Can't figure out how MyPet works


Excuse me for being blockheaded. I have “expert” rank but don’t feel like an “expert” on this …

I can’t figure out how MyPet works …

I understand that I have to look at

but when I try these commands then it replies that I don’t have MyPets …

Should I install the MyPets in the Plugins directory ?

I don’t want to do this, however, if this would interfere with acquiring the “expert” rank, though …

If it is true, that one should install MyPets in the Plugins directory, then it would be advisable to mention this for whomever acquires the “expert” rank.


Ok, first thing you do is craft a lead. Im not sure what mobs expert is allowed to tame, but I’m fairly certain basic hostile mobs are on the list. If you want to tame a zombie, you have to smack it with your lead until it gives you a green success message in chat. That zombie is now your pet. If you want to store it away, use /petstore. You can never have more than one pet out at a time. If you want your zombie back, use /pswitch for the menu to pop up. If you dont want your zombie anymore, switch it out, and use /petrelease. The plugin will ask you to confirm this, and to do so, click the message in the chat. To ride your zombie, right click it with the lead. I havent yet delved into skill trees, but I think /invopen lets you use your pet as a backpack. Hope this helped : )


Basically what Holy said, but you can only mypet tameable animals at Expert (Horse, Wolf etc.). You need to tame them first ofc.

I am having an issue too with mypet though.
Heroic definitely should have skeleton horse:

But I hit it to death with my lead :frowning:. I can’t tame it because they come tamed for everyone. How do I do it?


When it replies that you don’t have any MyPets it simply means that you don’t have any pets yet. It doesn’t mean you don’t have access to the plugin. The plugin works within the server. You don’t have to install anything separately in case that’s what you were wondering.

Expert rank has the ability to capture the following mobs:

  • Donkey
  • Horse
  • Mule
  • Ocelot
  • Rabbit
  • Wolf

When it comes to donkeys, horses, mules, wolves and ocelots you need to tame them by vanilla methods first. When that is complete as soon as you left click on them with your lead it becomes a MyPet.

When it comes to rabbits you simply need to left click on the rabbit with a lead, but it needs to be at 10% health. So it is advised to only hit the rabbit with a lead since they have low health.

Once the mob is a MyPet you can then use the regular MyPet commands as expected.


You need to tame it by regular means first.


You can’t.
They come so that anyone can ride them (including without a saddle) because, in vanilla, they cannot be tamed, they must be spawned with the tamed tag. This means that they cannot be tamed to a single player, and thus mypet cannot recognise them as ‘tamed’ for me.
I think this is a conflict between vanilla logic and mypet logic, and it means they can’t be petted :confused:


Then it should default to the low health taming method then. I’ll look into it when I get a chance.


Dear ironly and others,

The key steps were (1) get a lead, (2) click left instead of right.

I succeeded in making a lead and clicking left on a horse (called Quasimodo), which gave the message that I had made a mypet of the horse. Then I stored the horse, and it disappeared, and I got the message that it was stored. Wonderful !

Then I tp-ed to another home, did /petrelease, and got the message that I did not have a pet.

Using /back and /petcall did not help either.

Thus now I am one lead and one horse short.

What did I do wrong ?


To unstore the horse, use /pswitch. To put it away, use /petstore


Thanks Holy,

Okay. Quasimodo apparently still existed in some storage.

This was all quite confusing since the methods of Saddle and MyPet are rather different.

Thus the key steps are:

Vanilla: Use a saddle, and right clicks for taming and mounting and using a lead

MyPet: have a lead in inventory or the task bar:

(1) get a lead (instead of a saddle)
(2) click left instead of right: this is taming it
NB 1. Without a lead you are hitting the horse
NB 2. If the horse already has a saddle, then clicking left with a lead is also hitting it.
Thus do not combine the vanilla saddle with MyPet
(3) click right with the lead to mount, shift to unmount (retrieve the lead)
(4) use /petstore and /pswitch for storing and unstoring
(5) keep the lead in your inventory for such events (instead of a saddle on the horse)
(6) riding a horse in this manner means that e for the inventory doesn’t work anymore when you are mounted, so use /petinventory
(7) when you tp, then the horse will not come with you, but you must /petcall and remount again
(8) use /petname (because nametags can be lost with /petrelease)
(9) the horse is following you around, unless you tp. Give /petsendaway otherwise.
(10) do not use the lead with a left click on a pet owned by another player, since the lead will disappear.
(11) beware that /petrelease means that others can claim the horse again, because it is no longer protected by either MyPet or a saddle.
(12) Accept that you cannot use a lead on a MyPet horse again, because right-clicking means mounting it.

Okido. Thank you all.