Crusader Kings 2 Community Game


Hello everyone!

For some time, the community and staff have discussed playing a large community Crusader Kings 2 (CK2) game. Well, to further that, I am looking to host a test game on Saturday the 13th of April.

As said, this is a test game, and will not be continued past this one session, so don’t make longer term schemes, you wont get to carry them out. There won’t really be a “winner” unless someone pulls off something spectacular in the time.

To maximize carnage and inter-player actions, all players will be a part of the Holy Roman Empire, as a Duke or Count. (This means you cannot pick the King of Bohemia at the start). I shall be playing as the Emperor from the start, to increase nonsense where possible.
Character customization will be off and all the other bells and whistles, such as plagues, will be on. The start date will be 1066.

This will be first come first serve basis here. It will be a private game, so I will be sending the password out on the day to those who express their interest to play here. You will need to add me on Steam as well. (Siilvarra).

If you’re interested, respond below with the timezone you live in. I will try to start at a point which allows the most people to join. Given the community’s previous responses, EU people, expect a later start, so the NA people can partake as well.


(ps, I know this is kind of sudden, but the opportunity came up on my end, so I took it. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Let the carnage begin.



In die enim bona ejus ut moriatur.

Central US, GMT -5. Just pick whatever time works for the rest of you, and I’ll try and be there.


I’m in. Same time zone as Ara’s.


We are -6 not -5


I would also like to say in advance that i don’t know if i’ll be working next Saturday. I would like to attend, but there might be a chance i won’t be able to make it.


Update: I am working afternoon shift this Saturday. Tough luck.