[CANON] [RP Episode] The Valkorian Venandi


What the hell is going on? Where is Vadim?! And why did I ever listen to you! We should have gotten stayed with the MAN WHO LIVES HERE!! Felix snarled at his ‘other’ self. The roar of the crowd, the cacaphony produced by thousands of people all jammed into one place, all in a hurry, and all eager to get home. After buying himself some food, strong arming himself through the screaming peoples, Felix found himself to be completely lost. When wandering around getting yelled at in all sorts of different tongues yielded no result, he somehow ended up on a rooftop, where he fell asleep.
The next day, he awoke to find masses of people streaming out of the city, their belongings in their hands. After asking what was going on, with “The queen said for us to leave” as the only response, he decided to try and find Vadim again. While walking along the streets, searching…
Felix stopped, and smelled. Then his ears caught the sound of something else. Screams. Shouts. Cries. Hurrying forward, he saw people dashing to and fro, screaming and running, trying to escape something. Moving forward, brushing past the hordes of panicking people, he abruptly found himself face to face with the source of the problem.
A horde of demonic dog-like creatures, their mouths covered in gore, were massacring everyone they could lay hands on. Before Felix had time to retreat, they butchered the trapped civilians in front of him, and turned to face the Valkorian.
It would never have occurred to Felix to punch such creatures, but in the absence of other weapons it was his only option.
The first thing leapt at him, a horrible spiderlike clicking emanating from it, and Felix punched it full on in the forehead. With a sickening crunch, the bone shattered, and the creature went hurtling backwards, slamming into a stone wall with a horrible snapping sound. His compatriots attempted to avenge him, and a very unique fight broke out.
Felix roared, and caught the first monster by one of its outstretched legs, ripped it off, bashed a second creature with it, kicked another one down the street, and began tearing through the creatures. Unfortunately, he only had so many limbs with which to fight, and fell, overborn by weight of numbers, the jaws snapping, trying to tear their enemy apart.
You need help?
Fine, but you owe me.
His eyes went completely black, and Felix roared, as he felt the being within him manifested itself, transforming him into a dark figure, with smoke billowing around it, casting the shadow of a dragon upon the ground, wings like wisps of smoke, with jaws of flame. Fire erupted all around him, and the monsters surrounding him were destroyed in a sudden burst of superheated flame. To an observer, Felix disappeared in a smoking flaming mass that looked draconic. Felix was not an observer, he was in the middle of the black beast that stumbled, smashing into a nearby towering building, and then slowly dissipated.
Well, that was better than last time, but if you ever want to fly you have to do it yourself.
What do you mean, FLY?! I don’t even understand what happens when you take over.
You take on certain…aspects. We can talk later. Move.
Felix looked up, and saw that the tower he was beneath was coming down, and decided that this was not the place he wanted to be. He started to run, the tower cracking ominously behind him, as he sped down the street. He made it just in time, as the great building crashed down, destroying the lesser houses that had cowered in its shadow not two minutes before.
Racing down the streets of Roklavia, he found himself at the docks, near where he had first arrived. Hmph, I wonder if my swords are still on that ship I came in. I doubt their still there, but still… Felix snuck along the port, looking for his arrival ship. It was then that fate smiled on him. He found the vessel, abandoned by her now dead crew. Searching the hold, he was delighted to find his weapons where they had fallen from his back, hidden underneath a pile of rugs and blankets, resting undisturbed in their sheaths. After placing them on his back, Felix exited the abandoned ship, and began making his way through the city, a dark figure flitting from house to house.
For the next week, Felix fought his way around the city, looking for survivors. He found none, only more monsters and dead Roklavians. He scavenged what food he could, and slept on top of buildings where the demons could not reach him. Using the two Kavehan forged swords that Numitor had given him, he was able to kill the creatures with speed and skill, despite the annoyance of the being residing within him, who raged that Felix was wasting a rare ability.
You DO know that you can do literally anything you want, right?
And what should I want? To kill and slaughter?
The voice was silent. Felix shook his head, and went back to his search. Finally, he gave up, and made his way to the northern side of the city, past the crumbling cathedral with its defamed holy places. He paused for a moment, considering entry, but left without going in. He wandered through the woods and mountains of Roklavia for awhile, until he came across a old path, leading farther north. With nothing better to do, he followed it, coming across a rough wooden cabin nestled away in the woods. Guess this must have been what Vadim was talking about. Hope he made it out. After checking all around, finding no trace of man or demon, but plenty of game, he settled in, using a bow he had scavenged to hunt the animals that lived in the area.
After more than a month had passed, while Valkoria went to war with itself and he rested, Felix determined to return to the city, to see if anything had changed. Moving swiftly along the path, he found the city abandoned and empty, but full of the monsters that had brought about its doom. Deducing that sooner or later someone would return to Roklavia, he settled into the highest part of the city that was habitable, the palace, living in one of the turrets, from where he could see all that went on.


After a couple weeks of waiting, when he was about to give up hope and return to his cabin, Felix saw the hint of a sail, riding the wind far out at sea. Hastening to the top of his tower, he watched, as over the next few hours while night fell, the ship drew closer and closer to the city. A light flashed. To Felix’s great surprise, and answering light responded, flashing once from the gigantic clock tower by the docks. Racing from his temporary abode, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, Felix dashed to the clock tower, reaching it in a minute or two. He leaped up, grabbed one of the window ledges, and began rapidly scaling the tower, a dark shadow against the white. However, by the time he reached the top, and jumped in, whoever had answered the ship was gone. He looked out to the sea, and saw nothing. It was dark, and the sail had just been a wisp, so whatever ship had been out there had mysteriously vanished. After waiting around for a few more hours, Felix gave up. He left the city, and vanished back into the forests. The monsters at first started spreading from the city in search of more food, but stopped their incursions upon reaching the edge of the forest.


After several months, Felix was traveling on a walk through the woods. It was very still, the silence almost deafening as he trudged through the snow.
That silence was broken however, by the sound of Felix having an argument with himself.

“I TOLD you, I’m not going back to Valkora, or anywhere else. You have this desire to kill and murder everyone you see, which is NOT a good thing!”

“So what, stay here till there all the food is gone, the beasts fled, and the sky falls? We have the power to do whatever we want. ANYTHING, you hear me?!”

“But all you want do is kill and maim, and hoard random jewelry. That is most certainly not what I want.”

“Then what DO you want, you idiot of a mortal?!”

“Getting rid of you would be a start.”

Felix suddenly sniffed. Darkness…death…what the hell?! Is that you?"

"No. There is something else awake now that has not been for a long, long time. We must investigate."
Felix felt the fire in his chest begin to start building.
“NO! Stop it! I’m not going anywhere! And you’re not either!”
"This is foolish. I am your master. You are going to take us there. NOW."
Felix grimaced, as he felt the power within him start to grow, the beast within trying to take control of his mind and body. “You…are…NOT…my MASTER!” he yelled: "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!"
Then cower, Valkorian, and see what true power is!"
Felix struggled, the drake trying to control him. He struck out, swiping a tree over, which fell with a crash. Suddenly, smoke burst up all around him, and he collapsed on the ground, as a great thing slowly rising above him. It was a great black dragon, with streaks of red, longer than a large ship, and very, very real. No smoky body this time, but real, hard scales.

Then, to his terror, it spoke.
A rumbling, raspy yes sibilant voice, that seemed to come from everywhere at once.
“Oh yess…this is MUCH better. It appears you do not control my body anymore, Felix Mehemii.” The great creature spread its wings, sniffing the wind, huge nostrils flaring. “I would like to almost thank that Blood Doctor. If it hadn’t been for him, I would have truly died when I was slain, hundreds of years ago. He must have found some of my blood, preserved in some jar in a dwarf vault.” His wings flapped, and his tail swung around in a great arc, smashing through trees likes kindling. “Now, goodbye, warrior. You fight well, for a man.” The dragon grabbed a rock outcropping, the claws on his wings serving as hands, and leaped into the sky, disappearing in a great roar and flap of wings, that made the trees shake and crack in his wake.

Felix felt his chest. …Hello? No response. He felt a great relief, as if a great weight had been lifted from his heart and soul, a heavy burden gone from his chest. The anger, the rage, the pain, all was gone. He felt, for the first time in what seemed like forever, a great peace.
He began walking back to his house, feeling remarkably lightheaded. But as he walked, the memories, the sadness of what his life was now, began to cloud back into his head. Shaking his head, he headed back home, trying to keep his thoughts off the terrible situation he was in.
It didn’t help when he got back, to find that his house was surrounded by monsters. With the dragon gone, the monsters had invaded the forest. They stood, waiting patiently outside, their heads making that freaky clicking noise which could drive a person mad.
Slipping softly through their ranks, his well honed wood craft working in his favor, Felix quietly gathered his belongings, his swords, bow, arrows, and what little deer jerky was remained, and left the cabin, never to return. After a few hours, the demons bored, and left.
Moving through the forest on the path, he headed towards Roklavia, and the city, resolving to find a small boat and take it across the sea to Maruba. He was a semi-decent sailor, but he had no other options. It was after 2 weeks of determined tramping, that he exited the forest, and saw the city.
After seeing no signs of movement, Felix began trying to enter the city. However, it began to snow, hard. With no visibility, Felix decided to camp on the mountain that overlooked the buildings, and wait it out from a good vantage point.
Slowly trudging up the slope, shielding his face with his hood, he was abruptly startled by the sight of a dim figure, standing atop the crest of the hill. The humanoid, who appeared to have some sort of weapon at his side, was surveying the city from above, watching like some silent gargoyle.
Agh, I don’t care. Felix slowly paced to within a dozen yards, and called out a greeting in Latin, forgetting the odds of the character speaking a different tongue.
“Salve! Quis es? Ego est Felix.”


The figure on the elevation, wearing a heavy sugegasa on their head and were covered in a dark cloak wrapped around the body with a sheathed katana on their left hip, did not turn nor made any movement.

‘‘I do not know who you are, stranger. But heed my warning and leave this place. It is unsafe.’’

The figure spoke in a male keelish voice.


Felix switched to the common tongue.

“I know. I have been here a long time. What are you doing here? The Roklavs have all fled.”


‘‘They have indeed. Only a fool would remain here, only a fool would come here, for one will only find his own demise here.’’

The figure spoke with an oddly calm tone with intent.
After a moment of silence…

‘‘That is what i seek… and why are you here?’’


After debating within himself for a moment, the Valkorian responded.

“I was a friend of one Vadim, guardian of the Queen here. I got separated from him during the Tournament, and when the monsters came, survived in the forests north of here. I came back, to try and take a boat away from Roklavia.”

Felix remembered something. “Why do you seek death here? There are many other, easier, and honorable ways to die.”


‘‘Who are you to speak of honor as if you know it? Tullish unum. If your friend has not fled already, then they are most likely dead. There is no honor in hopeless searching.’’

He sighed.

‘‘And why only leave this place now? After such a long time…’’


“My father would have liked you. As for myself, I too, knew honor once, years ago.”

Felix coughed, a little blood staining the snow.

“I was uncertain of my path.I was…ill. Now I am lost, but I cannot stay here, that I know. And you? How long have you been here?”


He looked at the ground with sorrow.

‘‘Too long.’’

He then slowly turned around to finally face the individual conversing with him, and analysed him from head to toe through the visor he peeked through beyond his mask which concealed his face.

‘‘You are not from here, are you?’’


Felix looked down at the Keelish.

”No stranger, I am not. I am from Valkoria, far south of here, a soldier of Valkora.”

He looked down at his feet.

”But…no more. Now I wander the wilds, a man without a country, and only my swords to earn a living.”


‘‘Your story is not unlike mine, then.’’

He said as he watched the wind sweep the snow and mist across the lands and the city.

‘‘I was once the best of my people. Respected and decorated for my service. After the infestation rose in Roklavia, my people sent scouts to see what was happening. The first few did not return, then i was sent in, with my own team. Only i returned…’’

He moaned as he took in the view of the city once more.

‘‘Because i fled. I abandoned them. Because i’m a coward…’’

He said grimly as he clenched his fist with anger.


Oh no…his spirit is broken. It is hard for a man to come back from that.
Felix had seen cowardice before, many times on the battlefield. He treated them with pity, and sadness, those who had abandoned their posts and comrades. Hopefully the Keelish? would recover.

“It is a grievous thing to forsake your men. My people believe that a ill deed must be repayed with a good deed of equal measure. If you were thinking about jumping off, know that it will not profit you or them.”


‘‘You though i was going to…?’’ he coughed, and then smirked.

‘‘No. I have failed them, but taking my own life like that would not accomplish anything. We were supposed to be unwavering, unafraid, always focused on the task at hand and vigorously carrying out each our duty to the others in the field. I dishonoured them as well as myself by betraying this ideal. This oath. So now i am here to restore it, to avenge their deaths, or die trying as i should have when they were still amongst the living.’’


“Avenge them? Stranger, you are one man. I have killed these things for nigh on a year or more now. It is not possible to kill every single one with one man, let alone kill one group. I have only ventured into the city 3 times in the past year, and each time I had to fight my way out.” Felix shook his head. “You come from Kleriel, do you not? And how did you and your team get here?”


‘‘We glided here.’’ he explained, and then looked him dead in the eyes.

‘‘And, i know.’’


Felix held his gaze coolly.

”So what will you do?”


‘‘What must be done.’’

And he walked off towards the city.


Felix followed him. The Keelish, for so he had deduced him to be, might yearn for death, but Felix very much wanted to live. ”What direction is your home, how far?” he asked.


‘‘Many leagues away, to the east. Follow the shore, and you will reach it.’’

He explained as he kept walking towards the town. Then, he stopped, and faced Felix.

‘‘If you have use of it, i left my old glider on the elevation where you approached me. I left it there…’’

He turned back towards the town.

‘’…because it would only slow me down.’’

And walked off.