[CANON RP Episode] The Great Tournament


Lia approached her chair and took the seat a bit awkwardly as it was the same height as everyone else’s, as it was the ideal height for humans but somewhat lower for her than she would have liked. With some issue, she tucked her feet between the chair’s legs and under her seat, a tight fit but it worked. Soon enough they were all seated, and she found herself in an even stranger image of being completely alienated in appearance at the table, especially right in between Valentina the buccaneer queen, who had for some reason felt the need to cover herself almost completely, and was looking awfully pale, and Wesley the bandit king.

‘‘Why am i sat between them? They would be perfect for each other…’’ Lia sighed as she thought with a shy devious smile.


“That sounds a brilliant idea,” said Meira. “May I invite you home with us after the tournament to discuss these matters?”
    However, before Valdemar could answer, a great fanfare rang out. Teams began to file into the arena. The great tournament was about to begin.
    Virion and Meira, seeing their team enter, sprang to their feet and went to join them.


Alexander III, surrounded by the royal family, advisers, and nobles, couldn’t wait to see how things would play out.
Ah! That’s our team right there!" He exclaimed.
“No, sir, I believe that’s the Keelish team.” His lead adviser replied.
“Oh. Of course.”

Alexander shuffled in his seat in anticipation as the Lexindanian team entered the arena.


Wesley calmly walked over to his seat with Frej right behid him.
he set down onto the chair, leaning forward, it was clear to see he was looking forward to this. Frej was just standing tall behid him. Wesley reached down and took up his drinking horn " Now this is gonna be great! been waiting weeks for this, and i sure as hell can’t take the wait anymore" he said outloud to Lia, before taking a sip


‘‘King Wesley. What a pleasant surprise! Truly, you are the first person I’ve met that is so keen on loosing.’’ she giggled.


" losing, winning, aint what matters its how the match is! thats what i enjoy most for this kind of thing, do the best you can and do it great honor, and that will win you glory down the road." he said smiling and laughing back


Now the maruban team entered the arena, walking along with the flag, just behind the party from Lexindon, showcasing their colors of red and green. As they walked out into view of the stands, the atmosphere changed slightly. People were still cheering and clapping, but a sort of rigidity had struck them, which led to a drop in the intensity of the raging cacophony. Noticing this, Valdemar, Bogdán and the other diplomats furiously began cheering them on ever louder.

The flag bearer had now reached the end of the Lexindonian crowd, and halted, facing outwards from the middle of the arena, as the other contestors already did. The succeeding marubans followed suit, and soon all were standing motionless, as the noises from above subsided. The tension had reached a spike it had not felt before. Next, and last, was the roklavian team.


The trumpets played their triumphant blast again, announcing Valentina’s hand-picked fighters onto the arena. They marched up the stairs in a square formation, with a flag bearer in the front. He waved the flag back and forth, flourishing the orange and white colors. In the center of the banner there was a golden firebird, the sigil of the Arloven house. They marched in unison to the center of the arena and came to an instantaneous halt, all together. Valentina, being safely under the shade of the canopy, removed her mask and stood up, revealing her eyes. To everyone’s surprise, her irises were blood red.

Captain Igor Smelvetsky stepped out from the front of the group, clicked his heels together, and saluted towards the balcony. His soldiers immediately followed his example, even the rebellious fencer Ivanar. Valentina returned the salute with a look of pride on her face. These were her soldiers, men who had fought in the revolution and men who would gladly die for her and their country.

Privetstvuyem, tsaritsa! The soldiers all shouted in unison.

As Valentina sat down, the soldiers lowered their hands and marched off to the side, joining the others.


Lia had taken note of Valentina’s red irises, not saying anything, she took great interest. Humans don’t have red eyes as far as they knew, and her reports on the queen say her eyes were of a different colour, not red.

As she was sat right next to her it would be awkward to stare, so to take a closer look, she would try and make her turn towards her with conversation.

‘‘Hmmm… which punch to chose… I am not familiar with these beverages, which would you recommend, your excellency?’’ Lia asked Valentina while turned towards her with a bright expression.


Valentina turned her attention towards Lia. “Well. The yellow punch on your right is made of oranges from a far off island south of Vallenora. The red one is made from beetroot and honey. And the green is made from limes smuggled from Kaveh.” Valentina saw something odd about how Lia maintained eye contact. Of course…how stupid.

“Ah I see. The punch isn’t what you’re interested in is it?” She frowned. “I died. This is true. But it was no choice of my own to come back, Svetlitsa herself allowed it to happen. As you can see, the healing process had certain ‘effects’ on me.”


Lia poured some of the green lime punch as she wondered.

‘‘Died? Svetlista? Healing process? Effects?..’’ she said in confusion. Too much new info at once.
’‘You died and were brought back? What is this, necromancy?’’


“You can call it what you will. All I know is I was dead, and now I’m alive. That means there is still a reason for me to be in this world, and I intend to find that purpose.” Valentina scowled.

Despite being among powerful respectable peers, she insisted on being blunt and to the point when needed. In truth, Valentina didn’t really understand the mad science that had brought her back, as she never found the blood doctor again. Vadim had also been seriously affected by the treatment, but he spoke about it rarely.


listen in on what Lia and Valentina were talking about, Wesley couldn’t stop himself
" Some would say you have been marked by Hel herself, cheated off death by Loki but giving new life and a new goal by Odin himself" he said while still looking down on the champions
" However are we allowed to place bets on the matches?" he asked Valentina


Realising that the way she had put it had displeased Valentina, Lia simply nodded in acknowledgment of her answer and turned away, taking a sip of her punch. She was a bit upset with her tone, but was wishing to avoid pushing the subject in such a climate.

Her brow did drop with anger however, when she heard Wesley ask about bets.
’‘The gall…’’ she thought to herself, remembering the recent heist on the Kleinbank state bank which was undisputedly connected to foreign nordlings.

‘‘Of course,…’’ she began with ire in her voice, not in a tone of an answer, but of remembering, ‘‘You can finally bet, now that you’ve taken our money…’’ while glaring at Wesley, and taking yet another sip.


To Valentina’s left, amidst a credible pretense concentration of the opening ceremony that was unfolding beneath them, Valdemar was listening to every word of the queens conversation as well, only slightly obstructed by the loud voice of Alexander III, who was just telling his audience of lásmen a story of a deer he’d hunted down himself. He felt a cold chill run down his spine. He had heard of this once before, waving it away as nonsense.

Esther Wer herself had said that the roklavian queen had been murdered, late an evening, when she’d intercepted a lavandan vessel which had arrived with some rather sketchy roklavians. As the two were still in a state of strong mutual dislike towards one another, these were taken into custody by the customs and questioned about their presence. According to Esther, the strangers told the tale of having worked under the infamous Tishinitsa Sablyana. They also said to have performed an assassination against Valentina Arloven herself only a few days prior, and that the reason for their arrival was that their own master had perished in the aftermath. As his own spies in Roklavia confirmed Valentina very much alive only the next day, he had assumed the men spies and sentenced them to the mines.

Had he been mistaken then? This tournament is going to be an interesting time, that one is certain! he thought, as the final fanfare of the opening ceremony subsided.


" Oh what money did i take?, beside from trade i havent gotten any money out of Kleriel, as far as i know. However we can talk about this later, im eager to find out what i have done without doing it" he said laughing abit about the ordeal, “However what about five kegs of my own personal mead on Kleriel losing the first round” he said before taking another sip from his horn and reaching his hand over to hear if Lia would accept the bet and come with an counter bet aswell


Her head boiled for a bit as she held herself back from insulting the king directly.

‘‘Pathetic liar.’’
’‘Savage beastling’’.
’‘Drunken whoreson.’’
’‘Bandit baron.’’
’‘Insolent child.’’

Were only a few of the names she had thought up for him to answer with, but when she opened her mouth to speak, she only outed a flat and direct ‘‘No.’’


“Oh very well” he said while withdrawing his hand


"What about you Valentina are you up for a few friendly bets? he said to Valentina


Valentina smiled. “Might as well. For 40 gold rubles, Ivanar brings your toughest champion to the ground.”

She looked at him grinning,“What do you say to that?”