Continent Name Competition!


Hello everyone! We’ve finally picked the winning names for our continents! I’d like to present to you, the creative map!


Awesome name choices! Just a quicky, where would one place the border between north and south Vallenora?


Probably that river.


Yeah, the border is the river that flows from where Lavande would sit, following it upstream. It then splits the snowcapped mountains and the volcanic range. The volcanoes are in south Vallenora.


Does this mean I get to make jokes and disparaging remarks about the ‘silly northerners’?


Yes, as long as we can refer to you lot as sand people! :innocent:


Okay, so, second competition! What is the name of the SUN which Allura orbits?


Praise the Sun!


plot twist, the sun is allura


Yeah I’d rather not name the sun and moon becase too often they are represented by gods.


Like Sol and Mani


Yeah, should have probably closed this already. :stuck_out_tongue: