Creative World Announcement!


Greetings all.

As many of you know, we have been working on a new world for the server, the Creative World.

This world functions much in the same way that the plot world currently works, but takes place on a custom terrain map, with mountains, rivers, deserts, frozen wastes and more. You will be able to access this new world through a portal in our newly renovated Plot World Spawn. Simply type /spawn in the plot world, then head towards the portal to be taken there.

However, there will be some notable differences from the Plot World, for example: you won’t be able to claim plots as and when you feel like it, a more structured system is being put in place. This is to help ensure there’s enough to go around, and to make it easier to manage. This is particularly useful for the RP side of the new world…

We shall be using this new world as the host for the server RP. So we will be calling an RP reset. Many of you have already been working on new lore for your new nations, but we shall be separating this new stuff from the old stuff. We will also be launching a new creative world/ roleplay discord to help manage these new features, replacing the unofficial one that is currently in use. This discord will launch at the same time as the creative world. Details to come.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE INVOLVED IN RP TO USE CREATIVE! (But a lot of RP will be happening there, and you will still go through the same plot application process!)

Finally, I wish to state that, there are going to be bugs. Please report any that you do find while playing on the new creative world as soon as possible so that we can fix them promptly.

Work continues on the creative world! So hopefully more content will be coming your way in the future!

The initial launch is going to be late Friday/early Saturday depending upon your timezones. More info will be released then about how to apply for plots, and how the claiming system will work.






Sounds really cool!


Let the games, BEGIN!!!


Just like to say we appreciate all your hard work @staff :heart: