[CANON] [RP Episode] The Valkorian Venandi


The Valkorian toppled to the ground once again, his frustration building. He staggered back up, clutching his daggers in either hand. He thought of a comparison between a cat and a mouse…


Kesh tore the block of stone from the ground, leaving a large hole in its absence, and hovered it right above his staff in a resemblance of a large hammer. Keeping it there, he power jumped straight in to the air, and swung his ‘‘hammer’’ down at Felix’s position with a mighty blow.


Felix slipped to one side, and the stone hit the floor with a tremendous bang. His dodge was made useless however, by the horrible impact from a shockwave, which sent him hurtling backwards again.

With a sickening crunch, he slammed into the wall. With enormous effort, he slowly clambered back to his feet. He had lost one of his daggers, lying somewhere in the cave.


The rock had shattered and its pieces scattered all about the room. Kesh looked up at Felix with ire in his eyes.

‘‘You DARE defy me like this, human!? DIE already!’’

Kesh motions his hand in Felix’s direction, suddenly took a step forward, and with one leg stretched towards him, he moved the rest of his body to that leg while motioning his hands together in an orb like sphere, releasing it as if in a throw upon reaching the end of his stride, and side stepping once more with the other leg as to not fall over himself, while a continuous inferno of fire spewed out from his now opened palms.


Far away, in a tunnel under ground, Draedan Dwarfsbane shuddered in his slumber. He dreamed of pain, and of fire. His body seemed to ache, but it felt strangely warm.

Felix was enveloped in flame, disappearing almost completely. To Kesh’s surprise, he emerged in a rush, sparks flickering from him. His cloak streaming behind him, wrapped in trails of smoke and flame, Felix felt no pain from the fire that covered him.

What? … Is he still…here? A sudden thought occurred to Felix, even as he closed in for revenge.


Kesh’s eyebrows rose at the valkoran’s immunity to his flame.


Kesh ceased the bath of flames, only to bring the shattered fragments of the rock he wielded before floating in to the air, and abruptly flying off towards Felix at bullet speed immediately after.


Felix slid underneath the barrage of projectiles, feet first, and rose back to his feet. A few of the low hanging pieces gashed him, leaving rents in his armor, but the space between him and the Keelish was getting uncomfortably close…


Kesh’s gaze widened in surprise, then his brow dropped in pure fury.

‘‘GAAAAAAH!!! JUST DIE ALREADY YOU FREAK!’’ he roared as he began throwing fine shockwaves left, right and centre, one after the other, each powerful and fine as to cut through rock and steel.


The soldier’s rush was abruptly stopped, and he was tossed back and forth like a rag doll, smashing back and forth across the cave, putting out his burning cloak in the process. He tried to get up, and failed, his arms failing him, their strength nearly spent. He heaved mightily, to no avail, but could not stand.


Kesh hesitated for a moment as he caught his breath. With deep breaths, he began to slowly approach the beaten up soldier laying on the floor before him. He cautiously walked over, and kicked him.

‘‘Did you really expect it to end any other way?!’’ he smirked, still drawing deep breaths.
’‘You were only delaying the inevitable…’’

He rose his staff in to the air with both hands as he gathered power within it for one last final blow while he stood above Felix, with the rest of his body exposed.


Felix spun his legs, knocking Kesh to the ground. His other hand swept the dagger into the air, and buried the weapon into his fallen foe’s chest.

”You…talk…too…much…” His words came in pants.

The soldier and the magician lay on the ground.


Kesh stared at the ceiling with wide, red, and tearful eyes as he took in the pain. Unable to breathe for the moment. He barely managed to get himself to move his two arms to the dagger, and painfully slowly pulled it out, followed by a loud bloody cough. He summoned the remaining of his power to keep himself from bleeding out, and to keep the blood from drowning his lungs. Holding one hand on his chest, he picked himself up with the other, and began crawling away from Felix.

‘‘E… E… EL… ELP…’’ he attempted to call for help to Rhoa, who has fled to the edge of the cave entrance to avoid the fighting. She stepped forward in to the light, revealing herself to them both, unsure of what to do next…


Seeing his opponent ‘getting away’, the shell-shocked Felix summoned his last strength, and moved after Kesh. He threw a punch, with as much force as he could gather, hitting the Keelish in the side. He lost his balance, and toppled over again, striving to get back up and fight.


Kesh stumbled a bit, and then used one of his legs to kick Felix back.

Rhoa sternly marched over, and kicked Felix in the gut, then picked him up, summoned a gush of wind, and sent him flying in to some rocks beside the entrance to the building. Again, she came up to him. Being unarmed and completely vulnerable at this point, he had no chance to resist. She picked him up and dragged him away from the wall, throwing him in the middle of the room.

‘‘I’m sorry.’’ she thought, as she thumped her foot against the floor, resulting in yet another wave which sent Felix flying inside the building through the doorway. Afterwards, she collapsed the entrance behind him. Felix would live to see another day, as the rocks did not reach deep enough to crush him.

Then she turned and sought to take care of Kesh, helping him up, just as his two cybermancers arrived to check out the echoing sounds of battle…


Felix lost consciousness.

Far away, Draedan awoke. What and who disturbs my peace tonight?

What the hell…

The Dragon was startled. Why do I feel as I did when I fought for days, thousands of years ago…this is a great weariness…

I thought he was gone…oh…no…

Suddenly the beast understood. Oh it’s you. I thought you would be lying dead like the insignificant thing you are.

I don’t recall asking you to return to my head.

I am in pain. What foul business have you been up to?

A fight.

Interesting…nevermind. Goodbye.

Dragon…I know. Felix explained.

Perhaps we can come to an agreement, mortal. Since we appear to share some of our hurts and…strengths, I shall lend you some help. I am in collusion with a powerful being, else I would come to you, so remain strong, and TRUST NO ONE. Your Empire, Friends, all have betrayed you. I am your only hope of survival, for you have far too many enemies to face alone. Stay in Kleriel. They fear my kind, but with my power, you can perhaps rebuild your life, and possibly revenge yourself…

Felix awoke, shuddering. His head hurt again, but everything else was completely normal. He glanced all about him. So that is the way the wind blows… he thought.

He picked himself up. His daggers were gone, his armor rent, his clothes burned, but he was alive, and apparently, well. He felt strong, and dangerous. He looked about him.

He was in a building of carven stone, with smoothly wrought slabs as the walls, floor and roof. Exploring, Felix found several large doorways, each sealed shut by some unknown strength or power.

Walking into yet another room, he was startled to see another large stone golem, like the one he had fought with Rhoa, sitting in a chair. Warily, he approached it. On the inanimate statue was a bracelet, with several red stones and bands set into it, with buttons on the side. Curious, Felix carefully eased it off the hand of the guardian, and place it on his own.

The door nearest him opened with a quick movement, startling him for the second time. After some experimentation, he found that the shut doors opened with the use of the bracelet.

Walking down the hallways, the architecture changed gradually, turning from dull stone to shining marble, quartz, and other minerals. Lines of blue light ran over everything, giving off a faint glow, bringing power to machines far away. Control panels somewhat akin to the rudimentary technology of a Valkorian warship were placed by the doors, and glittering arrays of buttons and screens were embedded in certain rooms.

Felix continued walking, remembering what he saw, and seeking a way out.


Eventually he comes upon another door, which upon opening reveals a dark cavern. Another exit perhaps? The grounds outside were circular and flat, as was the entry point he came in, with another stone guardian posing on its pedestal. It does not react to Felix’s presence, it just stands there in its pose, as any statue.

The work of the bracelet.

Echoing could be heard coming from higher up the caves, sounds akin to drilling. Unbeknownst to Felix, there were dwarven excavators drilling their way through a collapsed section of the cave, removing rocks and planting supports so it doesn’t all come crashing down, and were about to breach it at any moment to reveal this area as well. There was another tunnel leading further down, which was filled with skittering sounds, more spiders, though they would not dare venture up towards the golem.


Felix could feel the ground rumble. He glanced nervously about him, hoping not to get snuffed out by a avalanche of falling rock. He moved towards the exit tunnel, unknowing of the spiders, until he heard the clicking of their hideous feet and jaws.

Felix hastily backed up to the golem, and peruses his options.


The caved in passage began to motion, the rocks slide and tumble about as the dwarves drill in through the mess. An opening is made, and the first real light shines in to the space. Small as they are, they don’t need to make much room for themselves before they can squeeze through and enter the cavern. One of the dwarves buffs up his helmet lights to look around the area.

‘‘T’is nother’ one o’ them golems lads! Best we’ stay back!’'
One of them warned the rest of the group as they were manoeuvring themselves through the opening.

‘‘Wait… is ther’ someone out ther’?’'
Another asked when he spotted a figure in the darkness.


Felix held up a hand to shade his eyes from the sudden light.

”Yes, there is someone here. Got lost. Mind if I come out?”


The dwarves looked at each other abruptly with panic in their eyes.

'‘IT’S HIM!’'
One of them yelled, and grabbed his cutting laser tool from his back to aim at Felix.

The other too grasped their tools, pickaxes, drilling equipment, and pointy steel rods all suddenly brought in to the light to use as weapons.

‘‘Hold fast! Magister Kesh has put a want on an arrest on ye! Surrender!’’