Custom plugin for RoA


That does seem like a huge number. Maybe we give the current system a shake out and see how it works?

If there is enough interest (and mods are ok w/ it) in a tiered or increasing amount I’ll take a look.

It seems that maybe buying blocks at the server shop or making claim grants purchasable/craftable with in-game resources might be another way.

Long term players tend to be wealthier (in game) and could afford to buy claims if they wanted more than the time allotted grants too.


Yeah, I was a bit ott. Good idea. I think the Keystones would be better.


Claim Blocks have already been buffed considerably. Even with a sliding scale, I don’t think it necessary any longer. Not only do you get 250 Claim Blocks per hour you are able to win them by voting, and obtain them by donating.


Ok. I didn’t know you could win them from voting.


Does anyone remember how to build a keystone portal on WoA? I remember it being gold corners and obsidian but maybe it was a set recipe/structure.

Started to cleanup and reverse the other portal plugin and hope to be ready to detect when the blocks are in place for the portal to test activating a destination from that.

Going to fire up and test a local server to make sure the one I picked doesn’t have issues with 1.11/12 etc and mess about with mods to it.


It didn’t have gold corners, it had 2 pillars of 4 iron blocks on each side, and a gold block between the top two and top bottom iron blocks. When you put a flint and steel to the bottom golden block to set fire to it, it opened the UI for the key combo creation, once you decided what that was and clicked confirm, the bottom gold block turned in to obsidian, and water appeared in the encircled space between all the blocks.


Excellent memory. Thank you for the clear and detailed explanation! I forgot many of those details.

Do you recall if breaking any of the border deactivated the portal? I seem to think yes (any broken block destroyed it).


Yes, one time I tried to break the iron corners like you can with a Nether portal, and it broke. I skimmed Ara’s answer, so this might already have been said, but the lower gold block turns to a coal block when it is activated. So if you break the portal you transform a gold block to a coal block. Edit: Ara said it was obsidian. Maybe/maybe not, but I feel like coal would be better as if you build you Keystone and don’t have a diamond pick (or fell in lava with it) then it is still minable.


Yes, braking any of the blocks that were part of the portal rendered it useless.


Small correction, the bottom block turned into coal, not obsidian :3


Pekka already pointed that out


Dropping this here to keep myself accountable. I’ve created a ticket to track status of the new Keystone Portal plugin:

I detect when a portal is created + ignited and set block to coal now. Will start on either the combo UI or basic warping + database (tracking where portals are, when broken + removing them, etc.) next.

If you have/ever had requests for the WoA Keystone Portal plugin now’s the time to ask. I hope to have a super basic demo ready soon - realistically probably next week but maybe I’ll spend some time this weekend.


Jesus Blue, thank you for your contribution! Will it work cross dimension? I would be happy testing/exploiting it for you on the ROA main when it comes back online. It’s best you optimise it for 1.12 though, because that’s what we’re going for.


We’re going to get keystone portals back? For real? :smiley:



I think cross dimensional portals will work yes, but I’ll do more testing. I also think the one I based it off of supports Bungee so cross-server portals might also work. Need to test to make sure it properly swaps inventories, etc.

(Basically, I started with “Advanced Portals” and am converting it into Keystone Portals.)

Bukkit is pretty good about cross-version stuff so I don’t think there will be many issues with 1.12 but I’ll upgrade my local server to that and test once I get basic functionality further along.


Please no cross - server portals. Creative could just make a ton, and take all the good keys. Everything else looks great though.



Nah pekka, i mean from end, to nether, to overworld. Not the different servers : )


isn’t the spawn world technically a different server? Wouldn’t we want one there?


Yeah spawn world is a hub world now so its a different server, If it can work cross dimension I’ll add it to spawn but otherwise not to worried if we have it there or not :slight_smile:


@bluekelp idea here…sometimes portals are created and people forget what they are…can you make a failsafe of a sort where a combo can be recovered? Its alright if it costs some resources…but cheaper than breaking and re-creating with a new gold block.