[CANON] [RP Episode] The Valkorian Venandi


Felix watched for a moment, then returned to the hill. He found the glider, buried under a heap of snow. After much struggle and even more frustration, he figured out where to hold on, and got an idea of how to steer.

He picked it up, and instantly got blown over by the wind. Picking himself up, he held it low to the ground to avoid that mistake, and then somehow got it into a takeoff position.

He ran forward, holding onto the handles, jumped as far as he could, and instantly regretted not walking. The glider veered in all sorts of directions, while Felix clung on for dear life. After a hazardous 10 seconds, despite every curse he could utter, the vehicle flipped over, and crashed into a snow drift.

A head popped out, followed by an arm, another arm, and then a very annoyed Valkorian. Resolving to give it another try, he lucked out on his second attempt, and managed to get airborne, coasting smoothly away from the city. The problem was, he kept getting closer and closer to the ground, and the still unwieldy glider had no means of propulsion. So, after about a minute of nerve racking flight, he crashed into another snow bank, about a mile from he had started.

”Oh what the hell, I’ll walk.”

After giving the glider a look that would make a soldier shudder, he started tramping east, following the sea, heading to Kleriel…


After more than a week of walking, Felix would reach the outskirts of Keelish territory. The further he went, the more boats and ships he could see passing ever more frequently, and ever bigger ships he could see.

Soon enough after crossing the border, a large cruiser class warship of the coastguard began to near Felix’s position as it sailed parallel to the coast.


It sailed slowly, and elegantly cut through the ocean waves.


At first, given the vessel’s speed and size, Felix thought it was a Valkorian ship, but a closer look revealed different turrets, and a totally different layout of the deck. Deducing that it must be a Keelish ship therefore, Felix walked directly onto the beach, and watched, a tall figure casting a long shadow on the sands. He pulled his hood off his face, displaying a shockingly unkempt beard and messy long black hair.


The ship past by, and the Keelish crew noticed the man on shore. A crewman fetched his commanding officer and pointed him towards the large human standing on the beach. Reaching for his spyglass, he wondered.

‘‘Its been months… where have you been all this time?’’

He took a gander at the man.

‘‘Must be Valkoran. Looks beat. Send word to base to have him picked up.’’ he ordered his aid, who saluted and hastefully made his way to the comms room to relay the order.

Eventually the ship vanished in to the distance, and not long after, a number of Keelish troops on snowmobiles were making their way down the beach.


As the snowmobiles raced across the drifts, Felix drew both his swords, and stabbed them point first in the ground, laying his bow alongside them. He had lost his dagger in Roklavia, and had no other weapons. After disarming, he backed a few feet away from his gear, and stood tiredly. The wind blew, and his cloak swayed gently in the wind, blowing to one side. Felix felt a great weariness, a aching in his bones.


The snowmobiles began to slow as they neared the target, and came to a complete stop not 15 paces away from Felix. The troops began to dismount, all weapons in hand, that is their hukon crossbows, except for the leader of the squad who took off her mask and hood to speak to the Valkoran face to face.


Seeing he had disarmed himself, she approached a few paces with ease of mind.

‘‘Ho, weary one! Are you one of the refugees?’’


Felix spoke with careful deliberation, as one who is concentrating very hard on staying awake.

”If by that you mean I come from Roklavia, yes you could say that.”

He swayed on his feet.


The lieutenant gestured her man, and they began collecting the Valkoran’s weapons without his consent, carefully wrapping them in a gentle cloth while she spoke to him.

‘‘Come with us, we will take you back to civilisation where you can rest and warm up. Your weapons will be returned to you after some identification.’’


”Of course.” Felix pulled his quiver off, and handed it to one of the soldiers. ”Do you have any water?” He pulled his cloak more firmly about him.


The lieutenant herself went to her snowmobile and fetched Felix a fresh flask of water and offered it to him.

‘‘How long have you been out here? Its been two months since the wave of refugees came through.’’


Felix took the skin with a nod of thanks. After drinking it quickly, he handed it back. ”I’m not sure. I’ve been in the north since the Roklavian Tournament, and fought my way out when the creatures attacked. Survived in the forest north of the city, managed to hold out until recently, when the food went south, and my shelter was discovered by the monsters.” He indicated back in the direction that he had come from. ”Ran into one of your warriors in the city, he told me to follow the sea and head east. So I ended up here.”


‘‘One of our warriors? Interesting… what was their name?’’ she asked, and immidiately remembered the current circumstances.

‘‘Nevermind. We can talk later. Come, lets get out of the cold.’’ she said as she mounted her snowmobile, gesturing him to follow suit.


Felix followed her, climbing on behind her. The soldiers likewise mounted up, and sped off. As the vehicles leaped from bank to bank, Felix, feeling safe for the the first time in months, fell asleep, his hand clinging onto the bike so he wouldn’t fall off. As they flew, he slid forward, his head slumped down.


After 10 minutes of speeding they reached an outpost on the coastline, with a radio tower and a pier for smaller ships. They came around and parked their snowmobiles in the middle of the outpost, coming in through the gates in to a windless descent. The main base seemed as if it was burrowed in to the hillside.

‘‘Wake up!’’ the lieutenant nudged Felix, ‘‘We’re here.’’

After getting up, they made their way in to a smaller building overlooking the coast. The inside was very tidy, white walls and floor, and it was well heated.

Felix was brought to a sort of a lounge area, with comfortable padded sofas with pillows, and with a central low table. Humble foods and drinks, like water and bread, along with some jam and honey were already prepared.


Felix blinked awake, and followed in after the lieutenant, attempting to take in his surroundings. The warmth flooded through him, his chilled bones and muscles coming to life. A bit of color returned to his frozen cheeks, and he was truly warm for the first time since he left the heat of Valkoria.

Remembering his manners as he was once again exposed to civilization, Felix requested permission to eat. “Do you mind if I eat? I ran out of food two days ago…”


‘‘Naturally! This was prepared in anticipation of your arrival. This room was once filled with refugees after the fall of Roklavia, now… its yours alone. Enjoy.’’

The lieutenant went back to the door and put one hand on its edge in preparation to slide it closed.

‘‘You have some time to warm up and get your bearings. I will return in a bit.’’

She said with a smile, and then closed the door.


Felix hung his cloak on peg in the wall, and cricked his neck. After eating some of the food, which he heartily enjoyed, giving him some much needed energy, Felix put his head back on a couch pillow, and fell into a dreamless sleep. Gentle waves of much needed rest washed over him, and the tired Valkorian lost track of time.


After some time, say 2 hours, the lieutenant returned with two other Keelish of the military in tow.

They took to stand a few paces away from the sleeping Valkoran. In the middle of the 3 was what seemed like a decorated officer, with the lieutenant to his right side, and a grunt of a guard to his left.

The lieutenant came closer and manuovered a tablet like device parallel to the Valkoran’s face, capturing an image of him with a swift flash of light. Then she stepped back.


The light flashed, and Felix awoke with an abrupt start, his eyes blinking rapidly. Seeing the three Keelish, he leaped to his feet and bowed, stammering apologies for his manners.

”So sorry! I haven’t slept in awhile, and the couch…” he let the sentence trail off.


‘‘Calm down, its quite alright.’’ the lieutenant assured Felix.

‘‘What is your name, Valkoran. And where do you hail from?’’ spoke the officer in a stern voice.