Concerning claims and flags


Is it possible to tweak the plugin in such a way that when two claims are next to each other with the exact same flag greeting set it doesn’t repeat when passing from one claim in to the other?



Not that I can think of. :frowning:


That’s a shame. WoA’s claim blocks had that. Its a simple detail, but it didn’t spam your chat when walking around a wider protected area using several claims. The bright blue really sticks out in chat and I can not help but react and look at it when it pops up xD


I just removed the flag altogether.


How do you remove the greeting flag?




I still think this would be useful; Some people (me) like greeting/exit flags. I wouldn’t really use multiple claims right by each other, but I might sometime later somehow, so yeah I still think this would be useful… Maybe, like, scan for a claim directly next to one and if the two messages are exactly the same, disable the greeting when you walk from one to another. Can this be done, or is it still kinda iffy?


Have you merged the claims or are they separate claims abutting each other? I think the plugin supports merging into one that that might fix the flag issue.

Haven’t the time to check myself so just guessing at this point.


You can disable an exit flag or a greeting flag, or both, so yeah you could disable 1 exit flag and 1 greeting flag for claim next to each other, then it won’t show for the claims next to each other.


That’d only work when crossing one-way, though.


You cannot merge claims because claims can only be a cuboid shape. Merging a rectangle next to a small square would make a L shape for instance, not a cuboid.