Custom plugin for RoA


Subject to staff approval, etc etc, I’d be tickled pink to write a custom plugin for my beloved server. I do software. For money. For long time. Am kind of good at it. Enjoy it.

So, if I were to do such a thing what sort of plugin would be useful/fun?

Some ideas I’ve kicked around in the past:

1- Divination. You pay (gold ingots?) and get information on ores in nearby chunks. Not specific location but info on distance to nearest diamond, e.g., maybe info on how mined out/spent the area is, etc. Sort of like a legal, less useful/exploitable X-ray. Think of vagueness like getting a chat message (only you see) that says “you smell diamond nearby” when it’s within 10 blocks, etc.

2- Curses. What if you did something bad and creepers sought you out while you were mining, even in lot areas? Maybe your weapons or armor broke with increased frequency. Or maybe mobs don’t drop goodies as often. Offers incentive to quest for a cure, raise resources to craft an offering to the server admin/healer for respite, etc.

3- Natural disasters/bounties. Wheat fields go fallow, small ponds drain, fires break out and set your hut on fire. Or crops grow faster, animals mate or change colors (e.g. sheep), new ore veins form after rains wash trace minerals together in caves.

4- Torch lifetime. Once in a while they run out. I mean how is it possible they last forever? They’re just a small amount of wood and coal. Could exempt claims so your house doesn’t become a mob factory.

These ideas aren’t fixed but just offer a starting point to show the sort of things that are possible. Heck a few of these might already exists. Just throwing some out to see what others come up with.


Something like the Keystones on WoA. Please not the torches, that would kill cave exploring etc


I suspect keystone portals is an existing plugin but I’m not sure which yet. I used to thing WoA had custom plugins but suspect most were just lesser known. Anyway I’ll see if I can find it. If nothing else I might be able to fix old/abandoned plugins if I can find them on GitHub.


No Martyn wrote the Keystone plugin. What do you think the odds are he will help @Claire88c and @Icalave?


Zero. The odds are just about zero. :frowning2:

There are similar plugins like some where the four corners of the portal (the materials) are the combo/like to other side.

Not a bad idea. I always liked the keystones and ability to explore or visit new areas. I also used to try random things and see if it would take me somewhere, and where.


I love the feast/famine plugin idea! Could really play in to our RP community and possible some of their lore.


Same. One time i got to an unprotected house, started stripping it then realised the owner was standing right there xD


Could you do this @bluekelp?


Set my hut on fire… more like set my town ablaze and watch days of work turn to ash. No ty.


I’d greatly enjoy this. Adds a whole new definition to “Hardcore” - Though I think this should only happen in a “Frontier” world, that resets, say, every one or two months, that’s more rich on mobs and animals - Same biome structure and all, though. It might also make it less likely that the world everyone will build in won’t get reset as often, since there’d be this resource-gathering world as well. (Theoretically)


I’d back that, like a world that is a lot harder but more resource rich so less people would rip up the main world making it look ugly


I think so. Lots of details to nail down like specifics on speed and amount of increase, caps, etc. but doesn’t sound like a major overhaul to the system.


I don’t think it’s right for RoA but if you want a new and fun MC experience check out the ExtraHardMode (EHM) plugin. There are a few public servers that run it too.

I used to run it for my brother and I on our private server. It’s quite a bit different with a relatively few changes to core mechanics. It doesn’t increase ore yields but that could be done other ways.

Anyway, an alt world with tweaked rules and difficulty (resetting with new seed every month or so) is a cool idea for a wilderness area.


That is legit the best idea yet.

BONUS IDEA: PvP could always be turned on in this frontier world :wink:

To add to the risk, you know. Fun!


Erm, no. I’m sticking with voting for /pvp, I hate unorganized PvP.


Unorganised pvp is the best, but toggleable is fine


@Owner how does this sound? I think we could increase 50 per hour per hour to a maximum of like 10000 per hour if you play for ages. Starting at 250 an hour, you would take 9750/50 = 195 hours to get to 10k/h, and if you play for that long you probably need lots of blocks for your base. That is 195/24 = 8 and a bit full days, so lots of commitment.
Or we could do 100 per hour to a max of 2.5k/h, so you increase faster but don’t get such a large max. I do prefer the 50-10000 though.

It could be slower if the staff think it would break the economy, but I think a limit in the thousands would be good.


if i was claiming 10k blocks per hour do u not think i would troll the shit out of everyone and just claim biomes


Well then your limit can be 250 per hour, while everyone else gets lots.
I see your point though. 2.5k/h or less should be max, and take 2-3 days (solid playing) to get.


These numbers are drastically huge and have entire map-claiming potential. I think it would be good we go with what we have, test it in real survival scenarios, and make use of the claimblock packages.