Christmas 2017 Sale & Expansion


Christmas Sale

Starting December 24th we are hosting a Christmas sale where all rank donation packages are reduced by 18% to commemorate the upcoming year of 2018, which will be a very eventful year for our community. Not only will 2018 bring us Minecraft version 1.13 and 1.14, but it will bring a lot of updates to our server also. This sale is restricted to rank donation packages only, from Expert to Mythic.

World Expansion
As a little gift we are also going to expand the survival server’s world border to 35k x 35k on December 26th. The new land has already been pre-generated, meaning exploration should be smooth and lag free! So, get your SetHomes ready!

Gift Exchange
Don’t forget to leave some gifts for your friends at the survival server Christmas tree! You can read more about the Christmas 2017 Gift Exchange here.

From all of the staff at Realm of Allura, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”


world expansion the day after I leave for vacation

I mean, thanks I guess ._.


How large is the world currently? If im not mistaken, you can go out to about 15k? Meaning that from 0 to the far west its 15k + to the far east is 15k, and the same for north and south would make it a 30k by 30k world. Extending it to 35k by 35k would mean that the border is being moved back by 2.5k in all four directions.

Nothing signifficant but better than nothing, i guess.


The world is currently 30k by 30k, so you are correct.


Well it might not seem significant but 30k by 30k is 900k square meters, whereas 35k by 35k is 1225k square meters, so its still roughly 38 percent larger. Nothing insane like the first world expansion from 20k to 30k i believe, but still nothing to scoff at.


Yeah like sam stated as the world is expanded it grows exponentially, which is why it is only 2.5k on each side due to the amount of chunks there will be.