Chunk Building Contest!


It’s been a while since the last contest, so I figured it was about time to fire up those creative engines for another spin! (This contest might particularly appeal to those working on creative world plots, and looking to grow your nation size)


The rules this time around are simple; you can build anything you want, in whatever style or theme or colour, but it needs to fit inside a single minecraft chunk. That is, a 16x16 area. You can go from 0 all the way up to block limit on the Y axis, but the total build footprint can be NO BIGGER than 16x16. THIS IS THE ONLY RULE!

See below for examples:

(Obviously, don’t copy any of these)


Contest is open as of this post, and entries close on the 3rd of September. Winners will be announced shortly after.

To enter, post a screenshot of your build, and also the plot tp command to access your plot in the replies below.

But Claire, I hear you ask, what do I win?
Great question!


FIRST PRIZE: 1 Month of World Edit + 1 extra creative world plot
2x RUNNER UP: 1 extra creative world plot

(If you win first and already have a world edit sub, you can extend your own sub for an extra month, or donate it to a friend)


/plot tp 13;9


plot id : -3;-12


Plot 9;15

“An unfortunate hill to excavate”


Plot tp/ -1;13




Finally built mine in and posted.

Plot 12;1

Pictures (There's a lot)


Dr. Spookenstein’s Mansion

Plot TP: -2;16
The people of the town know not to let their children wander near Dr. Spookenstein’s Mansion, for none could even image what ungodly experiments he conducts within its’ walls…


Thank you to everyone who entered! After much deliberation with fellow judge @Siilvarra, we’ve pleased to announce our winners!

1st Place: @Alexamder52
Congratulations, you’re the proud new owner of 1 month of world edit, plus a bonus Creative RP Plot! (The RP plot will be added next turn, message me on discord about redeeming the WE)

Runner up 1: @Holy
Congrats on your bonus plot!

Runner up 2: @Harry
Congrats on your bonus plot!

A big thanks to everyone that entered! You all did a fantastic job and we saw some super creative entries! Stay tuned for the next building contest :slight_smile:


GG to Alex and the runners up! :smiley:


Great job everyone!!


Great job to everyone, and congrats to the weiners ! i mean winners! lol