Creative Server Announcement


Hello everyone,

Firstly, sorry for the lack of dev diaries, I have been away, and my internet was deeply disappointing in its ability to work. So, many of you will be asking for those, and I will, in good time.
However, I have something else to announce instead, which I think you will appreciate more anyway:



You will be able to fly around the new map and pick out your starting plots, using the trusty /plot info command to tell you what you need. To state which plot you want, just modify your entry into the interest’s thread we have established.

On the topic of plugins, we are in need of your help. For some reason, Dynamap isn’t playing ball for generating the map properly through a command. Yes, our otter dev has tried turning it off and on again; we don’t know what’s gone wrong.
How can you help? Well, it DOES respond to players flying around the map and exploring it. While our dev’s try and figure out what’s going on here, we want you guys to explore as much of the map as possible before launch.

That’s it for this quick announcement. Next you shall hear from me, will be for the next Dev Diary.
Take care all, and see you all next week!


When will we be able to download our old builds?


We don’t have a date for it going up yet. It’s towards the bottom of the list of things we’re aiming to get done first, which includes taking a look at the aforementioned issues. It will go up at some point, but it’s just not a priority for us right now.

Not the answer you were looking for, but that’s the state of play with it.


and how many start plots do we get?


What do you mean ‘‘explore the map before launch’’, you mean the new map is already up, or you want us to fly around the old one?


@DKfluffyDK that will be revealed down the line when we do the prep for Empires launch. At least you will be getting a 3 by 3 again.

@Aragottix the new map has been loaded into the Creative server, so when the server itself launches this weekend, you will be able to get onto the new Empires map to explore it, somewhat like what happened last time with Empires V1. Dynamap isn’t playing as we are expecting it to, but it does detect players and load the map from there. So, go explore the bit of land you want to claim for your faction, and you will be helping us resolve the Dynamap issue. :smiley:


What version of MC are we even on now btw? xD


think were meant to rock 13


@Aragottix This will be on 1.13. We are looking at 1.14 stuff and thankfully, it won’t be anywhere near as traumatic as the 1.12 to 1.13 update has been. We have other gamemodes we will be working on after this first, so no date as to when, but we won’t have map issues this time we reckon. :smiley:


you say that, but yet i dont trust that statement