Community Build Project Idea


This community needs a project. Like a proper community project independent of server staff (though there welcome to help to ofc) . Here’s my suggestion. We start a big project where anyone’s allowed to contribute. We could either leave it unprotected or have it protected and with a sign-up on the forums to be added. For my part, I’d help out on the building side obviously, but I’d also be up to provide any and all materials/claim blocks. Though just to clarify, it wouldn’t be “my” project, it’d be a community one.

So, what project should we do? Not sure, though I got a couple ideas. For one, an End hub of some sort “course he’s the one suggesting the end hub idea” complained the crowd. Yes IK the end isn’t everyone’s favorite place but atm it doesn’t look great. Another option would be to make some sorta town from start we all know how we are with towns, we could even use an undeveloped pre-existing town without the workforce or the time to complete it cough cough @Holy your castle cough cough. We could also do summin similar to the end hub idea but in the end. But IDK it’s a suggestion for a group project suppose the suggestions oughta be group derived to. so feel free to contribute and provide yer feedback, and we’ll see if an idea like this has any actual interest


I think a city would be really cool to build as a community…end hub would be kind of boring in my opinion to build, just because of there wouldn’t be very much use to it. The city on the other hand could be used as like a main gathering place and it can always be expanded with more houses, blacksmiths, churches, farms, etc…this is my opinion. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


You could also make the city part of the Alluran lore, a gigantic trading city. Have either Jon or another staff member run it…


we got a build server for staff led build projects, this can be a community led one. having it be RP integrated would be good tho


He means admin shops, the debate about which is not for here


A large city would be fun : )


it could replace the mall, sure it looks awesome but it feels soulless


I don’t mean a mall, I mean someone has to control the city in RP, and regulate trade. You could even have hundreds of villagers to make it more realistic.


The mall needs love really badly.


Ok it’s getting a bit off topic so let’s move it back but this is important so I’ll put my 2 can’t in first. The problem is not with the mall (cuz credit to @hannersbananers that looks great) the problem is with the nature of the game. Basically, there are only 2 real money maker markets in the game and both are and forever will be heavily monopolized. Any other shops capitalizing on other markets rn might as well be decorative (Which I’m not complaining about hell I have a second shop myself for decorative purposes.) There isn’t really a solution to this except making massive changes to game mechanics and moving away from the vanilla aspect of the server (which obvs ain’t happening). But if you seriously want in on the money making shop business, youve got some major openings rn. after my grand return to shop stocking I again have given up after selling out in less than a week. saw someone say Mxl was outta dirt today. So that’s like 2 major money makers right there for the taking. Back on topic now tho or create a new thread to discuss further if need be.

The sense I’m getting so far for the community build project idea so far is a sort of “ok I guess” which probs doesn’t bode well given that the project relies on fully active community support behind it. Idk still waiting to see the full response.


A thing of the community that doesn’t involve staff!?!?

tbh i like the idea, but probably wont partake. Have fun!


this sounds like fun :slight_smile:


I like the idea of a community built city. However I think it would definitely need some restrictions.

Meaning that we would have a to have a floor plan and designated areas to build. Probably no restrictions on style tho, since everyone has different taste.

I was kinda hoping the build server could be a realm in the RoA Roleplay, that way I could build to my heart’s content and not worry about survival at all, being a somewhat “godlike” being living in a world where resources are unlimited. Of course, interaction with the survival world would be limited, but it would be fun to try!


I agree with the no limitations on style. Unless it’s modern :angry: :anger: lol


I agree. No skyscrapers, or ELSE


alright thanks for the feedback, but lets settle this. Who is actually interested in doing this as a project? As in, if it were to be announced tomorrow would you actively participate? if not that’s ok we’ll call it quits here, if not cool we’ll start summin


I would actively participate, at the moment I’m just building tunnels throughout my mountain and brainstorming other projects to do. So this would be a welcome change of pace.


I would be interested in doing it


can we remove the five letter rule?


One thing we COULD do is make a community build in survival, with a no griefing rule, maybe prepare an area with multiple plots and laydown roads first, then designate spots to build in. I’m imagining a closely packed, crowded city. And I think skyscrapers should be allowed. City skyline amiright?

I think we should have absolutely NO restriction on style or height, to make an interesting unique structure with lots of personal touch. Also if it’s in survival, we don’t have to have admins or staff permission to start. I personally don’t have a base, so this would be a great way for me to start over and have neighbors.