[CANON] [RP Episode] The Valkorian Venandi


And what of myself? I cannot go home, and there is nothing for me in other realms.”

A sudden thought occurred to Felix.

”In your business as Royal Protector, do you ever have need for a swordsman? While you most certainly have your own troops, do you ever require someone with less attachments? I have nothing else to do, I need a job.”


‘‘I fear that there is as much for you here as anywhere else then, nothing. And once Kesh realises that you were pulled out from under his nose, he will actively hunt you. He won’t assault you in broad daylight himself, but he will attempt to claim vengeance one way or the other, i am sure of it. Which is why you must leave.’’

Ara sighed.

‘‘He underestimated you the first time, and you barely made it out alive. He won’t be making similar mistakes in any future encounter, believe me.’’


Felix considered.

“Then I must return…to Roklavia. My kind are not welcome in the North, and I do not have a peaceful temperment. I doubt Maruba would exactly welcome me with open arms.”

He put his chin in his hand, thinking.


Ara raised an eyebrow.

‘‘Being hunted by possible thousands of monsters is preferable to Maruba? If that is what you wish, i shan’t stop you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, i have another meeting to attend to, and must prepare.’’

Ara stood up and clapped twice, making his servants scurry about fetching his official attire, his bag, notebooks, tablet, etc.

‘‘It was a pleasure meeting you.’’

Ara made a low bow to Felix and left to another side room.

The female Keelish who escorted Felix up here opened the double door they came in from, and gestured Felix to leave.


Felix bowed in return, and then took the exit. He went back through the building, moving slowly, deep in thought. He reached the door, and left the magnificent place.

Well, did you do if?

Yes… Felix told Draedan what had happened.

Interesting…it is good to know that I shall not suddenly die for unknown reasons. Goodbye, Felix Warborn.
The voice went silent.

Wait! What am I supposed to do now!?

A brief silence. Why should I care?

Because if I die, you die.

Fair. Then I would suggest finding work elsewhere. Kesh will hunt you, and mortals need food and shelter.

What would you say to reuniting?

REUNITE? With YOU? Mortal, you are weak. Powerless. You know nothing, and hold yourself proud beyond your measure and worth. Felix could almost hear a hiss.

I WILL find you, dragon. And then you and I shall settle this business for all time.

I sincerely hope so.

Felix looked around. He saw the innumerable buildings, the walls, the ships. He walked to the docks, and found a ship traveling to a remote Keelish colony, with reports of great beasts that were a nuisance and a danger to the inhabitants.

Arriving, he found work fighting off these creatures, for it was far easier to hire him on the spot then to wait for government troops to hunt them down. He built himself a small house on the outskirts of a settlement, and earned the nickname ‘Venandi’ meaning ‘Hunter’ in Latin. Thus ended Felix’s adventures in Kleriel.


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