Christmas raffle for my "friends"


Because I don’t have “friends” I’m hosting a Christmas raffle.

Reply and beg, and tell Santa what you want. I’ll ignore it and give you whatever I want to give you, probably.

Some items I will be giving away:

  • elytra
  • chorus plant
  • spawner pick axe
  • glowstone
  • cobblestone
  • hugs

If you’re already rich please don’t try and game the system - let the new players have stuff.

Christmas 2017 Gift Exchange!

what’s a “friend”

  • DraconicMidnight


“friends” are the things I don’t have. I don’t know why the quotes.

Also be sure to put your IGN since people get really weird between discord, forums, MC, etc. I can’t keep everything straight unless it’s the same.


I’ll be your “friend” :slight_smile:


i need more cobblestone


wouldnt mind some of them wings you got there buddy


A hug is always welcome! :smile:


No oak, no interest x3
I’ll take the hug though


Oak could always appear in chests… :heart:


Santa I’ve been a good boy this year can I have a stick please?


Ho ho ho! Cobble for you, and you, and you and you…ah yes to The Knight as well, cobble for him…