[CANON] [RP Episode] The Valkorian Venandi


The dark hulking shape in the corner that was the Valkorian didn’t move. Prisoners came and went in the dungeons, and a Keelish being arrested on false charges did not surprise him in the least. But the bit about rescuing a Valkorian out of humanity was interesting. Felix coughed. His throat still bothered him, and there was a cold feeling in his chest.


After a few hours some guard returned. The woman fell asleep on her bench. The guard kicked the cell bars a few times waking up the entire hall. While cursing could be heard from elsewhere in the background, the guard spoke to the female Keelish.

‘‘You have been given an opportunity it seems.’’ the guard spoke.
’’…eh?’’ the woman awoke and glared at the guard with narrow eyes.
’‘Kesh has requested your assistance in an important matter. A large underground complex has recently been uncovered in the works which beckoned him to explore them in earnest. For his team, he has chosen you, Rhoa. Due to your expertise in pre-imperium Keelish.’’

Rhoa considered the offer for a moment.
’‘His ‘‘team’’? And who else is on this team?’’
’‘A pair of cybermancers, and Kesh himself.’’ he answered.
’‘No. Way.’’ she said decisively.
’‘Kesh has convinced the magisterium that this is a dangerous and worthy enough of an assignment to pardon you of your crimes committed against the imperium. He expects you to gratefully accept his offer, and come work for him again. After which, all of your titles and possessions will be returned to you, including your apprenticeship with him.’’ the guard explained.
’‘I would rather not… No. Not at all.’’ she insisted.
’‘Very well… i shall inform him of your decision. He did say however, knowing that you might have an issue working with him personally again, that you could build a team of your own to venture down in to the depths and explore.’'
Rhoa sat up.
’’ …hm. Very well. Release me, and i shall form a team in no time.’’
’‘No.’’ the guard said with a grin.
’‘What!?’’ Rhoa coughed, ‘‘How am i to ‘‘form a team’’ down here?!’’
’‘Not my problem.’’ the guard growled as he turned away from the cell and began to make his way towards the exit. ‘‘I will return tomorrow, to give you some time to clear your mind and reconsider.’’ he said as he left, locking the hallway doors behind him.

Rhoa laid her head back on to her pillow with a loud and tiresome ‘‘Ugh!’’ and shut her eyes closed again.


So this Keelish is in hot water, and needs some muscle. I wonder where that could come from… thought Felix. He growled out in a low voice, his throat still hurting.

“How much will you pay.”


'‘What? Who said that!?’'
She sat up, somewhat startled by the dark unknown voice.


The dark shape in the corner stood up, and moved into the dim light of an overhanging lantern.

“I did.”

Felix was short, but still nearly brushed his head on the ceiling.


Rhoa gets anxious, he is big, looks promising, but size isn’t everything. And there was this one obvious issue she couldn’t get out of her head.

‘‘You? Pay you? As in… hire you?’’ she started nervously, ‘‘A criminal?’’


“I am not a criminal.” He knelt down. “My name is Felix. Felix Mehemii.” Felix was well known in certain parts of the world, but he somehow doubted that included Kleriel. “I can get you anywhere you need to go.”


Rhoa gave Felix an unusual stare.
’‘Felix Mehemii? I’ve heard of you. Mainly that you fled Valkora after being convicted of treason, and now you found yourself in a prison cell in Kleriel. Why don’t i believe you when you say you aren’t a criminal?..’’


Felix ground his teeth. "I am NOT a trait- nevermind, there’s no point. " He reset his face. “I am sorry, miss. I’ve had a trying few…months. I doubt you would want to hear my whole story.”


‘‘Oh, i’m not going anywhere fast…’’ she assured him.


“I guess not…very well.” The soldier seated himself on the floor. “Several years ago, I was sent to Roklavia by the Emperor. My mission was to kill or incapacitate Valentina, the Roklavs queen. I met up with my friend, Vadim, captain of the Queen’s Guard, and tried to use him to get close to Valentina. But, other powers were at work, and Valentina was killed by another assassin and some hired goons. In order to cover up my involvement, I helped Vadim avenge his queen. So I killed the assassin, and the minions. Vadim and I passed out.”"

He cleared his throat, and coughed.

“I woke up in a dark room, surrounded by strange vials and concotions. After searching throughout the building, I found Vadim and Valentina, one alive, the other quite dead. A blood doctor, a relic from Roklavia’s past, had found us, and saved our lives. He injected Vadim with some wolfs? blood, I think. Vadim was distraught over the loss of Valentina. He and the doctor tried to save her, using blood from Vadim and some other creature. I would have left them, but my friend was running out of blood, so I lent him some of mine. Unfortunately for me, this enabled Valentina’s return from the dead. Yes it is true. She died and came back.”

He coughed again.

“I escaped, made it back to my home, and my duties.”

“The Dux Marum, our highest ranking admiral, bore me a grude, why I do not know. He brought a case against me, saying I had betrayed Valkoria and disobeyed my orders by bringing her back. He had witnesses, I do not know if they were false or no. The Emperor ordered my execution, so I…escaped, and made it back to the source of my troubles, Roklavia.” He shuddered, a great chill going through him. Felix drew a deep breath, forcing his lungs to obey him. “I found, and then got separated from Vadim. I survived the monster invasion, and fought my way out. I lived in the forests North of the city, defending them from the spread of the demons. The food ran out, so I returned to Roklavia, and was given directions to here by a dying warrior of yours. I was picked up, and brought into this accursed city. After I was given a job, at a construction site…of sorts, I had a…disaggreement with the Valkorian overseer. I killed him. THAT is why I am here.” He concluded "So you see miss, I am not a criminal, or a traitor. The man I killed was not something to mourn over, although I do regret it. Sadly, I am in no position to deal with insults or gross stupidity. Much to my loss."
He sank back onto the bed, and spat out some blood onto the floor. “Thus is my story. I only seek now to live, by the only way I know.”


‘‘He escaped from a similar dilemma which i am in now it seems.’’ she though to herself. She relates to his story, as they have something in common. Falsely being accused of treason, or at least that is what he says. She began to pity Felix for all the hardship he has endured, it must have taken greater skill and endurance to go through all of that, so he is definitely one who she could use, if she were to believe him. She was still unsure of this other Valkoran he killed, and wondered what were the circumstances, as well as his possible involvement in dark magic, but she had to risk it if she had a hope of leaving this place.

‘‘How much would you charge?’’ she asked.


“My release. And my two swords. They were taken from me when I was arrested.” After I get out of here, and am armed, I can work off that debt MY way…
He coughed again. “Oh! And one more thing. I don’t want to work with others. Just let me do my job.”


‘‘Your job IS to work with me. And it is unlikely that they would allow me to bring anyone else with me, even running in to you was a miracle. If i don’t want to do it with him, Kesh will want my expedition to be a complete failure to humiliate me further.’’

She got up from her bed and walked over to her cell bars to have a closer look at Felix who was just across the hallway.

Somewhat shy, she held one hand in the other as she inquired about an old friend.
’‘Do you happen to know a Valkorian by the name of Marcus by any chance? He too is an explorer, like me.’’


”Yes I do know him. Or, I did know him.” Felix sighed. ”He never fully readjusted to life at home, and he finally vanished. Last time I saw him…he was heading north.” He looked quizzically at Rhoa. ”He wanted to see you again, I think. He told me of someone who had saved him, a Keelish woman.”


'‘No, he never came back. This was a long while ago though, i wonder what happened to him.’'
She sighed and returned to her ‘‘bed’’.
’‘Best try to get some rest while we can, guard said he will come back tomorrow.’’


The two fell asleep, each in their separate cell. Felix wrapped himself in his cloak, and concentrated on staying warm, concerned about his cough.
He awoke many hours later, well rested for the first time in weeks. His cough had vanished, and he felt alert and prepared. He longed to stretch his legs, the prison cell not designed to accommodate Valkorians.


Early in the morning the next day, the same guard returned through the armoured door which leads to the cell block Rhoa & Felix were in. He cheerfully swung around his keys as he approached Rhoa’s cell. She was already awake and sitting on her bed.

‘‘So, have you finally reconsidered? Or do you need a week, or another month in this hole?’’

‘‘I have.’’ she replied without even looking at him.

‘‘Good, they said you were the reasonable kind.’’ he giggled as he began to unlock her cell.

‘‘I have reconsidered and will form my own team to venture in to the depths.’’ she added, flat.

The guard stopped in shock.
’‘You cant be serious. Do you have me for an idiot!?’’ He gasped and hissed at her. ‘‘I already told you, i’m not letting you…’’

Rhoa cuts him off with a calm explanation.
’‘The Valkoran across the hall from me, Felix. He will go with me.’’

The guard turned around to look at Felix with intense disdain.
’’… that thing?’’

Rhoa sat up confidently crossed armed.
’‘You heard me. I found someone. Now you are to let us do our job as agreed, yes?’’

The guard glared at Rhoa for a moment before proceeding to unlock her cell. She gracefully stood up with a devious grin on her face, knowing full well how they thought to force her to their will but failed. Meanwhile, the guard was mumbling something to himself as he slowly and cautiously approached Felix’s cell and began to unlock it as well.

‘‘No funny business, tiny.’’ he growled as he pushed the cell doors open somewhat nervously and stood aside.


Felix stood up, a towering mass compared to the guard. He stood to his full height, finally able to do so, and stretched. He looked at the apprehensive guard.

”Thank you. Lead on.” He turned to Rhoa. ”Remember my weapons.”


Rhoa nodded back and was about to say something when the guard butted in.

‘‘Excuse me, but youuu aren’t getting anything just yet. All of both of your belongings have been confiscated, as well as any property you have, until you make up for your… ‘‘mistakes’’. You are not being released!’’ he barked irritatingly with his hand on the hilt of his sword.