Christmas Building Contest!


Christmas is less than a week away and Claire only just remembered! (Oh well what’s new) It’s time for a building contest!


No limits on this one, build anything and everything you want that fits under the “Christmas/New Years” theme. It can be organics, buildings, noteblock creations, a redstone snow maker. You’ll be marked on creativity!

See below for examples:


Contest is open as of this post, and entries close on the 31st of December. Winners will be announced shortly after.

To enter, post a screenshot of your build, and also the plot tp command to access your plot in the replies below.

But Claire, I hear you ask, what do I win?
Great question!


FIRST PRIZE: 1 Month of World Edit + 1 extra creative world plot + A game from the list below
2x RUNNER UP: 1 extra creative world plot + a game from the list below.

(If you win first and already have a world edit sub, you can extend your own sub for an extra month, or donate it to a friend)

===GAME LIST (All PC)===

  • Overwatch
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Dead Island Definitive Edition
  • The Dwarves
  • Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator


The real kind of Christmas

Featuring the lovely people of Realm of Allura! (I apologise for beheading everyone and sticking them on armour stands, it’s all in the name of art, I promise. Stands are named too, although I’m not sure if you can tell without Better GUI or something similar.). It looks a bit weird and cut off at the edges of the build, nothing I can really do about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Just disappointed I can’t use 1.13 coral, sea grass or kelp or fish/squid, but it’ll do.

More pictures (although the 5MB limit means I couldn't do all of them)

Plot ID: 11;16 or ProfessorPekka 2

Merry Christmas everyone!


PLOT -1;13 Snow Globe Town Merry Christmas :slight_smile:


Come All Ye Faithful!

Music brings people together. Not only when he arranges tournaments. Therefor I thought I’d give the power of the Note Block a shot as this contest came whizzing by. It was my premier in the crafts, but after a self inflicted crash course (hence the cottages) I would dare say the final product (on picture) turned our rather acceptably. Plot ID is -38;-40. Come, all ye faithful allurans! The song is just waiting to be played!

NOTE: Song is best heard when standing on the bridge, as note blocks, similarly to jukeboxes, have a sound range of 48 blocks, meaning that standing in the middle gives an optimal audio experience, other than drifting along above the note board. Song is triggered by a stone button on the cottage side of the contraption. Repeat is broken by braking a redstone (and replacing it afterwards). Hence, it can at current date only be played in company of myself or a staff member.

Cheers and a happy new year!


Thanks everyone for competing! After much deliberation, I’ve decided to name @ProfessorPekka the winner of this round of competition! You’ve won a game, an RP world plot and 1 month of WE. Message me to redeem your prizes

To all of our participants, thank you for joining in! Both @Lukiepie and @Kung you’ve won a game and a plot also!

Stay tuned for the next contest- as you’ll have a chance to have your creation added to the Survival world gen!


Survival… I haven’t heard that name in a long time < 3. Awesome! Congrats guys!


Yay! The Westward Expansion continues! Congrats on the victory Aen!


Thanks Claire that is incredible! I’ll hold off getting it for about 2 weeks though as I’m on holiday with no way of using it.


Congratulations :exclamation:️:exclamation:️:exclamation:️