[CANON][RP Episode] The Rising Sun


After the Northern War, Kleriel had begun expanding across the Calledian establishing new colonies in virgin lands. These new colonies were a good way of emigrating the excess population which was beginning to crowd homeland Kleriel, and would come to reap fresh untapped resources which would come to fuel the rising Keelish war machine. Kleriel was left scarred after the war, and with the realisation that pacifism and fighting wars defensively would not save them from such losses as suffered at the Neck in the future, especially with hostile foreign powers just over the horizon, the Keelish began investing in to military research & development, as well as espionage and sabotage, like never before.

The Northern War was relatively short, but enough Keelish died in it to spark a rise in patriots who would volunteer to join the military. In the public’s eyes, the Keelish see that Kleriel would have won the north their war after their stalwart defence and victory at the Neck, and that the only reason victory was not achieved in the end, was Kleriel’s outdated technology. Patriots and nationalists alike cry out for reassurance that Kleriel is not a push over, and the government has replied in kind, giving them a false sense of security. The truth however, was somewhat different.

With the K.C.I. (Keelish Colonial Initiative) leading the colonisation and industrialisation of Kleriel’s new over seas territories, and Lyrien currently abroad in Maruba in her attempt to spread Kleriel’s dominion in to the western side of the Calledian, Arch Magister Qeerel had dispatched a delegation to Valkoria with the mission of establishing an embassy, mainly so that they could swiftly communicate with each other if new tensions arise in the future.

The delegation set out on one of Kleriel’s light cruisers, with another one accompanying it as an escort. Both of which were stationed at the southern end of the Calledian during the war, and were assigned to the task to show the Valkorians that Kleriel still has a remaining portion of its naval power.



The two ships were found by the Valkorian navy, or, one of its many long arms. A heavy cruiser which was on patrol, testing some of the new equipment provided by Kaveh, picked two signals on their primitive radar. After using their former means of locating targets to ascertain who the two blips on the screen were, the captain threw the helm hard over, and began surging towards the Keelish ships, bent on discovering their intentions.

Spray shooting out from beneath the mighty bows of the sleek wolf of the sea, the Valkorian ship rapidly closed the distance, and hove within 2,000 meters.

The captain blared a message from the ship’s speaking system, his sailor’s voice blaring over the sea to the lighter warships opposite him.

“This is the Imperial ship Indomitable. These are Valkorian waters. What ship is that?”


The two cruisers had noticed the Valkorian ship on radar approaching with intent, and have slowed their pace to a slow crawl. The Keelish crew hurriedly dispersed to their stations and held their breath as they awaited the Valkorian reaction to their waters being invaded by the presence of former hostiles.

After the Valkorians had closed in and made their demand of identification, the lead of the Keelish delegation, a seasoned diplomat by the name of Reeler, made his way to the canopy of the ship while Kleriel’s banner was flown high, and made their reply over their own loud speaker.

Keelish Cruiser

‘‘These are the ships Unchallenged and Unbidden of Kleriel, en-route to the Valkorian capital on a peaceful diplomatic mission. An unimpeded passage is requested.’’


The captain, named Zeno, thought for a moment. If the Keelish meant harm to the Empire, they would have brought a much larger fleet, and not responded at all. And there was always a flotilla near the capitol. The northerners were no threat. He felt confident in his ability to take them on himself if need be. He lifted the coms control to his mouth again.

“If you know the way, you will be greeted by a welcoming party. Safe travels, and be careful. These are dangerous times.” Zeno had been at the Neck, and had been responsible for the deaths of quite a few Keelish, but they didn’t need to know that. The Indomitable’s engines began to churn again, and the ship began swinging back onto its original course. Inside, a message flashed out to the home fleet, sent by a Nuntius, or Morse Code operator.



The engines of the two cruisers began to pick up again, and the ships were back in motion soon after, speeding across the waves. A few hours later south, they began nearing the Valkorian capital. The cruisers began slowly dropping in speed as naval traffic intensified until they came in view of the city itself, hidden behind a massive wall. They neared the flotilla stationed in these waters, and aimed to sail past them and make port without incident. In the mean time, Reeler was at his quarters preparing himself for the occasion. He had put on his otherwise magisterial garments he had been given for the mission, to boast class and wealth. He also spend a good half an hour in front of the mirror practising introductions. He was an elderly Keelish with a husky voice, and he was ready to use both of these factors to put out an image of wisdom, experience, and maturity, to reflect that of his nation.



Hundreds of ships, ranging from the battleships to the fishing smacks that bobbed on the water, filled the harbor and the area directly outside it. Forests of masts, and creaking sails, traders from other lands come to sell, and speedy fleets of the Great Houses, turned the harbor into a chaotic looking mass of spars and sails. In a section that was much more orderly, the flotilla mentioned by Zeno lay at anchor, swaying gently in their moorings. Sailors covered the docks, loading on supplies, and thousands of barrels and boxes, filled with everything from foodstuffs to iron ore from elsewhere in the Empire, blanketed the stone harbor jetties and quays, the wood contrasting with the worked stone.

The walls rose straight up from the docks, which were built into the bottom portion of the walls at the waterline, rose up for several hundred feet, with the towers and houses of the city itself piled on top of each other. Rank upon rank of polished quartz and rugged granite, the makeup of the walls, rose in layers and layers, so that the top most tower of the citadel was almost 300 meters above the top of the first harbor wall. Batteries of cannon, and endlessly pacing guards formed up the garrison. This was the Castrum Valkorium, Urbis Alba reborn, and it was mighty in its strength.

A great gate was cut into the wall, the triple rolled steel bindings in the massive oak doors gleaming deadly in the sunlight. Several portcullis, all of them raised, were prepared to drop, and seal off the city at a moment’s notice. Beneath the sharpened points, hundreds of merchants, dock workers, and goods flowed in and out, the flood of goods from the sea heading to the best market in the Empire.

A delegation of several soldiers and other dignateries, stood in the dock closest to the Keelish ships. The SteelGuard troops, for that is what they were, were clad in pure silver and black armor, and had great swords slung over their backs, as well as gigantic bows that also shone, the steel that was their makeup shimmering. The dignitaries wore white togas with red trimming, and waited for the Keelish to come ashore, clearly expecting them.


The Keelish delegation was ready and stood on the port side of the ship, awaiting the sailors to finish mooring the vessel so the crew may lower the plank. Only Reeler and a body guard stepped off to face the awaiting Valkorians, and firstly greeted them with a respectful bow from the waist.

‘‘Salutations! I am one Reeler na-Tallek, sent here to speak with your head of foreign affairs on behalf of Arch Magister Qeerel, and her serene royal majesty, Lyrien of Kleriel.’’


A slightly shorter, stouter Valkorian bowed in response, making the Valkorian salute at the same time. He was old, but had a glint in his eyes that was unsettling to look upon.

“Salve, I am Quintus Marcianus, and Caesar’s representative, and a Quaestor in his council. I will be conducting negotiations with you on his behalf. He sends his greetings, and welcomes you to the capitol. If you would be so kind as to follow me?”


Reeler nodded and stepped up to follow Quintus.


The delegation walked through the city, the SteelGuards parting the crowd as easily as a hot knife through butter. They passed the Sea Gate, and passed into the myriad battlements and ramparts, moving gradually higher and higher, until they were above the tallest masts of the biggest ships in the harbor. Then, they reached the Citadel, and Reeler became the first Keelish to ever enter a Valkorian castle.

The Quaestor dismissed the troops, and the other dignateries, and led Reeler, along with his bodyguard to a comfortable room, well lit and with a decanter of wine, a tray of tea, and other such small trifles on a table in one corner. Several chairs were placed around a large map, similar to Caesar’s, although the Keelish did not know that. Marcianus poured himself a glass of wine.

“Wine?” he asked, looking at the diplomat.


‘‘Thank you, but i do not mix business with pleasure.’’ Reeler replied while slowly shuffling around the table, taking in the details of the map laid upon it. ‘‘Maybe afterwards.’’


”Very well.” Marcianus sat down in a chair, and clasped his hands together. He narrowed his eyes at Reeler. ”What can I do for you?”


Turning his gaze up from the table as he stood to meet his, he spoke in a relaxed and friendly tone as he paced back and forth around the table, refraining from taking a seat without permission.
’‘The imperium feels that the exchanging of embassies between Valkoria and Kleriel would be greatly beneficial for future interactions.’’


”Please, sit” Marcianus gestured to a chair. ”A embassy? You would be the first to open sustained diplomatic relations between North and South, let alone Valkoria and the North. Why?”


Reeler sat at the chair, and leaned back, relaxed.
’‘So that the next time the north and the south inevitably come to blows, or come awfully close to, we can correspond quicker and resolve slights with higher efficiency before there are already armies on the march. Kleriel would much rather resolve issues with reason, rather than fight over them.’’


”We have that in common then. I suppose it would be the usual, a ambassador with his delegation in the capitol of Kleriel and Valkoria, to represent their nations and to talk with the Archon and the Emperor, to increase speed in communications rather than endlessly sailing ships.” said the Quaestor.


‘‘Exactly.’’ Reeler confirmed with a hand gesture, ‘‘Kleriel already maintains an embassy in Danheim. Though i admit, it is not used for much of anything, it is better to have something and not need it, than to need it and not have it. A building in central Meridian, our capital, has already been emptied and renovated for this purpose. Your people will receive all the documentation and permits required upon arrival.’’


”And you would be given the same, here. I do wonder, what prompts this sudden desire for better relations? When last our leaders met, it was to arrange a treaty for a war between our countries. Is Kleriel seeking assurances? If so, what for?”


‘‘We are indeed. But what we have in mind so not so much only for our sake, but for yours too.’’ Reeler explained as he leaned forward on to the table, using his elbows to support himself on. ‘‘Kleriel wishes to strike a pact with Valkoria. Her royal majesty Lyrien understands that it was not you or your people who started the last war, and do not hold anything against you. She does however, hold a major grudge against the nation of Kaveh who had so dishonourably and completely without any valid reasons against us personally, decided to attack us. Your emperor assured us that he disproved of the action, so the following might be of interest to him. Especially after hearing how worrisome the arrival of the Kavehans was to him. An ‘‘Anti-Rogue Pact’’ between Valkoria and Kleriel, so that with our combined might, we would hold the rogues of this world away from both of us, bringing civilisation back in to civilisation.’’


Marcianus held the Keelish gaze firmly, but inwardly alarm bells were ringing off. Experienced, cunning, and ruthless though he was, this was above his pay grade.

”Such a matter cannot be resolved by myself, I do not have the authority. If you will pardon me for a moment, I shall find someone who does.” He hurriedly left the room, his yoga gathered up in one hand.