[CANON] [RP Episode] The Valkorian Venandi


Felix slid his dagger out, and walked forward.

”You won’t be collecting anything, now move before someone gets hurt.” At seven feet tall, Felix was more than twice as tall than a dwarf, and had the strength to match. Not to mention his body felt rested as it had not felt in weeks.


‘’‘Eeeeer… i… don’t think this is the best idea, lads…’’ one of them remarked as he backed up a bit.

Another spat on the ground.
’‘BAH! The only one who’s gonne get hurt is HIM! Besides, big fucker like him, the exit we made is still not a getaway option for em’!’’

The other nodded.

‘‘Alright tough guy, last warning! Drop yer’ weapons!’’


“Can’t, sorry.”

He moved forward, and began purposely striding towards the hole. Felix wasn’t worried about getting out, but he was tired of killing. He had no desire to be once again branded a murderer, especially with Kleriel his only current work option.

“Stand aside, or there will be violence.”


The dwarf with the laser cutter aimed it at Felix, and clean cut the blade from the hilt of the dagger.

‘‘You asked for it…’’ he growled.

‘‘ON EM’ LADS!!’’

The entire team of some 8 dwarves rushed Felix when he got near in an attempt to overpower him and hold him down, with the exit being right behind them.


Dropping the useless hilt, the soldier kicked the first dwarf across the room, his body landing with a sickening crunch. Leaping forward, batting aside weapons wielded by smaller hands with his arms, Felix threw a brutal series of rapid-fire punches, knocking multiple dwarves unconscious.


One of them came up behind Felix, grabbed him by the arms and held them behind his back with his entire being while another came towards him from the front, and head butted him in the crotch. In the sudden outburst of pain, Felix leaned forward. The dwarf in front of him quickly grabbed him by the head, and head butted him in the face with his mining helmet. Knocking HIM unconscious.

Felix woke up in chains.



Felix gazed about him, taking in his surroundings. He abandoned any idea of refraining from killing more people.


Felix was sat on the ground, in chains, in a cage, within the works of the lower city. Sounds of heavy machinery, welding, hammering, and unintelligible orders being barked echoed through the construction area. Felix notices his bracelet is gone too.

‘‘Aye, yer’ awake?’'
The one dwarf from the caves who warned him twice to come peacefully noticed as he stood guard outside.
’‘You just couldn’t have listened could you, tough guy?’'
He smirked.
’‘You’ll soon get what’s coming to you. You’ve been nothing but trouble. And me and my mates are gonne get what’s coming to us. That being our pay for capturing you! Heh!’’

From behind the dwarf, far across the hall, the elevator just came down from the surface. The gate opened, and an unfamiliar hooded Keelish woman with a cybermancer escort began making their way over.



The Valkorian spat.

“I will not forget this, imp.” He saw the oncoming Keelish, and turned his head. He narrowed his black eyes. He heard a voice growl in the back of his mind.

Don’t do something stupid. Just do what you have to to get out of there, with your weapons.

Felix yelled out at the group.

“Did Kesh send someone else to finish his dirty work? Go to hell.”

That last comment was uneeded. And foolish.

You go to hell too.


The Keelish came up to the cage.

'‘Hell is subjective. You appear to already be in it. Though it could be much worse.’'
She turns towards the dwarf.
’‘This is Felix then?’’

‘‘Aye. Quite the mouth on em’. Erm…’'
He replied while oddly looking at the woman.
’’…pardon my confusion, but i was told Kesh would come collect him personally?’’

The Keelish whooped out an electronic tablet and began tapping away at it.
’‘There’s been a change of plans. Your reward: your debt is cleared, the same goes for your team who assisted you.’’

Gasped the dwarf.

'‘Provided so that you may leave this place, never return, and never speak to anyone about you seeing me here, and taking this one away.’'
She nodded at Felix.

‘‘But what if Kesh…’’
’‘You’ll be gone before he arrives.’’ she interrupted the dwarf.

‘‘Aye ma’am!’’ the dwarf saluted and rushed off.

The Keelish unlocks Felix’s cage, leaving his chains on, for now.
’‘You. Come with me.’’


Warily shuffling after the Keelish, Felix followed her. He saw no possible escape route, and so he had no choice.


The Keelish escorted him out of the works and in to the upper city. There, they loaded him on to a secure transport vehicle, they put him in the back, where there were no windows, two benches on each side, and heavy enforced plate walls and doors. Not a moment after he sat down and the back doors closed and locked, the vehicle motioned.

When the doors next open and Felix steps out, he is in a wide open space, inside. There were other similar vehicles parked about the place, and what appeared to be an operating station to service them. One of the cybermancer guards came over to Felix and shoved him forward to get him moving as he was looking around.

He continued to follow the Keelish woman in to a slick circular elevator. They came in, the doors elegantly slid closed from both sides, and it began to ascend. When they next opened, a new image of majesty would appear before Felix’s eyes.

Smooth and shining clean white panels with slick golden frames and accents built a grand hall, with quarts statuettes and a golden monument in the middle of it all. Small blue lights adorned the monument, the doors, bases of pillars, and stairways as bright white lanterns illuminated the room. People were standing about or sitting on elegant white benches, discussing who knows what in the Keelish tongue as guards in pure black and dragon like suits stood guard at every doorway, on each side.

The woman quickly grabbed Felix under one arm and pulled him out of the area before people could get curious and walked him up a flight of stairs to a double door.

She stopped, sighed with relief, and looked at Felix.
’‘There’s someone who is most eager to meet you. Do try to behave this time.’’

She opened the door and motioned Felix to enter.

After him, the others would follow and shut the door behind them.

The room looked like a living room, with three sofas around a central lower table. It was in the same white and gold style as the rest of the building. Across the room opposite the entry point was a wall of glass with a double door which lead to a balcony. An said balcony a Keelish male stood, wearing a white robe, puffing smoke from his herbal stick.


When he heard people enter, he turned around, moved back indoors, and gestured Felix to be seated on a sofa around the low table.


His chains rattling slightly, Felix moved to the couch, and sat down,

“Thank you.”

The ride from the mines had sobered him somewhat, although his anger was still there, hidden beneath the surface. He sat, cramped, looking at the Keelish.


'‘Those won’t be needed.’'
The figure gestured the escort to unshackle him, and so they did.

‘‘I wanted to thank you Felix. You did well, and congratulations on surviving that ordeal. It must have been terrible. And being shoved in to that situation involuntary the moment you arrived in Meridian is rather unfortunate. You are… extraordinary.’’


Surprised by the tone of the Keelish, the first kindly voice he had heard in a long time, Felix was taken aback.

“Err…why do you thank me? Do I know you? Who are you?” The flood of questions came tumbling out.


'‘You looked after Rhoa for me, which i consider a huge favour. And i always return favours in full.’'
He said as he sat down at another sofa diagonally left of Felix. He gestured one of his servants with nod. The servant bowed their head, left, and returned not a moment after with Felix’s swords.

‘‘I have retrieved your swords for you. The remarkable piece of art that they are. And, i have cleared the debt you so suddenly inherited from your ex-supervisor. Taking him out was a good deed in on itself, that guy was an ass.’’

The servant placed the two swords in front of Felix on the low table, then backed away with a bow.
The Keelish puffed another cloud of smoke.

‘‘Rhoa sends her regards, by the way. As for who am i? I am known as the executor, by title also the royal protector, but my friends just call me Ara.’’


With a sudden surpressed shout of joy, Felix reclaimed his weapons. He ran his hands over the two, checking for any damage.

“Sir, I can not thank you enough for this…they were a gift from a very dear friend.”

He placed them back on the table, and turned to Ara, his mouth full of questions.

“Rhoa…I see. And what of Kesh? Does he live? You know of what happened, I assume.”


‘‘I do. Rhoa told me, she’s here in the royal palace as well. Surprisingly, Kesh kept his word and pardoner Rhoa at court later that day. He was on a wheelchair, but i think he will recover soon enough.’’

Ara puffed another cloud.


Felix frowned.

”Royal Protector…this makes you something of a guardian for the Archon, does it not? And what will happen to Kesh?”


‘‘Indeed, i protect the Archon, in a way. And what do you mean, what will happen to Kesh? You feel further action should be taken against him? He was operating within his rights as a magister. I reckon what will happen to him will probably involve a few more appointments at the clinic, eventually recovering fully, and moving on.’’