[CANON RP Episode] The Great Tournament


" make it 45 and a barrel of mead and you got yourself a bet" he said while laughing




" oh its on!" he said laughing and smiling


Valdemar, slightly disappointed at the lack of further explainations from Valentina, turned to the king of Lexindon, and introduced himself. ”What great champions has the kingdom of Lexindon brought to this joyous tournament?


Vadim overhearing the wager, leaned over and whispered something to Valentina. She raised her eyebrows in surprise and smiled. Turning to Deniro she spoke, “Actually I’d like to raise my bet to twenty thousand gold rubles, if you don’t mind.”

Trumpets blared as the duels were about to start. A young herald dressed in an ornate orange and white tunic approached the front of the arena, holding a book. Something was familiar about him. Valentina squinted her eyes, “Is that…Misha Sklatniy? Thieves guild?”

“Thieves guild doesn’t exist anymore, your Grace.” Vadim said, in a low tone. “The boy was relatively harmless and didn’t know what to do with his life, so I gave him a job.”

“Ah. I see. Hmm.”

Misha proceeded to announce the first fighters. “Please welcome Emma Iron Hammer of Danheim as she faces off against Roklavia’s pride and joy Ivanar Ostropev! As agreed upon by our Queen and the captain of the guard, contestants will fight until one submits to the other. Fights to the death are only permitted if both contestants are willing. As a general word of warning, after the trumpet calls, anything goes. Contestants can fight however they please.”

Ivanar strode onto the arena with a flamboyant spring to his step. He had a clean shaven face and his long golden locks waving in the afternoon breeze. Shaking his voluminous mane, he gave a sharp look to his page, who approached nervously and handed him his helmet. Ivanar was wearing full plate silver armor with gold trimmings, with fire-bird emblems on his pauldrons and chest. Every bit of his appearance emanated pride and narcissism. Putting on his helmet, he flipped up the visor casually and turned to his page. “You hear that runt? I’ll be fighting a girl today…wonderful. Pray to Svetlitsa for me so she doesn’t fatally trod on my toes.”

“Of course mi’lord!” the page said in a trembling voice and he skittered away.

Good lord, I was only joking, thought Ivanar as he rolled his eyes. He flipped down the visor and put his hand on his diamond edged sword. Across the arena a Danheim warrior approached…


“I dont mind at all im game on that bet” Wesley replied back while looking down at Ivanar as he entered the screen

As the Danheim warrior entered the arena slowly, she spread her wings and made a small sprint to then get airborne while in the air she made a few loops and spins putting on a small show before landing right infront Ivanar dust flying in the air, as it settled a tall young female with long brown hair was standing there wielding a large War hammer, covered in runes and faintly glowing, she was wearing a steel breastplate with a feline in craved into the middle of plate, steel gauntlets, steel arm bands that bent out in the top and chainmail leggings over fur pants " The name is Emma Iron Hammer Daughter of Mads the Joten builder. I hope your ready to fight, may it bring you great honor and glory" she said with a smirk


Ivanar returned the demeaning gesture in like manner. “Honor and glory are already mine.” He shook his sword in the air. The Roklavs in the audience erupted in wild cheers, girls screaming 'marry me!’ at the top of their lungs.

He pointed his sword at Emma, and rolled his head, popping the tension in his neck. “I just do this to please the ladies.”

Ivanar started strolling towards Emma, swinging his sword idly, and looked completely relaxed. When he was two strides from his opponent he suddenly snapped into action, slashing twice with lightning fast speed at her chest.

Emma using her arm gaurds to block each blow beinng drawn back each time leaving her little move to swing the hammer, Emma jumped back with the use of her wings so she could gain more ground and movement to use her hammer, upon that she charged Ivanar, hammer raised high.

Ivanar grinned and stepped aside at the last second, leaving Emma off balance for a split second. The Roklav sidestepped behind her, drew the dagger that was strapped to his side,and shoved it into an armor gap on her side. People in the audience gasped at the dirty move, and soon the same people who cheered Ivanar earlier started booing.

The hidden dagger came as a suprise for Emma, it was a dirty move which made her stagger and go off balance, due to the shock. The blade had made it into her armor and were staying there, it was stuck.

Ivanar walked up to her, sword pointed at her unprotected throat. “If you would be so kind as to yield, madam. Striking down a woman is a real shame, especially one with such pretty eyes.”

Emma said nothing but fell to her knee’s and dropped her hammer, she were just looking up at the skies with blood slowly coming out of her mouth and under the armor from where the dagger had hit her. It was clear she wassen’t gonna ´fight on nor able to say a word due of the shock, soon after she tipped over to the side and were just laying there on the ground.

Trumpets blared and Misha yelled with a loud voice,“Sir Ivanar is the victor!” Ivanar took off his helmet, and bowed, letting his long blonde hair flop over his face. This was followed by more booing. Attendants rushed on to the arena with a stretcher and whisked the bleeding Danheimer away to the infirmary.


Another team entered; under green banners, the Lexindorian tournament team marched in. The sunlight gleamed off their gold coated armor, and shined off their swords, giving them a divine appearance.
Many of the audience members didn’t know much about the newest Northern-Alliance member nation, but they’d made a good impression as the audience stared in awe at the new contestants.

“Hey, who’s that eight one? I thought the team only had seven members.” the king whispered to his adviser, gesturing at a Lexindorian crossbowman in the back of the formation.
“He’s newer to the team. Don’t worry about that for now.”

The eight team members approached the victorious Ivanar. The team’s leader started speaking to the Roklavian.

“I, Sir Xenn, Slayer of the Emerald Dragon, challenge you to a duel!”



Ivanar stared intensely at the Lexindorian knight. He switched his perplexed gaze back and forth between Sir Xenn and Queen Valentina.


Valentina, hearing the challenge, looked at king Alexander with a confused face. “My lord Alexander, what’s the meaning of this? This is a tournament, and everyone waits their turn. Tell your knight to stand down, he’ll get his chance.”

Meanwhile Ivanar was trying to understand the cause of Xenn’s challenge. Then it dawned upon him.

“Ah you wish to defend the honor of the lady? Well from what I’ve heard, Danheimers treat men and women with equal respect…and contempt. So I simply did what I would have done to any other man.”

Vadim clenched his fist and was muttering,“Shut up. Shut up this instant!”

Ivanar waved his hand dismissively. "But if you insist, I’ll gladly fight you after a few rounds. I need my beauty rest. This got a few laughs from the crowd.


Alexander swiftly replied, “I am terribly sorry, Queen Valentina. It seems my men don’t know proper tournament etiquette. This won’t happen again. Right, Xenn?”

The knight grumbled to himself, but reluctantly agreed.

“Good. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the tournament will play out.” Alexander III readjusted himself in his seat.


Lia silently sipping her punch in her seat.


As king Alexander clearly was busy with other matters, Valdemar sat back and, seeing the keelish, took a punch himself.

He wondered who’d be getting his head bashed in after the, notably brave, yet somewhat foolhardy lexindoner. Hopefully someone would be lucky enough to get past Ivanar’s guard before Artyom, his first champion, would enter the ring. The boy was skilled, it was true, probably faster than Ivanar, who meanwhile was having the arena laugh at another snide remark, but the roklavian champion was larger, and had more experience. Valdemar had had high hopes for the very first fight involving a maruban, as his goal with coming here was showcasing the success of raising the city from the ground. But seeing the dirty play unfold beneath him, a slight unease went through him as a shiver. Did the boy have what it took?


Misha walked up to the front of the arena again.

“Now may I present Svetoslav Ostropev, brother of Ivanar as he faces of against Reegar, champion of Kleriel!”


Reegar na-Serris strode in to the arena with one hand on his holstered katana, and unarmoured, for he did not intend to let his opponent close, and it was just extra weight. He bowed to the crowd in the direction of the gathered leaders as Lia raised her glass to him in approval, and proceeded to take his starting position off centre of the arena.


After his opponent would arrive, he would bow to him before combat as well.


Svetoslav was walking up the stairs behind the arena and was stopped by his younger brother who was on the way down.

Ivanar slapped him on the shoulder heartily,“Show them what it means to be a Roklav, Slava.”

Svetoslav shoved Ivanar’s arm off his shoulder with slim smile on his face. “I’m simply here for the money Vanya.”

Ivanar looked at the bold-looking Keelish who entered the arena and then looked back at his brother. “I don’t know, he looks like he has a couple of tricks up his sleeve. No armor? I don’t like it. Play it safe, you hear?”

“Yeah yeah…”

“Don’t disappoint Mama.” Ivanar laughed as he headed down the stairs.

Svetoslav proceeded to walk into the arena. Before him stood a rather scrawny looking Keelish, who bowed to him. Svetoslav returned the bow in like manner and then drew the circular shield from his back.

“Before we fight, I’ll have you know I am an honorable man, unlike that sorry disgrace of a brother of mine. You yield, and I will spare your life.”


Reegar simply nodded with a grin, and swiftly drew his sword.

‘‘By all means.’’


Banging his sword against his shield, Svetoslav screamed an unnerving war-cry, and proceeded to charge the Keelish head on.

Reegar motioned and magically conjured up a gale at Svetlowslavs feet, tipping him over, and under the weight of his shield he lost balance and fell over as he charged. Reegar swiftly sidestepped and stomped firmly on to the man’s sword arm, holding it down, and as Svetloslav looked up from the dirt, all he saw was a gleaming sword held at his neck.

‘‘Is this where you spare my life?’’

Svetoslav was winded from the fall, and when he caught his breath, he glared at Reegar with a smouldering look, “Fucking cheating foreigners. You win, pisspot.”

Back on the balcony, Valentina hinted at her disappointment,“Are all the fights going to be this short? How boring.” She reached for her glass of wine…


Emotionless to his remark, Reegar stepped off of the man’s arm and sheathed his katana, then offered Svetoslav a hand to help him up.


Despite his attitude, Svetoslav accepted the Keelish’s hand and hoisted himself to his feet. He then shook Reegars hand and left the arena.

The Herald approached once more to announce the next fight, but a young Lasenorian came up to him and asked him a question…


“Your honour, might I make a request?” Virion asked. “We have little to do with the arts of war, so none of us will be able to properly fight with a sword. Might we instead be permitted to enter an archery duel?”