[CANON RP Episode] The Great Tournament


“In my hall, deep inside mountain, the poor dwarfs were working on it when my grandfather came with the horde and well it such ashame to let the work go to waste, its a mighty hall fit for a king, and i can be here myself in a few days all on how good the weather is and if Njord being greatfull and his wife is calm aswell” he said while leaned back in his chair, slowly getting his pipe ready


Giving his fellow maruban a fleeting look, he understood that Bogdán was as nonplused as he was. Who was this Njord-person? Maybe it had been an accentual thing, but it had sounded like he was controlling the weather. If so, was he a god? But didn’t these people worship Odin? Or had they altered beliefs recently?How many gods do they worship in Danheim, my lord?” Bogdán asked as Valdemar opened his mouth to speak.


" all, beside Hel or Loke, the gods may be Vanir or Æsir, we worship them all but the nine has the most worship as they are the most powerful of them all" he said lighting his pipe, " And its for them we fight and breath for one day we will enter the halls of Valhalla, we will fight by the side of Thor and Odin the all father" Erik said before drowning the last of his drink


On that note I must say we are closer to the people of Roklavia!” Bogdán said thoughtfully, “Svetlitsa’s light shines upon us all! We ought however, perhaps, consider constructing a shrine for your divinities, as a sin of good will towards your traders, who fill our harbor so frequently!” Valdemar nodded approvingly, so he continued, “although we are rather unskilled in the arts of Aesir brickwork. We’d welcome a team of your masons at Maruba if you accept the proposal.” Wesley exchanged surprised looks with Frej.


" My traders and my people would love that, and spreading the rightful gods to the rest of midjord is something we can’t refuse, for when twilight of the gods comes we all have to fight or die. I will order a crew over once i get home, you can work out the details with them" he said " Now i havent been to Marubar myself, but how is the nature there? any tall mountains, towering trees?" Frej asked with a wonder in her voice


Oh you’d love it, my fair Frej! The city lies in the thriving valley of Yawron, in the shadow of the snowy Nedewis mountains,” Valdemar said dreamily, “with the three rivers of Maruba running through it all! But that’s not all my good fellas!” His voice turned slightly more mysterious. The danes involuntarily lent forward slightly. “Thy just off shore, beneath our waves, our population of marubi thrives, thrice that of our human crowd. They are not often seen by day, as the sun hurts their skin, but by night you find as many of them in the Copper Inn as you do land dwellers!


" Seems i have to visit one day, then, i do have to depart i have sights to see and soon enough Sol will slumber and Mani will take over, and thus ends my day which so far has been long my good Jarl. With that i do bare you farewell and see you at the Tournament" he said as he stood up and packed away his pibe, while taking his fingers up, making his escort huddle up, reshaping the “plow” escorting Wesley Frej and Erik out of the packed Inn


You were right, Bogdán,” Valdemar said, draining the last of his ale in one swig, “that was most interesting!” Standing up, the duo went over to the table where the rest of the marubi were laughing their heads off at an impression of a southerner by a guard named Preben. “Listen up, marubans,” Bogdán said importantly. “As you know, this is the first time Maruba is showing its muscles to the wide untamed north. I therefor expect each and every one at this table to perform their best in the tasks to come! This includes you as well, Asztalos!” he added briskly to a young woman who were still giggling quietly at Preben’s joke. “I expect you all to be back here no later than sundown to get a good nights sleep for tomorrow.

We’ve journeyed the sea of Calledia people,” Valdemar shot in, seeing the glum looks Bogdán had received at these words, “you will need it!” “Yes, my liege!” the answer echoed around the table. “Splendid!” Valdemar said, putting his hands together, “I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will yield!


“The Pleasure is mine. Congratulations on the engagement!” She showed them to the gate and ordered a soldier to lead them to the palace. “Follow this man, and you’ll get to the palace. I have rooms prepared for you there.”

The Lasenorians followed the guard through the city gates…


The day was growing late as the Lexindonian ships pulled into harbor. As King Alexander III stepped onto the dock Valentina walked up to greet him.

"His Majesty Alexander, I presume?


They came to the luxurious room that had been prepared for them. Looking out the window was an idealistic view of Roklavia, from the great Capitol to the peaceful fields and forests beyond.
    “This is fantastic,” said Meira.
    “Yeah,” Virion replied.
    There were worse places to be waiting for a tournament.


Alexander walked confidently (Despite his terrible sea sickness) toward Valentina.
"Indeed, it is I. Greetings, Valentina; it is an honor to finally meet you."
As the king said this, a hundred servants dressed in exquisite Lexindanian outfits marched out onto the dock, each holding a basket of golden apples. An orchestra of musicians then started playing, filling the air with sublime music as the servants cleared the way for the royal tournament team.


Valentina responded in a similar fashion and was quite amused by the kings gifts. Evening was approaching and she led them to the palace herself. The city was lit brightly by the thousands of torches lining the streets and the cheery noises of laughter and celebration echoed throughout the neighborhoods. The guests in the palace were given a royal reception as the sky grew dark, however the dinner was brief, as everyone was exhausted after the days exploits and soon retired to bed.

The following morning, many of the tournament contestants set out for the arena to train before the day’s activities began. Vadim was also there, accompanied by a team of fencers and marksmen. The warriors, all from different countries, seemed to get along well. All that is…except for the Keelish fighters. The Roklavs just gave them odd glances and didn’t strike up conversation. However, the massive Danheimers were swinging their axes around, laughing and bragging to anyone who would listen.

Ivanar leaned towards Vadim,“This is quite the turn up isn’t it? I didn’t realize how many different kingdoms there were up North.”

Vadim replied, not very surprised. “Eh, I’ve seen them all. You’re just a land-bound home-boy, Ivan. Still need to see the world for yourself.”


So there they were, the Keelish team, if not self isolated, then isolated by others.

‘‘So be it.’’ they thought and began practising on their own. Beginning with simpler warm up exercises and progressing to more intense ones as they went along. Their trainer was a military drill sergeant pulled from duty to come kiss some humie arse with a smile as they looked down upon them almost with disgust, or was it literal disgust? Not his dream job either way.

The Keelish also practised some gymnastics to further flex themselves before whatever events the Roklavs had prepared. The diplomatic emissaries of the Keelish were watching from the arena, all of which were silently hoping that ‘‘Let these people have something else in store besides combat.’’. Not that it would make much of a difference. If a good thrashing is all it takes to show off, then that’s what they are prepared to deliver.

However, Lia and the other delegates were not at all amused by the tournament. Lia felt anxious, and her thoughts were in the future, about the meeting they were supposed to have and what would come of it. So many leaders here, too many apples in one pot, it wouldn’t be normal if something didn’t go wrong.

And that was something they were planning to fix…


Wesley, Erik and Frej were watching their champions getting ready. Erik had been yelling at the Berserkers to do their job propper while Frej were talking to the Valkyries while they did Hand to Hand combat “Come on now, remember your training, the kleriel won’t give you any ground they are nimble and skilled fighters meaning you will have to fight, run hell even jump twice as much twice as better. Move with the grace of Freja, fight with the anger of Thor, and dont belive you can’t be hurt like Balder” she said while assisting them, Erik were just yelling railing his men up but still with a smile. Wesley just sat on his chair watching smiling and enjoying his pipe and a mug of mead


After rising with the roosters, the marubans had drilled through a respectable feast of a breakfast consisting of a mixture of dried lettuce and beans from back home, and an assortment of sausages, bread and crystal clear water – Bogdán had advised against the athletes drinking mead before the tasks – and were now amidst practicing fencing maneuvers in pairs under the nose of veteran swordsman Gerald Stjephenov.

Meanwhile, Valdemar was using the warmup period to walk around, conversing with assorted heads of state. Meeting with Valentina, he had been surprised to hear that quarters had been arranged for them in the palace, which unfortunately however had gone empty the previous night as the servant who’d been tasked with escorting them had evidently lost them in the crowd.

Slightly more content with the days turnout, he courteously ended said conversation and went on to a man and a woman who he’d so far never talked to, standing in magnificent clothing a dozen feet away, observing a group of champions dressed in similar colors as the couple. He greeted them in a friendly manner, “who do I have the pleasure of meeting?” The man looked around, slightly surprised.



Virion and Meira had largely kept to the shadows, slightly unnerved by the sheer scale and business of Roklavia. Valdemar’s courteous greeting caught them a little off-guard, as they’d still spoken to very few people besides Valentina. Recovering quickly, however, Virion said, “Virion and Meira of Lásenor. It brings me great pleasure to make your acquantince…”
    “Valdemar of Maruba.”
    “Pleased to meet, you, Valdemar.”
    As they exchanged pleasantries, Meira began glancing furtively around the grand room. “Have you heard anything about what we’re going to be doing for this tournament? Are you allowed to say?”


“The tournament is under my supervision.” A echoey Roklavian voice interrupted. A man in full plate armor and orange sur-coat came out of the fray, having overheard the discussion. Lifting his visor, revealing a bright red mustache and beard, with shiny golden eyes, “The heralds will be announcing the commencement shortly. As for the activities, we shall have a series of elimination duels followed by a final duel. Except the last two standing will lead two opposing teams in the melee. As for your honored personages, her Majesty the Queen invites you all on the balcony. We have seats prepared for you.” He pointed towards the high platform on the Western side of the arena. Then he coughed loudly and cleared his throat. “Forgive me for my rudeness, I am Smelvetsky, Igor Smelvetsky. Captain of the city guard. Her Grace awaits you on the balcon.” He bowed and took his leave.

The tournament was scheduled to begin at noon. As soon as the warriors in the arena finished their morning training, servants came in and began setting up seats for the nobility in a balcony that overlooked the fighting stage. Squires went about, serving wine and food to the fighters, who were resting before the fights began.

By the time noon day was approaching, the sun had warmed the air slightly, dissipating the previous night’s frost.


Valdemar walked up the majestic staircase still in deep conversation with the couple. As they passed Bogdán, Valdemar signaled to him to come, and he shouted something to the maruban he had been speaking to and joined the party to greet the lásmen. It turned out that this Lásenor actually lay relatively close to Maruba, somewhere in the depths of the White Mountains in the east of North Vallenora. As they took seats, lady Meira was just speaking of the mountain lakes and strange herbs, the likes of which, Valdemar knew, couldn’t be found anywhere in the Red Mountains. It sounded odd that he, who’d traveled the small village societies of the White Mountains many a time in his youth, never once heard of such a thriving kingdom. It was, he reminded himself, another sign of the inexplicability of this world.

…where the road is concerned!” lady Meira finished, making Valdemar do a somersault back into the present, “excuse my rudeness,” he said politely, “what road am I hearing of?
As Lásenor has opened up to the outer world, we have began constructing more routes to certain key villages nearby! We have hopes that it will improve our relations with these neighbors if we can only trade with them!
Sounds like a fantastic idea, my lady, if I may say so! Hell, why don’t you include our village of Umeruchey in this network? Lásenor clearly has valuable assets, things we could find good use for, and I guarantee that my merchants would simply love a new market!


A blasting fanfare marked the start of the festivities as the lords and ladies took their seats in the elegant chairs set up in the balcony. Each chair was the same, made of white Birchwood and with orange velvet cushions, according to Valentina’s wishes. No one was to have a seat higher than the other.

In front of the chairs was a long slim table, and it had a white and orange patterned table cloth running down it, trimmed with gold lace. Golden tassles lined the edges of the cloth. Everyone took their seats, looking closely for their name cards - white paper slips with their names written in gold ink. Lia na-Vael was seated directly right of Valentina, and Deniro sat to the right of Lyrien. The newcomers all sat on the Queen’s left. As soon as they were all seated, servants came bearing fruits and punches of various types. The punches were topped off with ice, a common commodity in Roklavia and an excellent addition to any summer drink.

Vadim came shortly after, and without saying a word, posted himself behind Valentina like a shadow. He wasn’t dressed fancily, but he had changed his outfit from the normal tattered naval coat. His new coat was made of a tough cotton material, dyed dark grey, almost black. It also was armoured along the shoulders, and he wore light chain mail which wasn’t visible beneath his shirt. He didn’t wear his usual tri cornered cap, because of the summer warmth. Anyone who had known Vadim 10 years ago would have seen a different man entirely this day. Once he was a humorous rogue, carousing through every bar in Allura, doing as he pleased. The man that guarded the Roklavian queen was somber, wiser, and cautious. His hair had become streaked prematurely with gray since his near death experience, and stress lines marked his face, making him look worn and old. But he was always alert, his eyes darting back and forth, scanning for potential threats. It’s not everyday that a bodyguard gets a second shot at his job.

The teams from every nation proceeded to march into the arena, each troupe following their respective banner-bearers. As each group marched in, they saluted toward the balcony and marched off to the side.