[CANON] [RP Episode] The Valkorian Venandi


Oh what I will do once I’m free… Felix thought, while contemplating the guard’s lack of knowledge. “I was merely referring to the task at hand, for which I will undoubtedly require my weapons. Now if we could leave, I would be most grateful.”


Rhoa just stood there watching in silence.

‘‘Alright then, follow me. We are headed for the works. I guess its true what they say, huh. Criminals always do return to the scene of the crime.’’ the guard spoke as he glared at Felix and motioned towards the exit. Rhoa follows.

Back in the city, through the checkpoint to the elevator which now had twice as many alert guards, Felix received many unpleasant stares, and he would get even more of them down below. As the elevator descended and the gates opened, people saw the man who murdered their supervisor. As they walked past cluttered groups of people who all ceased with work to stare at the procession, whispered hummed through out the space.

‘‘He’s back…’’
’‘He’ll pay for it now…’’
’‘The supervisor had it coming…’’
’‘We all lift together, he will have to lift alone…’’
’‘I can see his debt in his expression…’’

After passing through the works, they descended in yet another elevator further down in to the dark abyss where the rocky caverns were only partially lit by lamps dimmed by what seemed like mist, and dwarven excavators who wore lights on their helmets. The metal grate doors of the elevator slid open to reveal two cybermancers waiting for them, and Kesh himself.


Kesh turned to greet them.
’‘Ah, you are finally here. Rhoa, what a pleasure it is to see you again.’’ he said with a grin on his face.
’‘Who’s this?’’ he asked and nodded towards Felix.

‘‘This is my hired help.’’ she explained in a much colder tone. She wanted to appear confident and prepared, but really she was afraid, and had no idea what she was getting herself in to. She was between a rock and a hard place, everyone wanted something from her and were exploiting her position which she could not escape from. The magister wished to use her experience to further his own power trip, and the Valkoran convict wants her to get him out of trouble for the wrongs he did. She feels as if nobody really cares about her or what she wants, and was burying that feeling deep inside, which is beginning to surface now.

Kesh looked at Felix, and back at Rhoa.
’‘Do you want to get yourselves killed?’’ he asked calmly.

Rhoa sighed nervously, ‘‘Just give him something to fight with, we will manage.’’

'‘So be it.’'
Kesh coughed at a nearby worker and gestured him to approach. He took his hammer out of his arms and threw it before Felix’s feet.
’‘Use that.’’


The worker shrugged it off and left the scene.


Hefting the large hammer, Felix nodded. His expression betrayed his anger, but it would do him no good for now. He spun the implement about, testing the weight and balance. Felix was quite strong, even by Valkorian standards, but his fighting style was more speed based, so he stripped some implements from the tool, making it a bit lighter… He nodded. “Let’s go. Wouldn’t want to keep the cave monsters waiting.” He saw the tension in Rhoa’s face, and thought So she really is in trouble. Best to either let her be, or make friends.


‘‘What are we looking for even?’’ asked Rhoa.

Kesh thought about it for a second while stroking his chin.
’‘Ruins have been sighted within these caverns. The excavators were frightened off by giant spiders, but ancient Keelish have had more than oversized pets as guardians withing places of importance, i wouldn’t try to do this with just your prisoner over here.’’

Rhoa glared at Kesh. He continued.
’‘But, as i see how determined you are to avoid working with me, then you try your best to work for me, alone. I don’t know what you will find down there, but that is why i wanted you for the job. You will know it when you find something worth while.’’

Rhoa nodded and took the lead without another word.

Kesh turned to Felix.
’‘Make sure at least she makes it back, whether you accomplish anything or not .’'
He said with a sigh.


Felix snarled something Latin under his breath, and followed Rhoa, catching up easily. No fear of spiders or other creatures filled his mind, only rage and hatred for the city that had inflicted this situation upon him. His desire to strangle Kesh was not at all diminished either.


As they descended in to the caverns upon sturdy metal walkways leading through out the area, they eventually reached its end, where automated turrets were set up, based off of Kavehan machine guns the Keelish pried out of Valkoran hands. There were corpses of giant spiders laying around the ground beyond that.

Rhoa came to a sudden stop as she took in the view of these beasts, eyes widened. She may have also stopped breathing for a second then.

‘‘Uuuuuhhh…’’ she muttered.
’‘You take it from here, ill be right behind you!’’ she panicked and swiftly dashed behind Felix and gently nudged him forward.

There were bound to be many more further ahead…


Felix narrowed his jaw, and kept pushing forward, farther into the caves, ducking his head under certain bits. Walking past a spider, he nudged it with his makeshift weapon.
”Hell, looks like I’ll have my work cut out…”
He kept walking. The caves had a infested feel, a sickness beneath the ground. As they walked, Rhoa could hear Felix muttering to himself in a low tone, words which would have been most displeasing to Kesh if he had heard them.
Felix was cursing the Keelish slowly and steadily in every tongue he knew for not giving him a real weapon.


Then the caves opened up in to a spacious cavern of complete darkness. Nobody had made it this far. Rhoa stepped forward and conjured up a wisp, a blob of bright light, and released it in to the air, illuminating the space, and revealing the spider’s nest within.

‘‘Oh… crap.’’ she said as she stepped a few steps backwards as the sipiders reacted to the intrusion and began closing in.


Felix did not wait for their assault, but leaped forward with a yell. The spiders halted, unaccustomed to their prey attacking or fighting back. Recovering from the slight shock, the arachnids of the caverns returned to the rush, a hissing and clicking coming from their monstrous jaws and gigantic pincers.

The lead beast jumped forward, and was met with a Valkorian in a rage. Felix smashed it in the eyes, stabbed it in the leg with the end of his weapon, and reversing the hammer, drove the spike through the creature’s brain. Whirling around, he ducked a long leg, and smashed it off at the joint, smacking another spider in the brain pan with the heavy hammer.

Continuing his dance of death about the cave, much to the dismay of the spiders, who chattered in their vile tongue, striving to bring him down in a forest of stabbing legs and flinging webs, Felix took slashes to his arms and legs, but always stayed between Rhoa and the spiders.


Rhoa, while being discussed by these creatures did not stand there idly. She blasted any spider that would attempt to get around Felix with a fire or lightning bolt, her heart rushing faster and faster as she depleted herself, growing more tired with every spell. She saw how they would get past Felix, or hit him through gaps in his defence, and realised this couldn’t go on for ever, nor end in their favour. She then extended one of her arms in to the air and made a motion akin to punching the ceiling of the cave. The cavern’s ceiling began to shake, and its stalactites began to break loose and fall on top of the beasts… as well as Felix.

The spell was draining, it caused Rhoa to collapse on to her knees and without even enough energy to yell out and warn Felix as she used the last of her power to summon a small barrier above herself.


Felix shielded his body with his arms, and hunched over, as sharp spikes of rock slammed into and around him. Several different sized pieces knocked him to the floor, leaving him bruised and bleeding, with several large puncture wounds in his back and shoulders.

After a a few heartpounding moments, it was over. The spiders were gone, along with Felix’ weapon. He staggered to his feet, leaning against the cave wall. Blood was seeping through his tattered armor. He ripped part of his shirt off, and rapidly bound it around one of his arms, where a gash was dangerously close to a vein.

“Well…shit.” Felix drew his breath in, wincing as he did so. “At least the way is now clear…sort of.”


Rhoa dropped her barrier and knelt there for a moment while she catches her breath, staring at Felix misty eyed with a look that could only be saying ‘‘I’m sorry.’’, but did not word it.

She gets up, and regretting she didn’t think of bringing bandages before coming down here, she pressed on. She could heal herself and keep her blood where it was supposed to be with her limited knowledge of magic, if she got hurt, but simultaneously doing so for Felix would be an extra burden she could not handle.

‘‘He better be as resilient as he puts out to be…’’ she thought.

‘‘I hope we don’t have many more of those scenarios…’’ she sighed.

But truly, Rhoa was somewhat impressed of Felix the more she thought about the fact that she herself was still untouched by any foe.

As they pushed onward, the wisp Rhoa summoned lead the way in front of her through the dark abyss. Eventually, red glowing redstone veins began to appear in the caves, and the further they went, the more there were. They continued until they came upon another wide opening where redstone was in abundance, and there seems to have been a building of some sort in the middle, with a large stone door in a featureless structure within the cave walls. In front of this double door there was a wide circular platform surrounded by pillars with a very large rocky figure standing on a platform in its centre. Rhoa approached with interest, until she noted the few dead cybermancers laying around the perimeter…

Rhoa looked around in confusion.
’‘Wait… weren’t we supposed to be the first to come down here?..’’


”Aye. Kesh must have double crossed you again.” Felix walked to the edge of the platform and stared at the stone statue. ”I’m guessing this is what you’re supposed to investigate. I’ll look around, see if there’s anything I can use in case whatever killed these men comes back.” His appreciation for Rhoa had likewise improved, but the pain coursing prevented him from showing it.


The statue was of a Keelish warrior, which was apparently supposed to have been holding some sort of weapon, but it fell apart with age and now stood there with only one arm.

The dead cybermancers lying around were intact, save for their armour being shattered in a way which could only occour by being hit with something massive, like a boulder. The shock of impact, and then flying across the space in to the rocky wall of the cave was what killed them.

Rhoa analysed their bodies.
’‘Hmmm… if i didn’t know any better, i would say they were killed by a cave troll. But this place is far too deep for even cave trolls to live in. Or… is it?’’

The fact that the bodies remained untouched suddenly disturbed her. Spiders would have happily dragged the bodies away, yet they remain, meaning where Rhoa & Felix are now, the spiders knew to avoid.

Scavanging the cybermancers, there was not much to find, Rhoa helped herself to a few intact lapis batteries, while leaving the dagger each cybermancer carried to Felix.


Felix scavenged some weapons, slipping them into his belt.

”Is that what we are supposed to work on? Or is there something else.” he asked. ”I don’t like this place, you’re right about the spiders. I say you examine whatever you need to, then we keep moving.”


‘‘I assume there is more beyond this door.’’ she said while approaching the stone double doors.

‘‘Now, how do we open this?..’’ she ran her fingers down the middle and around the outer edges of it.

Suddenly, a wind. The wind shifted, and a loud thump was heard. The statue of a Keelish warrior motioned, its eyelids opened, revealing redstone within. It grasped one of the pillars with its one arm to use as a club, and slowly turned towards Rhoa. The room shook as the rocky giant moved through the space. Rhoa quickly turned around.

‘‘Keelah…’’ she gasped.


”What the…Well then, looks like we know what killed your soldiers.” Felix settled into his combat mode, and walked towards the stone giant. ”Move. Now.” He slid the daggers from his belt, holding on in each hand. ”Please don’t drop the mountain on me this time.”


Rhoa moved, and the rock golem sped up it’s pace and begun a swing with his pillar-club towards Felix.


Jumping to the side, the Valkorian soldier dodged, as the stone troll swung with horrible strength. His club smashed into the cave floor, sending stone fragments relying all around the room.

Felix slipped behind the follow up strike, and slashed at the arm of the troll, his hands moving with blinding speed in a series of blurring cuts. To no avail. The daggers screeched off the stony hide of the menace. His weapons were useless. The troll swung again.

Felix jumped and twisted, grabbing onto one of the columns and using it as leverage to swing around, the weight of his seven foot frame smashing feet first into the beast’s side. While the blow staggered the troll, Felix cried out in pain, as his injured body let out a burst of agony. The troll swung again. Felix was forced to roll again, tearing open one of his wounds.


Rhoa tried casting at the giant, but each spell she tried was useless, as if it was immune to all magic. The only thing she accomplished was gaining its attention. The giant’s attention turned from Felix to Rhoa and went after her. She ran in circles, dodging blows and seeking cover, her heart pounding, until she ran past the stone doors again, and had an idea. To trick the beast in to braking down the entrance.

She stood at the door for but a moment to turn around and see the giant’s club incoming. At the last second she jumped aside with the pillar being smashed against the floor, not the door, with full force, and it broke. The giant then disengaged for a moment to get himself another pillar.