[CANON] [RP Episode] The Valkorian Venandi


Felix relaxed. A little.

”My name is Felix Mehemii. I’m originally from Valkoria, a Legate of the Tenth Legion. Recently, I have been surviving in the forests north of the destroyed Roklavian city.”


‘’… yes, he doesn’t appear on any of our wanted nor missing lists.’’ intervened the lieutenant as she twiddled with her tablet.

‘‘Is that so? And what interest do you have in Roklavia to have left your legion, and remain there even after two months since the infestation?’’ asked the officer.


The former legate considered his answer. Deciding he had nothing to lose, he cast caution to the winds. “I was unjustly accused of betraying the Empire. I escaped execution, and made my way to Roklavia, hoping to find my friend Vadim, bodyguard of Queen Valentina. Your lieutenant knows what happened after that.” He stopped and took a breath. “I did not know the way to any other nations when the city fell, so I fought my way to the forests, and stayed there. At least I know how to live in the woods.”


The officer and lieutenant looked at each other with interest.

‘‘Can we confirm this?’’ the officer asks the lieutenant.
After a bit more fiddling with her tablet, she replies with an unsure voice.
’‘Um… no, we don’t have anything on that. Must be a fairly recent event. We aren’t getting much from the Valkorian region since the civil war broke out…’’


“CIVIL WAR?!” Felix yelled, before ducking his head and apologizing. “Sorry, but Civil War?! Who rebelled?!!” He was shaken. What House would dare to turn on their Emperor?


‘‘You do not know? Its been months.’’ began the lieutenant, ‘‘Okay, let me explain. Valkoria has been fighting itself for … maybe as long as Roklavia has been infested, maybe longer. The conflict, as far as we are aware, has 3 factions. One loyally follows the current emperor Gaious, the second are the rebels, lead by lord Numitor, and the third is staying neutral, as far as our information goes, it is lead by someone called Lucious? He has the control of most of the fleet apparently.’’

‘‘Probably just waiting for the other two to run out of men or their will to fight to simply swoop in and take the empire.’’ remarked the officer.


The stunned ex-soldier sat down, trying to fathom the chain of events that could have led Numitor to have rebelled. It was so unlike him, going against every bone in his body, that Felix almost did not believe it. ”If this is true…then I cannot go back. Ever.” Felix spoke slowly, with tears running down his face and into his beard. ”Valkoria…my nation, my home…what has happened to you?”


The Keelish saw the Valkorian brake down at the news. The lieutenant glared at the officer, who nodded back and turned towards the door.

Remaining alone in the room, the lieutenant kneeled before Felix and offered him a tissue.

‘‘Do not weep yet, for nothing is set in stone.’’ she said calmly.


He accepted the tissue with gratitude. ”Oh lord…what shall I do now…cannot go back, not to Roklavia or my legion, cannot go forward…what can I do here?”


‘‘Well…’’ she started as she got up, ‘‘We can sign you up on to the unemployment board, and the board will find you work to start building a new life like everyone else who came here with nothing. How’s that?’’


”No offense ma’m, none at all, but I am not a builder, or a farmer. I’m a soldier, a trained killer.” Felix felt forced to speak. The idea of him as a dockhand was almost laughable. He knew how to make and fashion things, but spending his life making small goods for other people was not something he would succeed at. ”Lieutenant, to whom must I go? I know my talents, and basketweaving or building machinery are not among them.”


She sighed, knowing this argument all too well, for it was far from the first time she had heard it. Obviously, it is never perfect, nor will it be.

Annoyed, and almost insulted by Felix’s assumption he has the luxury to pick and choose, she replied.
’‘Do you not think there were many soldiers who fled here from Roklavia? Would you imagine some felt the same? Would you assume we would simply let them in to our ranks, or accept them as mercenaries? Those who have scolded us for as long as we can remember, yet we still took them in? You are no more to us than they were, and you are to expect no more than what is offered to you in these trying times, and thank whatever gods you worship for everything given to you. For it is our courtesy to help, not our duty.’’


”I know, and thank you. I would not scold you, your troops are most formidable, but perhaps there is work as a hunter? Kleriel is full of many creatures, dangerous and peaceful.” He stood up, and looked out the window. ”I suppose there will be more questions? Or does Kleriel know enough of these monsters.”


‘‘Of the monsters from Roklavia? Yes, we have acquired specimens. Sadly, those kind of expeditions we reserve for our elite troops we send in squads, and even they don’t always come back with as many as they left with.’’

She sat herself down on a couch across the table from Felix.

‘‘Now. Back to finding you work that you actually may have a chance getting. Signing you up on the board, shall i write ‘‘Hunting’’ as a speciality? Do you have any other talents than fighting we could advertise?’’


He smirked. ”At one time…yes. I made a passable engineer. As head of a legion, you have to be.” He thought of the well ordered camps, “blossoming like a small town in no time.” He smiles at the memory of the elite legionaries, the speed with which the forts were built, the precision. His smile faded. All gone now. All gone.


‘’… has … experience… in… engineering…’’ she mumbled to herself as she added it to the dossier.

‘‘Very well!’’ she exlaimed positively with her job finally done, ‘‘You will be notified if you catch anyone’s interest. You will leave for Meridian with the next convoy to your temporary residence, which is due to arrive tomorrow. Any questions?’’


”Can my weapons be returned to me?” Felix had an emotional attachment to the blades, a gift from his pseudo father Lord Numitor, who unknownst to Felix was at this moment bleeding profusely from multiple wounds.
Felix put away all thoughts of home and Numitor, or Vadim, and assumed his signature non-committal expression.


‘‘Oh, of course.’’ she said as she left the room but for a moment, bringing him his weapons, still neatly wrapped in cloth, and placed them on the table.

With a nod of approval, she leaves Felix alone once more, and shuts the door behind her as she leaves.


”Thank you.” He slung the scabbards on his back, and drew one of the blades, checking to make sure everything was in order. Replacing it in the sheath, he walked out the door after th Keelish, not knowing what else to do.


Felix stepped out in to the cold again and leaned on to the railing of the smaller boardway that ran along the building, taking in the very limited view of the base. Snow being blown over the edge of the overhanging cliffside could be seen as the wind raged above, while only weak whispers of it could be felt or heard down below, within the outer walls. He could smell the sea air, but he could not see it. There was absolutely nothing going on outside, so he went back in.

Laying back on to the sofa he was on before, he began to daydream, thought about home mostly, and everything that must have changed since his exile. He admired his swords, which he hung in his scabbards beside his cloak on the many pegs in the wall beside the entry point, throwing a thought to Numitor.

Eventually he fell asleep again and would sleep through out most the night, waking up only to take a wee, awkwardly going outside to do so because he didn’t know where to go. Luckily, nobody noticed…

The next morning, the convoy came in. Humming engines entered through the opened gates and awoke Felix. Immediately realising that this must be his ride out of this dull hole, he put on his coat, took his swords, and proceeded outside. Ignorant to the fact that the officer outside was cursing in Keelish at the yellow stained snow that now adorned the base, he blissfully walked past him and was welcomed aboard one of the transports, as he was expected.

Soon enough, the supplies for the base were unloaded, and the convoy set off to Meridian. Felix was sat in a bus like vehicle with many seats but very few passengers which was on tracks. The convoy made a few stops in settlements and outposts along the way, Felix never shared words with anyone that came and went, keeping his hood on and his head down with a feeling that his near future wont be one that would cater to his passions.

Eventually, after nearly 24 hours of driving, the convoy made its way to Meridian. It came to its last stop on its outer perimeter in yet another military base along the shore. Another Keelish officer appeared on the bus and stood besides the driver with a checking list in hand. He called out.

'‘Iry na-Qurell?’'
A Keelish woman stood up from hear seat, and approached the officer, they exchanged a few words, and she stepped off.

'‘Xar na-Teeler?’'
He asked again, loudly, and a Keelish man rose to greet the officer as well before leaving.

'‘Felix Mehemii?’'
Asked the officer once more, and waited.