[CANON][RP episode] The Serpent in the Stars


It was yet another cold eveing in Danheim, the nation were slowly packing up and getting ready for a nights rest,
but inside the king’s hall the lights shined but most of the hall were empty but deep inside the lair in the royal library of the King. The king of Danheim and his two most trusted were hard at work looking thru scrolls books and maps, or more Wesley were, Erik were sitting on his chair with his feet on the table taking a nap, while Frej were playing her guitar and singing a song
"Don’t be scared
Just follow the light
That burns in your soul
Making first steps
On your way
Into the dark
Alone on your own Don’t be scared
No fears You’ll overcome them Despite You will be stronger,
My son
Don’t be afraid, There’ll be no sorrow No pain
Sail away to distant lands Through the wind that’ll blow
You must go, no looking back
And whatever you face
On your way
Please, remember my words:
When you think you’re weak
You are really strong
My son
When you fear of the dark
Stars’ll show you the way
Look at the skies"

Her voice and tunes filled the room, and cause Wesley to stop his study
"You know i remember your mother singing that very same song to us when we were little, when she took care of me when my old man were out raiding." he said to Frej
Frej giggled " Yeah, not sure why it was that song i felt the need to sing, i mean look at Erik his lulled to sleep like one big toddler" she said
" How is you’re mother? i figure shes still a priestess" Wesley said to Frej
" Oh yeah she wont stop until the day the gods sees it fit, but shes doing fine, i gave her visit here the other day to check up on her." Frej replied back to Wesley
" Oh by the gods! remember how she tried to pair us off when we were little? i mean my old man said it was up to me, giving i could have anyone i wanted. But by Odins great grey beard she tried" he said while laughing
" Oh shes still trying you should have heard her, So Frej when are you gonna marry the king, when are you gonna give me a grand son and the nation a heir. You two make such a good pair, just say the word and i will marry you on the spot no questions asked" Frej said back while giggling
" She never changes does she, atlest tell the old lady the offer for her to stay and live in the hall is still open" he said back, before anyone else could reply a man stormed into the room
he looked cold still covered in snow " my king… my king" he said while trying to catch his breath and trying to regain some warmth due to the man storming into the room Erik awoke with a shock nearly falling out of his chair. Wesley and Frej looked at the man " Speak scout and i swear by the gods it better be good for you to bust into my hall and into my study hel even interrupting me like this" Wesley said to the man
" We found it! we found the island! we know where the vault is!, however we’re not alone in this the damn adventure guild got wind of it aswell, and will be heading for the vault soon enough" he said
" WAIT you found THE vault?! if this is the case gather the men, find the supplies, we will leave at Dawn hopefully make it there before the damn guild, i wont let them TAKE WHAT IS MINE BY RIGHT!" Wesley said as he started to rush around picking up scrolls and books
" Frej Erik pack your shit its time!" he ordered, the scout left the room in a hurry while Frej and Erik slowly started to get up from their chairs
" It shall be done my king" they both said before leaving the room


Dawn was rising and the light beams of Sol were hitting Danheim, the dock were buzzing with troops moving carts horses and supplies onto three ships, Traders common folk alike were pushed away
Erik were standing in the middle yelling orders
" Hurry up we leave within the hour!, Weapons carts on Balder, main supplies on Frigg, and main troops on Mani." " Anyone standing in your way remove them we have no time to spare to ask kindly issue one warning then move thru them if you have to i do not care, we have our orders!"

Wesley and Frej were leaving the hall escorted by Wesley’s own personal guard unit
" Wesley i have to ask, do you really think its there? i mean its been so long, and all we have had to go on by is old texts and few maps, and well whatever we could force out of the damn dwarfs ungrateful little bastards" Frej asked Wesley as they were walking down to the dock
" Yes i’m dead sure on this, from the report and the our books and scrolls it all fits, it HAS to be there, Once its mine i finally have what i need to go be with her again more then a few times a year. So it better be there" he replied back to Frej, whom just nodded back. After a while they made it down to the dock where the last goods were being loaded onto the ships
" War marshal Erik status report" Wesley ordered
" Oh my king, So giving the short time to gather everything we’re first about now getting done however only 85% of the demanded amount, which frankly is not bad if we only had a few more hours we could have had everything ready to go but its your order, so i’m doing what i can here" Erik told Wesley
" Then it will have to do, i cannot express how important it is we make it there before the guild. They cannot make it into the vault and get whats inside, if they get it i might lose my throne i can’t let that happened" he said. Soon enough everything where loaded up and the ships set sail, heading for the island which held the vault


the ships had been at sea for about three weeks, crews and troops were getting restless, the king were the worst among them mostly due he was bored out of his mind, the few pirate ships they had meet posed no threat nor the will to even try attacking them, but they were utterly completely destroyed by the Danheim ships just for a little target practice and for the fun of it. Wesley, Frej and Erik were standing topside looking at the wast nothing
"I really hate waiting, its such a waste of time there is legit nothing out here until we make it to the damn island" Wesley said to the group
" Aye, i saw the ship on the right blowing up icebergs just for somethings to do, i mean the game of it did look fun, but my king the crews are getting restless and well they are bored out of their minds, if we don’t make there soon, they might find something else to do and we both know that means something or someone dies" Erik said
" Now that you mention that island, what are we gonna expect there?" Frej asked Wesley
" From the old texts its a frozen island alot like home but with less forests and green pastures" he said “However the island is prime with beast’s, massive drakes, one dragon at the vault, lots of wolfs bears. And if you belive fully in the texts a walking horde of draugr, so yeah a horde of draugr. So by the texts and sagas lots of shit to kill, so if the guild makes it there before us they should have a task ahead of them, which makes it easier for us” he said puffing on his pipe
" Well that’s answer i guess, i do have to admit i’m longing badly after some action i would embrace the chance to slaughter a drake, but hey Erik has never gotten that one back home, the white one" Frej said while laughing abit
"Well you harpy i don’t see any white rare drakes trophies in your house" Erik snarled back at Frej
suddenly the fog horn on the left blew
" Hand me your spy glass Frej, think we might have land or more pirates!" Wesley said sounding happy
He looked into the spy glass, now it was not pirates he saw but land, they had found the island, the forgotten island and what seemed like two ships and a minor camp
" Get the captains on their rune-coms its time to strike and get what is meant to be MINE!" Wesley said


The Danheim ships slowly came closer and closer and once in range opened fire on the ships that was docked
giving the surprise attack, and they didn’t even pack the same amount armor or firepower they got smashed to bits from the hail of fire. Which caused wide spread panic in the small camp, when the king’s ship made landing troops stormed out, starting a firefight with the camps defenders, however the defenders were overrun fast and did not put much of fight giving the shock and awe. An hour after landing the reminding defenders which were alive were all placed in the middle of the camp tied up, Wesley stood in front of them
"I get what you lot seek and why, hell i would had done the very same and well i’am however i need information, we have your maps and logs but i need to know where the main group is and what way they were heading. Tell me and i will let you live" he said to the group
meanwhile the ships were unloading gear and supplies following the orders from Erik
Wesley slowly unholstered his sidearm and walked over to the person in the middle
" Tell me now or die, i do not have time for your petty shit" he said as he placed the pistol’s barrel right on the forehead of person, the group didn’t utter a word, so Wesley pulled the trigger and shot the man in the head, the shot ran in the in valley, he then took a step to the left
" Let’s try this again, tell me which way they were heading, and how many days ago and their size. You all have my word that if you tell me i won’t kill you" he yelled as he yet again placed the gun at a hostage
and yet again no one uttered a word, Wesley sighed as he again pulled the trigger bang and another dropped to the ground, he yet again took a step to left and placed the gun at a female hostage
" I can do this all day, i will count to three and when i get to three she dies like the two other assholes" he said as he started to count. Barely before making it to three he was interrupted
" My king i will tell you please spare my wife." a man said as he tumbled out of the line
" Good bring him to my tent, but boy if you’re pulling my leg, i will kill her in front of you slowly and painful" he said to the man now on the ground, two guards walked over and started to drag the man over to the tent
once they made it to the tent, they dropped him into a chair, Wesley just slowly sat down and ordered for a horn of mead
" My name is Ole, and the rest of the party left about 2 days ago heading north west, about 30 of them. I…i…i can point it on the map, just please don’t kill my wife" Ole said
"Was that really that hard? was it worth the two others life?, you will show the route on the map and if you’re pulling a stunt here, not even the gods will be able to help you" Wesley said " Frej my dear bring the map and let this fool show where the last of theses traitors went" he told Frej before taking a sip from his mead.
Frej nodded and placed the map onto the table, she walked behind Ole and cut his hands free " Get moving already we don’t have all day" she said just after the rob snapped and Ole’s hands were free
Ole got to work plotting down the whole route to the goal, or where it should be, after he was done Wesley took the map and walked out of the tent " LISTEN UP, place theses fools in the cells below ship, they are not to be harm unless you’re forced too, if they try to break free kill’em otherwise no harm until the rest of us come back, with relics in hand, DO I make myself clear?!" he yelled out around camp people were yelling back “Yes sir” and " It shall be done my king". A good hour after the massive Danheim party were now on the round heading Northwest following the route on the map, however the guild members had two days on them so no time could be wasted


The Island were alot more snowy then first expect, and the party did notice alot of different tracks in the snow, some did raise a notice of a reason to fear what was looming somewhere Wesley, Frej and Erik were sitting on a wagon with the middle of the party
" Erik whats the reports from the forward scouts" Wesley said while enjoying his pipe
" One party only returned half in size, they ran into a few nests of drakes, other then that, scout party six tells of a village not far from here or what used to be one anyway. From the sounds of it we have to pass thru it and so the the other party. The last party scout group seven, tells us about a large pack of wolves roaming near us and they seem really really hungry" Erik said
" Tell everyone to watch out of the pack then, and if any drake tracks are found, check how fresh and size before figuring if we should reroute, we have no time to deal with battles with the wild life, yet anyway" Wesley said, Erik nodded and passed the message along to the horse rider on his left, who then started to pass it along up the line, as hours passed a few warning shots had been fired to keep the wild packs away.
not far from night fall the party made it close to the village and a scout was standing infront of the king’s wagon

" My king the villiage seems safe enough to overnight in, not like we have much choice, the men won’t keep going in the dead of night in this region anyway. My unit has been inside we haven’t seen anyone or anything beside a few corpses from the guild" the scout said
" Very well tell everyone we’re staying here for the night so set up camp, i want patrols and guards at the ready theses damn wolves have been playing with us all day testing us. And you can bet your ass on the guild really pissed them off when they trashed in" the scout nodded " So be it my lord" he then moved on told every to pass the word along, and soon enough the party was on the move again to enter the village

" What sort of cursed place is this Wesley, i can feel the chills of Hel herself in here" Frej said
" No clue my dear but i see a few ravens so Odin must be watching" he said back to her
the wagons were placed dead center, fires were made around the camp to light the area
" I heard the men talking, they believe this is a part of hel’s work" Erik said at the camp fire
" We just need to make it to the vault so we can get away from this accursed place
Wesley said back
" Just try to get some rest you two we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, so get some rest, before i make you" Frej said while laughing and turning around in her sleeping bag, as hours passed and most of the camp were sleeping it was awoken by the sounds of screams and gun fire, soon the alarm was heard
everyone rushed to their gear
" WHAT IS GOING ON!" Wesley was screaming as he was picking up his weapons
" The damn wolves came the whole lot of them, we have NEVER seen a pack this big a guards man said
" Everyone take formation keep the fires lit, we know how to deal with fucking beasts we tame bears! kill drakes for sport! WE HAVE KILLED JOTENS!, this is nothing! are you lot legit gonna let a pack of rabbit dogs get the best of you!?" Erik was yelling as he was firing his own pistol at a few wolves keeping them at bay
the fight lasted an hour before the pack gave up and ran, shortly after the men started to count wounded and dead, mainly dead about 30 good men didn’t make it but more then half the pack of wolves was dead aswell
the dead was buried, and at sunrise the party took to the road again


the large Danheim party was on the road once more, After the last night struggles with the pack, the party was ready to be attack yet again, theses wolves had been acting odd, but however what the odd part was the forest
still looked dark as it was night

however an hour or two away from the village, they all noticed something strange hanging the trees, fresh corpses
" That makes seven dead from the guild" Erik said as their wagon passed the hanging trees
" My lord maybe coming here was not the best idea" Frej said to Wesley
"Nonsense it’s just the guild members being pussies" Wesley replied back
As time passed, the wagons came to an halt, and the scout was back yet again

" My lord, my unit has spotted the chain laying in wait near what seems to be an old fortress, from the looks of it they are waiting for something or someone" he reported
"Then we have the element of surprise, we out number them on a massive scale, lets see if we can’t get them to surrender and lay down arms" Wesley said
" tell everyone to get ready to sneak up close and ambush them" Erik ordered the scout, whom just nodded, most of the Danheim party started to sneak up on the guild, when the party got close enough, they jumped out of their cover with weapons raised
the guild members eyes got wide, they did not expect the king and his party to even be that close to reaching them, not yet anyway
" If you give up you petty lives will be spared, and you wont be harmed" Wesley said as he stepped forward
" However stand against me and whats mine by right will only end in your death and there wont be glory to get in it." he added
The guild just looked at each other and tossed their weapons into a pile
" Seems the mighty King Wesley Deniro has won lads" a guy said with a grind on his lips
" What are we mer adventurers to a king like himself" he added
" Tie them up and toss them on a wagon" Erik ordered and the order got carried out
Frej and Wesley looked at the fortress the scout had reported about

" Think we found your vault my king, however it seems like something has been nesting down at the front" Frej said
" Aye it has to be the dragon, that she beast, we need to move in careful and get ready for the fight of our lives, she wont make it easy" Wesley said, before the party moved on, two wagons and a few soldiers was left behind to guard the guild, the wagons with mounted machine guns was in the middle, so they could spread out once the target was in sight


the massive Danheim party made their way closer and closer to the front of the fortress, when a deep howl was heard in the skies, the dragon had returned home, Wesley took his rune-com
" Just like i told you lots wagon spread out to make the firing arc. Everyone get to cover and open fire once shes close enough, if we can keep the firing up she will have to land" he said
and the wagons spread out, one by one opening fire on the massive black scaled dragon in the sky, while the rest on foot took cover behind whatever they could while some was out in the open
the dragon screamed as it dived down against the men in the open, spraying fire upon them, the men were screaming in pain as some of them were smelting away to nothing but a pile of cooked mash.
Now the bullets and heavy canon fire was raining down on the dragon which caused the desired effect of it landing, the landed with force and swooped men and women of their feet, and soon after it started to attack
" Keep moving DO NOT STAND STILL!" Erik was yelling into his rune-com
the combat was heavy and at a stand still, if it would keep up the dragon would win

Wesley was behind cover with Frej shooting at the beast
" Frej help me off with my armor, i have an idea" he said
Frej looked confused at him but followed order
Wesley dug into his backpack taking out a few potions, and started to drink, he started to huff and puff his eyes got wide and blood shot, he was gearing up something reckless and dumb.
He took a belt of bombs and his ax, he then ran to the side running fast thanks to the potions he was faster then normal, he ran out on a small path on the rock wall,
while the fighting got more and more intense down below, he ran to the end of the path and jumped while screaming " BY THE MIGHT OF THE GODS YOU WILL DIE SHE BEATS THE NORMS HAVEN’T WRITTEN ME OFF YET!" the dragon looked up at the king now in mid air holding his ax ready to slam it down onto the beast, the dragon opens it mouth getting ready for a fast snack, but the good will of the gods the king landed his feet right and kept the jaw open and didn’t fall in

the king was standing in the maw of the beast barely holding on, he placed his ax into the maw for extra support, bullets and canon fire still rained down upon the beast, Wesley unhooked his belt with bombs, and dropped into the maw of the dragon
" EAT THIS!" he screamed before jumping off the dragon, the maw slammed shut and broke the ax
Wesley was now falling in the air, the bombs inside the throat of the dragon went off, causing the dragon to burn up from the inside, Wesley hit the ground with a blow, the dragon roared out in pain as it tumbled over
Frej flew over to Wesley while yelling " Wesley my king! are you all right!?" before she landed, wesley slowly got up on his knees

Frej took a hold of Wesley
" YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH! don’t you dare do that again, Danheim needs you we need you! she said holding him
a druid came over to look over the king
" Well his fine however he should rest, but we all know he won’t, however my king, if your back starts to hurt you need to tell me right away, you might have that new shield and the potions buffing you but that don’t make you a god or demigod you are mortal" the druid said
" I’m… i’m just fine Frej, thanks for caring tho" he said trying to stand up on his own
"However will you be a dear to help me up, i feel abit locked he said with a smile clearly in pain from the fall
" Also some one digg out the heart of the she beast and leave some people to descale her and get her head, its gonna look great in my hall" he said to Erik " Oh yeah this is her nest check for eggs i want them" he added as he was taken over to a wagon for a better check up while the after match was being followed up on


After about an hour off waiting around and doing head count, the druid was ready to open the door
Wesley walked over to him
" You know the chant by heart right? we wont get another shot" he asked
" aye my lord i know it, just give the heart and the crystal and i will get to work" the druid replied back
Wesley handed him the heart of the dragon and a white crystal
" Okay everyone form up, get ready to move once the druid is done, we’re almost at our goal!" Wesley yelled out, which made the party hustle around.
The druid jammed the crystal into the heart, and held it in his hands as he started to chant, causing the heart to pump once more before slowly floating in the air, the druid moving his hands in a circle a circle of light was formed around his movements

the ground started to shake and rumble as the gate into the mountain fortress started to open, minor rock slides around the valley, men and women falling over. As the gate had opened a large cloud of sand and dust came out, this very gate haven’t been open for awhile even ages Wesley looked at the open gate with a gleam of greed in his eyes
" GET MOVING YOU LOT! Glory and honor awaits us inside!, this will be spoken about for generations to come!" he yelled out as he started to move inside, the party moved into the hallway which started to lead down, torches were turned on, around on the hall walls were marked from fights and what seemed like drag and claw marks on the floor.
" Wesley you know more about this place then anyone alive, what can you tell me about it" Frej asked
"This very place was made by drwafs to hold a massive forge able to craft items and machines out of this world, and it is here a matching set of Thor’s Járngreipr and Megingjörð was made for his 2rd son so both of them would hold a set but only one would wield his hammer" Wesley said as they walked on
" However after they got made all but three families of dwarfs left the families left were meant to guard the place until twilight of the gods was over, so no one would enter, however something seems off" he added in
the party passed more then enough rooms that was blocked off by rubble, after what seemed like hours
the party came by a room not blocked off by rubble, a scout took a peek inside and returned
" My lord, i believe this might be THE forge, from the size and gear inside, however from the looks of it much is unusable and can’t be fixed" the scout said
"Take 60 men and head inside and clear the place out, everything that’s remotely worth anything take it, the rest of us will go deeper in we can’t be far from the vault itself" Wesley replied
the scout nodded and take his men and headed into the massive room, the rest of the party kept going
they went on for about an hour or two until, something rotten was in the air and moans was echoing the hallway. The party made a broot stop as they were looking behind and in front of them
"Something is not right far from right here" Erik said, while he aim his flare gun down the hall, and fired two rounds, the redist light came shine to something that shock the vikings

a creature of the dead a creature of helheim itself stood there looking at them before getting joined by more and more of its kin, but over them an image or illusion formed

a voice echoed out from the thing above the monsters
" thoes who enter, never leave, it is them that seek that what don’t belong to them that dies, it is them i reap, it is i that judges you before death when its not upon the battlefield, it is theses minions that protects me it is them that follows my word" the women said
most of the front of the party looked at what was in front of them with their eyes wide, speechless
" now my children attack the invaders" the women said before vanishing
the monsters started to rush the front
" ATTACK THESES SPAWN OF HEL! ISSUE THEM THEIR FINAL DEATH LIMIT THEIR SUFFERING!" Wesley yelled as he charged in front shooting at the monsters
the rest of the party rushed right behind him, it was now a massive fight took place in the hallway


Bodies bullets and axes clashed in battle the monsters attacked without mercy and mindless, some parts of the battle looked like a tavern bawl, the battle dragged on and on some men was tipped down by groups of the monsters their screams of pain echoed the hallow halls, as they were being eating alive.
" By the gods theses freaks just don’t know when to stop and they won’t stay down even cutting arms and legs don’t stop them" Erik said as he piled rived a monster to the ground
" Then cut their heads off, you got an ax use it" Wesley replied back huffing and puffing while cutting down monster upon monster, Frej took flight tossing bombs and fire charges to the back of the charging horde
the battle inside the hall took hours having its fair share of close calls, the after match had left a hall covered in dust sand and blood, bodies from both sides piled on the floor. Wesley, Frej and Erik was standing huffing and puffing covered in blood, there was moans from wounded
" Get a head count, tent to the wounded, everyone else that fine come with me we’re almost there i can smell it" Wesley said as he wiped blood off his face


the reminds of the party that was not busy tenting to wounded or were dead, moved on down the hall
meeting little to none resistance a few stragglers, from which was deposed off fast and clean after some time they made it what seemed to be the end of the hall way. they were meet with a massive door in stone, upon that door hang a odd looking lock.
“Well this is the vault for sure, now we just need to figure out how to open the damn lock” Erik said while looking at the lock poking it
"The combo is easy, you just need to know the answers to the story, the lock is a relic itself few were made its a story or saga lock" Wesley said
"Who’s trampling on my bridge? the Jotens
Who is it that dares to oppose? Odin and his army of Einherjars
Who is there in my haunted, killing silence? Loke, the god of tricks
Who will stifle hope while kneeling in the dust? The wolf Fenris son of Loke
What fuels your thoughts and lure you away, away from your destiny, away from yourself? Ragnarok twilight of the gods" Wesley said as he talked to the door
Wesley took a step back, as the door started to rumble and a loud click was hear as the lock unlocked and the door slowly started to slide open. Dust flew into the hall
the party’s torches all blew out and left them in darkness for a short time until the door had slid fully open a bright light fell upon them, Wesley took a few step in the room, the sight that fell upon was a Vikings dream
Gold, Diamonds, Scrolls, and other items of great value

the great treasures caused very one to cheer loudly
Erik walked right to the gold and fell to his knees

" ALL THIS GREAT LOOT! LOOK AT IT FREJ! THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE!" he yelled to Frej happy as a well fed piglet, Frej joined Erik in the gold rush " This beats any raid! way more glory and the payload is bigger and better!" She said as she jump onto the massive pile of gold
Wesley however kept walking in deeper, to a display in the end, lights turned on as he got near.
He slowly opened the display, and wasted no time getting the gauntlets and belt on, he made sure they were firmly on, He walked over to Frej, but was stopped suddenly when the sound of thunder and lighting was in the room, Wesley was struck and was lifted abit over the floor, light engulfed him. As he screamed in pain, from what looked like repeated lighting strikes, once the sounds stopped and the light started to fade away Wesley was lowered to the cold floor, Frej rushed to his side holding him
" My king my king!" she yelled, while Wesley didnt utterly a reply
" Don’t you die on me! you made it here you got the relics! you can be with her now without being scared of rights and culture, you have way more to live for, the sagas you’re about to tell your little ones" she said "Just don’t die"
Wesley slowly opened his eyes "You…you…you’re not getting rid of me that easy. i’m alright but tuckered out he replied back Frej started to laugh while hugging him " Do this again, and i will kill you" she whispered to him, while he eyes just got wide for a short moment, he slowly got up on his feet and walked over to a chest fill to the brim with gold and tried to lift it, and sure enough as the saga’s goes he lifted the chest without breaking a sweat
" HA ITS TRUE! THEY FUCKING WORK!" he yelled out happy, Wesley jumped abit as a child getting a gift
however the joy was cut short as the light in room was removed and a voice echoed in
" My dear son Fenris might be dead but he took care of the wise for his lies"

“My son the outcast, sly the great the mighty, the god who control thunder and lighting”

" My dear daughter still lives and carry on my name and my deeds

" I may not have ended the blood line but i roam no more, but that won’t stop me for giving a last play, a curse that will last for ages to come" the voice said
before the light came on
"You will remember my name as Loke, and i curse you for life" echoed the room


Everyone in the room was stunned over the voice and what i brought, if it was true in fact that, all they have had to fight to get here was the plot by Loke himself, and was not meant for them but Thor’s own sons. Was out worldly and the mer fact they were still alive, shock them to their cores
Wesley looked at his hands and at the belt
" Maybe i should get theses off until we get home and get them checked" he said
Frej walked over to help with the belt, which got off without any issues, however when he tried to take the gauntlets off, there was a problem, he could not get them off, and slowly the smell of burned flesh was around him, he looked down on his hands in horror as he saw the gauntlets fuse with his skin, becoming one with him
" no no no NO NO NO!" he started to yell, Frej looked at him " My king what is wrong?!" she said
" NO THIS CAN’T BE! I REFUSE THIS! I WILL NEVER FEEL HER SKIN HER WARMTH ON MY HANDS AGAIN!" he said falling to his knees " I will never feel my little ones hands upon mine"
" So this is your final move AH LOKE!? make the man one with the gauntlets, ´never to be removed by death or cutting ones hands off, like how Tyr lost his one hand to Fenris?!" he yelled looking up
" FREJ, load up the loot, take everything in here! don’t leave anything!, if i have to pay with my ability to feel, i’m taking everything" he said getting up Frej and Erik shocked but none the less followed orders.

Once the king and his party made it home to Danheim, they moved the wagons stacked to the brim with loot along main street to the hall, with the guild members in tow, as they were walking shots were fired and fire charges tossed at the guards leading the members in tow, Wesley in outrage order the gaurds to fire back, to kill the guild members if they had too, however the leader of the group was seen grappled by a female and lead away

" Don’t you worry king, we will back and your throne will belong to us!" the man yelled as he ran with the women.
Wesley and Frej stood next to each other
" Frej i swear to the gods that better not be that bitch of a sister" he said
" Oh it is its fucking Sif, to be fair i though she was long dead by now" she replied back
the wagons made their stop and the loot was loaded into the treasury, when it became night, Frej Erik and Wesley was standing looking over one perfect dragon egg.
What lays in store of the egg is unknown, but time is about to get interesting in Danheim

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