[CANON] [RP Episode] The Valkorian Venandi


”The hell? Why the missing arms?” he demanded of no one in particular. Already he could tell how well this job was going to work out for him. It reminded him of a Valkorian dry dock, but a knock off version from hell. This place gets one week to prove it’s better than the forest, then I’m walking out of here.


‘‘Lost or something?’’ a unknown voice asked Felix from behind.

Turning around, he is greeted by a rather big Valkoran with a mechanical left arm which did not have a hand, but a welding machine attached to the end.

‘‘They call me Consus, im the supervisor down here. Who are you?’’ he asked Felix with a stern voice. Consus also had what appeared as a posse of bootlickers following him around, all of whom seemed much worse off than him though.


”I’m Felix, I was told to find you.” The Ex-Legate eyed his cronies with distaste. ”Aweful lot of idle hands you got there.”


‘‘I agree. I best put them to work, how about i start with yours, ay?’’ he barked at Felix.
’‘I’ve been told about you, pup. Don’t think you’re special just because you aren’t in debt like the rest of us. When the Keelish come down here, you may bow low and nod your head like the good servant that you are, but when they ain’t, you answer to ME, is that clear?!’’

Consus gargled up some snot, and spat it on the ground.
’‘Look at this place, you only just got here and its filthier already! Find a mop and get to cleaning, worm.’’ he growled and shoved him aside as he and his posse passed, giggling.


Felix didn’t move. His last shreds of empathy for anyone Valkorian here went out the window. ”So do I use your face to mop the floor, or should I use one of your cronies, Ignominiam?” The rage building inside him was boiling over now, and he hated everything about this disgrace to civilization.


Consus’ stride came to a sudden stop when he heard Felix’s threat. He slowly turned around to face him as his cronies made way for what was to come.

‘‘What did you just say, you lowlife, worthless, good for nothing, piece of shit, insolent, retard of a motherless bastard!?’’

Consus grasped one of the heavy hammers one of his cronies was carrying and began to approach.

‘‘Repeat that, if you dare…’’


A sword rasped. Felix was armed, the Kavehan blade shimmering in his hand. Maybe the Dragon was right… His other hand clenched around the hilt. ”You disgrace to your nation, fight me like a man!”


‘‘My nation? I have no nation!!!’’ he yelled as he began to wildly swing his hammer at Felix with his left arm’s welding machine primed to burn him if he got too close.


With a quick movement, Felix ducked past a swing, sliced Consus in the chest, and decapitated him with the return motion. ”Anyone else!?” he yelled. The minions following their leader were taken aback, but the Valkorian from the north did not wait for an answer. In a flash, he was among them, a spinning acrobat who tore through the cronies, who dropped away, reeling from slashes to faces, hands, arms, and legs.


Having been deprived of their hulk of a leader, they picked themselves up and ran for their lives. Two of them were making their way towards the elevator presumably to call the real authorities when theirs has failed them.


Felix sheathed his weapon, and followed them. The runners dashed to the elevator, Felix making it through the door just in time. The cronies cowered.

”By all means, run cowards! Run to your Keelish masters! I have a few words for them!”

When the elevator had reached its destination, the two ran out, followed closely by Felix. A light shone in his eyes, and blood was scattered over his clothes.


The few security guards there were either playing cards or reading when the elevator came back to the surface. At the sight of the two badly cut workers and the blood covered Valkoran, they jumped to attention.

‘‘What in the nether is this!? What happened!?!!?’’ one of them howled.
’‘IT WAS HIM!’’ the two injured Valkorans cried as they pointed at Felix.
A guard took the two inside the guard post to help them stop the bleeding, while the others spread out in an arc with their taser-rods drawn.
’‘YOU THEN, drop your weapons this instance!’’


”Hell no! Where is the commander here?” Felix spoke in his Legate rasp. ”I’m leaving this hellhole of a city, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.” He started walking straight towards the line of guards.


The guards backed away by just a little bit while twirling their rods, when one of them pulled out a taser gun and popped it at Felix. After feeling the power of 1,200 volts run through him, Felix simply crashed to the ground, now knocked unconscious.

He awoke in prison, naturally, and with no other than Tayrell standing at the other side of the bars. All Felix had on him were his base clothes. His weapons and his coat were taken away. He was laid face down on an uncomfortable wooden board with a rather hard pillow in a featureless cold stone cell. Along side his board of a bed was another unoccupied one, and a rimmed hole against the wall which had to be the loo.

‘‘Hello Felix, we meet again.’’


“Futue te ipsi!” He rolled from his bed, and switched to the common tongue. “Son of a bitch, what the hell is Kleriel?! I should have stayed in my cabin and froze or gone with the…you know what, screw this!” His rant continued, a flood of colorful phrases in several different languages directed at the world in general. Maybe sticking with a dragon had not been such a bad idea after all.


‘‘I came here to discuss your breach of our contract, good sir. Nothing more. You did come here by yourself, you did sign the contract with your own free will, and you broke it with said will just the same. The only one you have to blame, is yourself.’’ he said very calmly as he took the digital tablet from his bag once more.
’‘Shall we discuss our resolution to this… incident, or shall i return at a later date?’’


He stood up. With a blindingly fast movement, he reached through the bars and grabbed Tayrell by his throat, heaving him into the air. He leaned close the bars and whispered:
“YOU will get NOTHING from me. You and your excuse for a humane corporation can stick your ‘incident’ in a sack and drown it.” He dropped the Keelish on the floor, gasping for breath.


Tayrell swiftly picked himself up before he looses any more of his dignity, and now stood at a more than reasonable distance from Felix’s cell.

'‘My, my. How ungrateful we are. No animal i’ve ever encountered ever bit the hand that fed it, until now.’'
He said while trying to hide the fact he was still short of breath.

'‘But i can assure you, Mr. Felix. We WILL get something from you, to cover ALL of what you owe us. The company does not care nor does it specify that it must be you to repay us. If you do not, then we simply track down your next of kin, or if we are unable to locate those, we approach your very nation with the crimes you have committed, inform them of your unwillingness to cooperate after wronging us so, and politely explain how your debt is now theirs, as you are their Legate, if i am not mistaken. Or rather… whatever is left of your ‘‘nation’’ and people when they are finished culling themselves so we don’t have to. Farewell, Felix.’'
He snarled at him and pompously walked away, leaving him alone.


With a grunt, he seated himself back into the low bed. Tayrell had been partly right, it had been foolish to break the contract, but signing it had been more foolish still. Felix leaned forward, his head resting on one arm. There was no escape, that was certain. He could not simply pay his way out, but Felix could most definitely not work as a manual laborer for such a corporation.

”Bloody hell…” he whispered. The gravity of his situation made his blood run cold. He had been most foolish in not leaving Kleriel the moment he could. There was certainly work to be had in the world for one such as he, a vagrant master swordsman. Now Felix was stuck in a land that he did not know, with a blood debt to a company he knew almost nothing about.

He leaned back against the wall, and closed his eyes to think. Can’t escape, can’t fight out, can’t talk his way out, can’t buy his way out. Every attempt he made to find a solution only ended in memories of the free forests. Even fighting monsters from nightmares was preferable to this. His eyes closed. To all appearances, he was asleep.


The doors at the end of the prison hallway opened abruptly.

‘‘Let me GO, you’re hurting me!’’ whelped a female Keelish while she was being pushed and shoved forward by her accompanying guards.
’‘Keep quiet, and move!’’ one of them barked right before he shoved her in to a cell opposite Felix’s. She fell, and after they locked her doors, she got up and leaned on the bars.
’‘This isn’t right…’’ she pleaded.
’‘I don’t want to hear it. Kesh’s evidence that it was you is overwhelming. You have committed a crime that can only be described as treason. We will find out why you did it, later…’’
’‘Blame me for having a soul and saving the Valkoran! Besides! Nothing bad came of it in the end, and i’ve learned much of…’’

A guard leaned forward towards her and interrupted.
’‘You can tell that to the judge.’’
’‘Oh, i already did. Which is why i’m getting a chance to redeem myself, and atone for my… ‘‘mistake’’.’’

‘‘Hah!’’ the guard laughed, ‘‘The only reason you still draw breath is because you are still of use to Kesh, and nothing else.’’

The guards left the prison block giggling while the woman sat herself on one of the benches. Cross legged, she used her right arm to support her head as she closed her eyes and sighed deeply.