Continent Name Competition!


Please post all your suggestions for names here :slight_smile:

There are 5 main landmasses in total and we are looking to get them named so everyone knows what to call them:

  1. The Central Continent
  2. The Southern Tropical Atolls
  3. The Central Highlands Island
  4. The Volanic Forests Island
  5. The Frozen Northern Continent

Post them below and tell us which one your name is for!

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The Central Continent Storr Skogr ( means great forrest )
The Southern Tropical Atolls - Heitr Eyland ( hot island )
The Central Highlands Island - Elding Fyst ( means dawn desire )
The Volanic Forests Island - Vandliga Frami / Blakkr Frami ( means completely courage/ Dark courage )
The Frozen Northern Continent - Ofraer Hamarr ( means barren cliff )

  1. Ituna
  2. Glynil
  3. Eloa
  4. Volcos
  5. Ilisia


I am dibsing Kaveh as the name for the island chain. Jsyk.

  1. Ragenia
  2. Kalimdar
  3. Grimbalta
  4. Searing Isle
  5. Nordren


I dibs Beloklavia, Belklav, Belarctic or Mrazovya for the ice continent. It would just mean white land in most Slavic languages. I’m also down for naming the tropical region Kaveha


Shat… totally not wow xD

Okay, here’s mine:

  1. The Central Continent = Icheleya (inspired by Icalave)
  2. The Southern Tropical Atolls = Kaveya/Kavehya (because Kaveh)
  3. The Central Highlands Island = Kallaron
  4. The Volanic Forests Island = Acheron
  5. The Frozen Northern Continent = Vallanore


If we’re going with a theme:

  1. Essos/Westeros
  2. The Summer Isles
  3. Isle of Faces
  4. Valyria
  5. Thenn

If we’re going originals only, then:

  1. Panagea
  2. Akua
  3. Lerwick
  4. Maranya/Kamatayan
  5. Futharcia/Futhartica


Kaveh is in the savanna between Ebon jungle and the mesa


Because that’s where the faction will start off at, not where it originated from in lore.

  1. Mittiga - From the german word for middle
  2. Südya - From the german word for south
  3. Calledia - From Caledonia
  4. Antinesi
  5. Morro


Just a suggestion guys, maybe no “special” characters, they are cool, but they can make things a bit more complicated, and make them harder to spell and write, and pronounce. :slight_smile:


Also, please don’t lift anything directly from another source. Somewhat original stuff. :slight_smile:


Another suggestion for the northern continent: Severnia or Severnya. “Sever” is Russian for North


define special characters


You’re a special character.


Some continent naming inspiration and backstory for our own world’s continents:


And Zealandia, the new sub-continent they’ve decided exists, is named after New Zealand, which is named after Zeeland, a province of the Netherlands, which means low-lands as most of the country is below sea level. I have no clue where Zeeland came from.


Zeeland quite literally comes from the Dutch word for sea, which is zee. Appropriate, since it’s a province made up entirely of peninsulas and river estuaries.


Also, might I propose, a totally not France-inspired set:

  1. Galison
  2. Esperance
  3. Terramedié
  4. Feumontagne
  5. Froidon