[CANON][RP Episode] The Rising Sun


‘‘That is mere fortune of circumstance on your part. Echoes of your men demanding to cease the uprising, hand over the emperors, or be executed as traitors were heard through out the city in their dramatic entrance. It was indeed a breach.’’ Reeler explained, and with a pause where he leaned forward on to the table towards the emperor, he continued, ‘‘Lucky for you, we haven’t shared this bit of intrigue with our northern friends just yet.’’


”And what of Lyrien’s attempt to take over Maruba?” demanded the Emperor, ”You likewise broke off your relations with the Northern Alliance, but the Archon straightaway went to Maruba to offer them a deal no different than the one I offered the revolutionaries. How does that not constitute a breach of our agreement?”


‘‘Because Maruba was not mentioned anywhere in the treaty.’’ Reeler replied with a shmuck gaze.


”You spoke of the Northern Alliance. In my correspondence with Jarl Valdemar, he made mention of his part in it, and is now probably attempting to claim share in the ‘victory’ over Valkoria.”


Reeler leaned back in to his chair. Check Mate spelled out on his expression.
’‘Maruba was never part of any alliance in the north. The only allience it ever legitimately established was with Lasenor. IF you can call that an alliance.’’


The anger written on the Emperor’s face was plain to see this time. Reeler thought that a certain head of intelligence was about to undergo a nasty discussion…

”It appears I have been miscounciled, Reeler. And that yet another nation has sprung up in the North.” Damnit, Marcianus, you knew…but your time has come. ”Thank you for bringing to light certain…discrepancies in my council. Now what is it you want from me? If you had wished to use this information against me, you would have already done so. What stayed your hand?”


Reeler merely smiled, and reached under his cloak for the pact document, as well as a pen. He placed it on to the table and filled out all the details he and the emperor agreed upon previously, and slided it over to Gaius, as well as its identical copy.
’‘Just sign here please.’’

The document read:

Below is a signature of Arch Magister Qeerel, alongside Kleriel’s imperial stamp.


A quick flurry of writing, a stamp of the Caesarian Red Eagle, and it was done. Caesar looked at Reeler.

”I shall dispatch an ambassador, to return with you to Kleriel. And a word of warning, Keelish. Do not threaten me again.” His tone was dry. ”If this is to be a pact for our mutual benefit, then a degree of trust and respect is required. On a different note,” he said, his voice suddenly more cheerful, ”I have a request for your Archon. I am restoring the Great Library of Valkora, and erecting a new one, the original having been ruined by the rebel Ultorii. I would be deeply honored if she would attend the reopening, along with the princesses of Lavande, if possible.”


Reeler collected one of the documents, leaving the other to Gaius to keep.
’‘I will pass on the word.’’ he said cheerfully.
’‘All things considered…’’ he began with a more devious tone yet again, ‘’… wouldn’t your presence in Ebongrasp contradict most of what you agreed in this document as well? I wonder what the Archon would say to that. Not only would you have broken the truce of the treaty of Meridian in her eyes, but the moment this pact was signed, you became a hypocrite.’’ he smiled. ‘‘Valkoria would gain quite the reputation on the world’s stage, wouldn’t you agree? I’m sure Kaveh would be amused, and would put much less trust in to you than it is now…’’


The Emperor smiled. It was about as pleasant as a wolf grinning.

”And so my dependency upon you is further emphasized. I look forward to a productive, and mutually beneficial relationship. If you would be so kind as to stay, I shall appoint a diplomat.” The smile faded. ”If that is your view however, then why sign such an agreement with me, and join yourself with such oathbreaking, untrustworthy people?”


Reeler rolled up the document and tucked it away.
’‘You know, you can easily rectify this inconvenience by simply… pulling out of Ebongrasp. And we will treat is as if nothing ever happened.’’ he hinted.


”I wonder if perhaps a different and equally lucrative venture could be made…” he left the sentence hanging momentarily. ”Or if I must dance to Kleriel’s tune.”


‘‘You are over-extending yourself, oh wise emperor.’’ Reeler began to explain almost mockingly, ‘‘Occupying an empire which is three times as developed as you, half the world away, with an already angry and freedom hungry population for what will inevitably be short term expenses, with no gains, and a long term grudge by the Ebongraspains, is not a healthy move on your part. Kleriel wants a defensive partner against rogues, yes. We would prefer if you did not weaken yourselves like this.’’


”Oh, so it is for my own good that you speak thus? That is most gracious of you. Perhaps I shall indeed follow your advice. I will ponder on your words, Reeler, and their true meaning. But in the meantime, my steward will arrange rooms for you, if you would be willing.” He snapped his fingers. A Valkorian in a green toga and bearing a white rod of birch appeared from almost thin air.


‘‘I am required to take our copy of the pact back to Kleriel. But if you have need of me here yet still, i can have another of my people make the delivery in my stead, yes?’’


”It would perhaps be more expedient if the leader of my embassy traveled back to Kleriel with you, but there is no hurry, so long as he gets there. If you wish to return home I shall not keep you.”


‘‘Very well, we will wait for your people at the harbour. It was a pleasure doing business with you.’’ Reeler replied, with a smile, ‘‘Until next time.’’ and bowed to the emperor before taking his leave with his bodyguard in tow.

The Keelish ships remained in port for some time still, as the Valkorian delegation prepared for the journey, and have gathered all of their equipment and paperwork. Being sent to stay in Kleriel for a longer period, they were given time to say farewell to their families. The very next morning, the ships shoved off and set sail back to Kleriel.

When they were to reach Meridian, Lyrien would have been back from Maruba already…


The man appointed to the job by Caesar, was a middle aged, well built, self made man named Flavianus Iulius Narmanii, or Flavian. Born without lands, titles, wealth, or armies, he had acquired the first three, and had been living quietly in his small castle in seclusion until the Emperor called him to lend his peculiar skills to the Empire once again. Talented at negotiation, and rumored to control a large intelligence gathering business, called a spy network by those who hated him, Flavian was 75, smart, loyal, and without ties. Caesar had never forgotten the diplomat sent to Danheim who had never returned to his family, and had resolved to act accordingly. Flavian took 8 guards, as benefited his station, a few servants, and a few other things, including potential gifts if need be.