[CANON] [RP Episode] The Valkorian Venandi


Felix hauled himself back upright, groaning. He staggered over to Rhoa. He spoke in gasps.

”I can’t penetarte the hide, too tough. We need something bigger, try and crush him. If I lead him up the tunnel, can you bring it down?” He held his side, while the trol heaved another pillar into the air.


‘‘If i do that, then how will we get out!?’’

The giant grabbed another pillar and yanked it from its place, then turned towards the two and flung in to a fast pace.


”Do you have a better idea?” Felix shouted, and then ran towards the troll. ”Oi ugly! Come here! Pick on someone your own size!” He dashed back and forth, succeeding in getting the beast’s attention. ”Unless you can think of something…” he yelled at Rhoa, leaving the sentence hanging.


While the giant was comically chasing Felix around the area in circles, Rhoa tried again. She blasted the golem with fireballs a few times to gain his attention when he was directly opposite her and the door, which to it were rather small, but still annoying. It turned its gaze to get blasted in the face, and got angry. The giant charged at Rhoa, and again she jumped aside before impact, leaving the giant’s path to the door clear. It collided with the structure club first as it swung, and the rest of itself behind it. The rocks from the building were also rather heavy and had completely disfigured the giant upon braking through. The giant was dead, except for its now dis-attached head, which remained animated and could do nothing but stare at Rhoa very angry like.


“That works.” Felix stooped to catch his breath. “I’m beginning to think that Kesh didn’t want us coming back.”

With a sudden grunt, he staggered, and toppled over. Covered in blood, the Valkorian’s face was chalk white. His makeshift bandages had failed him, and combined with the horrors of the past year, the wounds had overcome his burst of adrenaline.


Rhoa stared down the now smashed opened doorway as lights on the floor began to light up leading further in to the structure as Felix collapsed behind her. She turned.

‘‘Damn it! It’ll have to wait…’’

She rushed over to Felix to carefuly pick him up and sat him upright against the wall. Her eyes began to glow feintly as she used magic to keep his woulds from bleeding as she ripped off her own sleeves to tightly wrap around them.

‘‘You okay?’’ she asked out of kindness, not ignorance.


He shook his head.

”I…don’t think so…ach” he gasped. He clenched his jaw, and forced himself to stand, stumbling as he do so. ”Thank you…not sure how much longer I can keep fighting, so we’d best finish the job.” He leaned on the wall. ”Which way now?” His whole body felt tremendous pain, wracked by cuts and bruises.


‘‘No! Don’t move! … we have time. The immediate danger has passed, and if we do encounter anything else, you are in no shape to even stand, let alone fight. Rest.’’ she urged Felix as she gently pulled at his arm.


Felix nodded. ”Maybe…you’re right.” He sank back down to the floor. ”Rest…rest is good…” His eyes closed, and he lost consciousness.


Rhoa sat there on her knees for a moment, observing Felix as he slept there for a few minutes. She had no way to help him, only her magic. She blamed herself for rushing down here unprepared, she was so distracted and determined to not let Kesh trick her again, that she let him trick her. She could have brought water, food, or proper bandages. Too late for that now.

Half an hour passed and they were still there. Rhoa’s magic seems to be working, Felix’s wounds didn’t heal, but at least they stopped bleeding without her needing to aid him. She got up and ventured about the space for a bit, trying to see if there was any water coming through the rocks anywhere at all, to no avail. The space was illuminated by a feint red from all the dim redstone veins all about the place. She had taken down her wisp too to darken the area and let Felix rest, but those dim cyan lights in the tunnel behind the door though…

It was just too tempting. ‘‘Just for a quick peek…’’ Rhoa told herself as she looked for reasons to excuse herself from being on constant watch. Just to be sure, she set wards around Felix to keep away any foul entities or magic while she was gone. And so she entered the building, slowly and cautiously.

A bit of time passed, and quiet footsteps were heard echoing through out the cave, growing louder and louder as they approached the space where Felix laid from the same direction from where he and Rhoa came from.

It was Kesh and his lackeys, they descended on to the flat circular surface where the battle with the giant took place, and inspected the area.

‘‘This is quote a mess… there’s that giant that totalled our last team. Its in pieces.’’ reported one of Kesh’s cybermancer henchmen.

‘‘And this must be Rhoa’s little friend… dead.’’ presumed Kesh as he saw Felix laying there, soaked in blood and still unconscious without getting too close to him.

‘‘But no Rhoa…’’ he continued, ‘’… she must have pushed ahead by herself to claim her prize. Onwards then, after her.’’

They swiftly gathered and vanished in to the same tunnels Rhoa did.


Sometime later, the blood spattered Valkorian woke up, cold, tired, and hungry.


When his call received no answer, he pushed himself to his feet. Felix was weak, and extremely tired, but he could stand and walk. He hobbled around the cave, but found no sign of the Keelish woman.

As he was searching, his well trained hunter’s eye noticed new tracks on the floor,

“Too heavy to be Rhoa’s…men? Or Keelish…”

After more searching around the ruined cavern, he found the trail led into a side tunnel, heading farther down. He moved his arms cautiously, testing them. He was incredibly stiff, everything ached, and he felt weary as never before, but Felix still followed, moving a few hours behind Kesh’s group, and even further behind Rhoa.


The building was a maze of hallways of unusually well smoothed stone, it was cracked in places, most notably where the wall met the ceiling and the floor. The floor was dusty and covered in rocky derbies, so tracking the Keelish over the otherwise smooth surface was not hard, as they were the first to come through in ages, their footsteps obvious.

Felix took a while to catch up with the Keelish apparently, taking him hours to wake up to enter the building, make a few turns and descend down a flight of stairs in to a grand chamber. The room was wide and dark on its outer edges, with the middle being illuminated by fire whisps cast by Kesh’s cybermancers. There were ancient lights about the room’s floor, most of which glowed dimly or weren’t functional at all. How even these remaining ones managed to stay functional after ages have passed, survived whatever cataclysm buried this place or cut it off from the rest of civilisation, and how they ran, was a mystery yet to be solved.

Dead centre, standing amongst the few wisps and cybermancers, were Kesh and Rhoa. They were speaking to each other in Keelish, which to Felix was unintelligible blabber. Rhoa seemed distressed while Kesh towered over her and spoke in a tone of authority. Rhoa’s voice was shaky, as if afraid, or weeping. They were both facing the far wall which seems to hold an ancient monitor of sorts which is part of some grander computing contraption. Some of the technology involved in some of the equipment around the area was vastly outdated, while other bits were beyond what Keelish have today at the same time. Memories of a different time perhaps.


In the Valkorian’s tired head, a voice whispered.

“Don’t go out there. Not yet…”

Instead of jumping forward, Felix flattened into the shadows at the edge of the cave, and froze. His dark clothing blended well with the stone, making him well nigh invisible to someone who was not actively looking for a 7 foot soldier.

But he could listen, straining his ears towards the small group.


After a while further, still unable to understand Keelish, the group made their final observations of the cave and its contents, made a few more scans of the devices contained within, and prepared to depart.

‘‘Well done Rhoa. See? Was it that difficult to work with your old master again?’’ he patted her on the back with a grin while Rhoa stared at the ground, saddened and ashamed.

‘‘Don’t worry Rhoa, i’ll keep my promise to you. I will return to you all that was yours. Your belongings, your wealth, your titles, all of it.’’ he assured her in a kind tone and stretched his arm to hold Rhoa’s hand, but she yanked it away before he could grip hold if it. Kesh’s grin faded.

‘‘Make sure of it.’’ she hissed and took the lead out.

Kesh growled, then looked at his cybermancers to gesture them to follow suit with a head motion.

Felix followed them out of sight.

When they had exited the building in to the wide cavern where the fight with the golem took place, Rhoa came to a full stop as she looked around in confusion. Kesh cought up to her.

‘‘What is it?’’ he continued to growl.

Instantly he realised. Felix’s body was gone, while the rest still remain.

‘‘WHAT!?! He LIVES!?’’ he yelled, outraged. He then turned to Rhoa. ‘‘WHY didn’t you tell me he was still alive!?’’ he barked at her while nearing and getting in her face.

‘‘YOU said he was DEAD!’’ she yelled back while taking a few steps back and beginning to tear up.

‘‘I thought he WAS dead, that’s why i told you that. If i had known he was alive, i would have corrected that immediately… He must not be allowed to spread word of this place. We must find him, and END him, at once.’’

He turns to his cybermancers.

‘‘YOU TWO!’’ he barks, ‘‘Head out of the cavern and search the caves back to the surface, then stand guard, let none in our out before we return. Meanwhile, i and Rhoa will search here and back inside. MOVE!!’’

The two cybermancers nodded in unison and proceeded out of the cavern. Kesh spoke to Rhoa.
’‘Rhoa, i’ll hold back on that promise of mine for a moment further, until this is settled.’’

Rhoa glared at him.


From somewhere inside his torn body, flames of rage licked into existence, and Felix was once again battleready. He slid the daggers from his belt, and in a quiet rush, dashed across the narrow space towards Kesh the moment the cybermancers were out of sight and hearing.


Kesh detects a sudden shift in the air in the otherwise windless cave and strikes the ground with his staff to summon a spherical force field around himself. Felix collides with it and falls to the ground.

‘‘There you are!’’ Kesh exclaimed almost cheerfully and struck Felix with a shock wave from his staff, sending him flying back across the room.


With a grunt, he slammed into the ground. But the rage still running through his veins helped him struggle to his feet.

He feinted one direction, pirouetted to the left, and leaped up and forward towards Kesh, covering the distance almost instantly, knifes curving in from top and bottom at the magician.


He collides with the same barrier he did a minute ago.

''HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! laughed Kesh, diabolically as he used Felix’s own momentum in combination with a bit of wind magic to throw him against the wall again.

‘‘Enough games! If you have knowledge of any gods, you better start praying NOW!’’

Kesh raised his staff in to the air where it charged with electrical power, then leaned it forward towards Felix where it burst from the staff in a massive CRACK as lightning flew from it at literal lightning speed.



Felix jumped to the side, as the energy smashed into the spot he had just vacated. With no way to get past the barrier, Felix was fighting a losing battle, but he didn’t falter.

Choosing a more methodical approach, he began circling around Kesh, preparing to either dodge an attack, or launch one of his own at the first opportunity.


As Felix runs about around him, Kesh grins, makes a motion with his hand as if he grasped something from beneath, and abruptly moved it upwards, causing a large block of rock to crack and rise above the floor level right in Felix’s path. Felix, who was running at full speed, had a less than pleasant encounter with the rocky surface.