap, sorry


we’re talking about the most recent mall


you can follow along at home here:

I mean, I fixed the problem with the warps killing you, so that’s progress right?

need to work a bit more on linking warps and replace a hard-coded destination with the portal combo logic when you enter a portal but should be able to knock that out soon.

am busy tomorrow with a party and jumping off a volcano over the weekend but will try and get a tiny bit more done before I go risk my life.

should be doable to have KPs not too long after launch if devs aren’t too busy with other issues and i’m not sucked into playing instead of coding.