[CANON] [RP Episode] The Flames of War


The Emperor signed the last copy, and sealed it. The couriers gathered up the scrolls, and departed, each on a different swift ship.

The first ship traveled to Danheim…

To the self proclaimed king of Danheim, Wesley Deniro
As your horrible orders regarding the hunting down of Valkorian citizens have now resulted in attacks upon defenceless men, women and children, I, Gaius Cornelius Caesarius, Emperor of Valkoria and Lord of the Seas, do hereby denounce you as a murderer, barbarian, and savage. A state of war is now in effect between our two nations. Any Danheim ship found anywhere South of the Kingdom of Connemara will be destroyed. Any Danheim soldier will be put to the sword. You have brought this upon yourself by your rash and violent actions, more befitting of a terrorist and a coward than a King.

The second sailed to Ebonsgrap, and then to all the other members of the Iron Concord…

To my fellow Kings, Emperors, and Xials, Greetings
As your ally, I call upon your pledge, and ask you to aid me in my war against Danheim. Wesley Deniro has slaughtered my people and attacked my soldiers. Remember your oaths, and let slip the dogs of war!
Gaius Caesarius, Emperor of Valkoria

The third journeyed to Maruba…

To Jarl Valdemar of of the city of Maruba, Greetings
It wish great sadness that I report that a state of war is now in effect between the nation of Danheim and that of the Valkorian Empire. Wesley Deniro has committed atrocities against helpless people, and attacked my soldiers without provocation. I now seek revenge on behalf of my people.
If you are a man of worth, and not some jumped up pretender, then you will know that I have no choice. Valkoria calls out for his destruction. This is a warning, and a word of advice. Wesley is not to be trusted. He must be stopped, and if that cannot be done destroyed. You must see that these lawless raiders have been a thorn in the side of civilization for too long.
Choose your side carefully.
The Emperor of Valkoria, Gaius Caesarius

And the last ship went to Kleriel…

To the esteemed Archon of Kleriel, Lyrien, Greetings
The lawless barbarians of Danheim have shown their true colors for all to see. They have placed a price upon the head of every Valkorian, child or no, and have devastated several villages in their lust for money and blood. They have twice attacked my soldiers without provocation, and now I intend to unleash war upon them.
No Valkorian soldier shall set foot in Kleriel, nor shall a single warship enter your territory. This I promise you. I ask only for your neutrality, so that I may wipe these raging savages into whatever world their gods promise them. If you intervene, it will only cause the needless shedding of more blood.
I intend to leave the North, for good, once the campaign has been concluded. You know as well as I that such a place is too remote and cutoff for me to hold. Once Danheim falls, we need not worry of further conflicts. They are ONLY the cause of any tension or strife between the South and the North, now that Roklavia is gone.
Will you have peace or war?
Gaius Cornelius, Emperor of Valkoria and Lord of the Seas

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Note: This takes place a year or two after the Valkorian Civil war ended


The carrier to Kleriel made it to the palace in Meridian with the message presented to the Archon. Upon having it read to her, she was beset by a momentary anger as she stared out the window with the entire hall in silence, awaiting her reply. She sighed, and had a reply written by her steward as she spoke, which was afterwards handed to the carrier to give to Gaious.

Emperor Gaious Cornelious of Valkoria.

It is with great sadness that i recieved your message, and with greater grief that i respond. The people of Danheim have pushed it too far, and have carelessly attacked, pillaged, and murdered innocent people in the name of so called glory. Such behaviour is intolerable, and should never be allowed to pass without proper punishment. We would have done it differently, not through war. But, as it stands, war has come to the north, and as such to Kleriel as well, for we have a pact with the norse of Danheim, and are bound by oath to come to their defence. All Valkorian incursions in the north will be met with a fierce hostile response from us henceforth. May whatever gods you worship show you mercy as the flames of war engulf us all.

Lyrien na-Lettrix, Archon of the Kleriel Imperium.


Garias and Xial II sit on their thrones per usual, bored.

’‘M’lords! A courier from Valkoria has arrived! He says he brings a message of great urgency!’' One of the citadel guards tell his emperors.

’‘Let him in.’' Garias tells the guard, who swiftly motions to the other guards to let the courier through.

Garias motions to the courier to read the message out loud. As the courier spoke, the emperors’ boredom faded and turned to that of intrigue.

The courier clears his throat, intimidated by the stares of the emperors, and reads the scroll.

Garias summons a parchment, which seemingly levitates in mid air, giving off a purple glow.
With a wave of a finger, purple, burning text begins to appear on the parchment, much to the amazement of the courier.

Emperor Gaious Cornelious of Valkoria.

The Empire hears your call. Many a time have rumors of these northern barbarians reached our ears, but now we are certain that they are more than mere rumors. It angers us to know that our allies’ people are falling victim to the blades of these savages.

Rest assured. We will join you in your struggles. We will send a terrible army and together we will reign supreme, as Motus wills!
May dark days befall our enemies and the winged shadow of glory lead us to victory.

Garias the Pallid, Emperor of Ebongrasp

The scroll closes by itself and floats towards the courier and Garias tells him to bring it to the Valkorian emperor.


The courier were dragged into the hall of the king
" My king this foul beast comes bearing a scroll and thinks his even welcome here and even welcome to bring us anything" one of the guards said

" hand me this scroll lets see what this half breed got to say, it’s most likely just some insane rambling" Wesley said as he took the scroll
he started to read it, mumbling bla bla war bla bla death bla bla
after reading the scroll he walks over to the courier and strikes him
" LISTEN HERE YOU FOUL BEAST you joten scum you walk midjord demanding this and that thinking this world is your for the takning but its not! theses people that attacked you sure they are men and women of Danheim but none of mine, they acted on their own" he said to the valkorian
" However you and the ship you came with wont leave you will be in my prison the crew killed the ship impounded and well whatever thats on it is now mine, you’re so called caesar means nothing to me, your whole nation is a dark stain on midjord and every death that befalls you is just, the south is a shithole anyway and barely raidable, so enjoy your new home beast." he said he then once more hit the man in the face " take it away, and take the ship by force, and while you at it inform the fleet the north seas belong to the north and start amassing the new ship class, i for once will go back to my studies"" he said as he turned away


The enormous wooden doors creaked as the Valkorian courier rushed in the great hall.
Exhausted and fatigued, the Valkorian continuously walked whilst he shouted: “Milord, I bring forth imperative news from the Emperor of Valkoria.”

King Gerardus II arose from his seating located with the city planning board, and with a thundering tone said; “What may this urgent news be, which are important enough to abruptly interfere my meeting with the city council!?” Shaken and terrified of His majesty’s arrogant response, the Valkorian slowly continued up towards the King’s seat and handed over the Scroll.

The expression on the King’s face alone aroused fearful thoughts on the people who were gathered in the hall. The King then, whilst walking down - in-between the two rows of tables packed with people, shouted:
“Men and Women of Kaldaross, it is time for us to scramble the troops! Call in every man and women aged to serve, for today – alongside our southern allies we are at war with the Northerners! Due to their barbaric actions against defenceless men and women, the Empire of Valkoria have decided to end this ferocious threat once and for all, and we – Kaldarossians will do the same. The Concord has called upon our aid, and we are sworn to preserve it – no matter the outcome. No man, nor woman should ever be exposed to actions as cold-blooded as this, equality will prevail – and so will eventually everlasting peace!”

Following the King’s speech - the silence was replaced with choiring and cheering, with people slamming their fist in the table yelling “Long live the King! Long live the King!”. Meanwhile, the courier began his journey home, with a message written from King Gerardus II.

Emperor Gaious Cornelious of Valkoria.

On behalf of the Concord, and Kaldaross – I am tremendously remorseful for the losses gained by the barbaric actions from the warriors of Danheim. Kaldaross, as a nation within the Concord stands behind you in the decision to make an end for this tyrannical nation and will support the case of war. Our Troops will be assembled and fit for war in the near future. May us hope, for an everlasting case of peace after this conflict.

Gerardus II of his name, High King of Kaldaross.

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Valdemar frowned as he read the piece of parchment the tall messenger had brought him. “War? Really? They’re a bloody world apart!” His people would not appreciate this, whatever he did next, he knew that. The uprising hadn’t been forgotten in the people’s hearts, and convincing them to fight on any side in a conflict in which really couldn’t see his own involvement seemed a foolish thing to undertake. On the other hand, even if he was to do nothing and stay out of the conflict, the drop of trade that was sure to come out of this struggle was inevitable. He had long stopped sending convoys to Valkora, fearing for the sailors’ safety during the civil war. After it ended, most ports were ruined, and the people lived in poverty, meaning it would be pointless to try selling them fine goods, even less expect a good turnout.

That raised another question. He couldn’t for the world comprehend how Valkor had risen from its own ashes so quickly, daring to declare war two mere years after their own internal struggles ended. Yes, he had to assume the war itself would have been declared by the southerners. King Wesley had visited on multiple occasions since the tournament, and the two men had become, well, “friends” would be a dangerous word, but in lack of other descriptions, he at least believed to have a good idea of the philosophy of the danheimer. Sure, he frowned upon their way of life and their brutality while they were at it, but declaring a war on an entire country was very much unlike them. No, the “attack without provocation” had most likely been the raid that made the cup spill over, it was that simple.

Putting the letter of the valkorian aside, he told the servants to escort the courier to a room in the castle while it was considered. When they were gone, he wrote another letter, which he sent off right away, however not to Valkor. Now all he could do is wait, and probably call upon the council while he was at it. Yes, surely that was the right thing to do.


Gaius received the messengers from Kleriel, the Concord, and was not surprised when no answer came from Danheimor or Maruba. While he had expected some such response from the Archon, as well as the Concord, the fact that Maruba did not reply was most interesting.

But when no messenger returned from Danheim, he knew that something was amiss. Knowing the Danheim King, Caesar assumed the worst. After deducing that the messenger had been eliminated, he sent a message back to the other members of the Concord, warning them of the no quarters policy now being followed by the Northmen.

After appointing a new field commander to lead his army of vengeance into the North, he gave the orders, the fleet weighed anchor, and the might of Valkoria went North…

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Over a week came and went between Valdemar sending the first letter, and him receiving the reply. It was a long distance after all, even by air. During this time, he had began to receive reports of increased military activity in the capital of the kaldarossi kingdom to their west, and the day before the reply arrived, spies had revealed to him that they had joined arms with the empires of Valkor and Ebongrasp in a combined effort against the danheimers.

He had thought long about how to formulate his letter. The final edit had looked something like this:

"To His Majesty Wesley Deniro of Danheim

I am deeply saddened to gain knowledge of the state of war that has arisen between Yourself and the emperor of Valkora. I have heard their summary of this conflict, but as a tribute to the friendly relations between our countries, I hereby ask for your account of this event. I am told that your men butchered villages of valkorians. The catch with this story is that I recall asking you about the area and you responding that you didn’t raid that far away.

Another thing you ought to know is that the emperor has requested me to chose sides. Although I don’t see were Maruba enters this conflict, I would very much like to know if there is a legitimate reason as for him making these threats against my peaceful people. My people are fighters by blood, but they have witnessed great horrors in their lives, horrors that only Svetla has seen alongside them. I again ask you to give me your recollection of events, and answer, in honor of our mutual agreements over the past years, to tell me the truth.

With honor,
Jarl Valdemar I of Maruba"

The reply appeared to have been written down rather hastily. It read:

"To the honored leader of Maruba,

after finding out what sort of beasts roam our world of midjord, who attacked my men first, I issued a mer bounty in the north for any one of them brought to my feet. The story of which you write was none of my doing. Four groups of mercenaries banded together and sought out the weakened valkorians for a massive bounty. They went for the source, greedy as they were, and for their greed they paid the price in their own blood. This halfbreed emperor wishes to blame all of the north and all of Danheim, for something we as a nation and as a people had nothing to do with. True, the acts were made in the mist of a nasty civil war, and their targets were amongst the civilian population, however I repeat that the radicals paid their own price in blood.

These valkorian joten halfbreeds have been waving their swords at the north and our way of life for far too long. As of now, we in Danheim intend to defend the north against this foul aggressor and anyone that wishes to see our end. I answer to fulfill our agreements in honor and duty. Kleriel and Danheim will stand with, and for Maruba, and hope for your aid in any form you can spare.

King Wesley Deniro of Danheim"

The next day, Valdemar showed the replies to the rest of the governors, and and they used that, along with the pieces of rumors and such that floated around ever since the danheimer skirmishes at the kavehan capital. It appeared clear, that Wesley had committed a mistake in giving such a vague bounty. However, they also agreed that the brutality with which these mercenaries had acted was beyond imagination, even by danheimer standards, which, let’s face it, weren’t the highest.

Hence, surely, the guilty ought to be the only to be punished? If not, then surely the valkorians were no better than the roklav peasants that had exiled half their own country, including most around that very table. No, it was clear that launching a full on invasion this quickly after the incidents in question, was a huge overreaction. Wesley was a pirate, whatever he might say about “liberating those poor jewels” from people. Yes, this was true, but he was a pirate with some class. He would impossibly have ordered this.

But what would happen if they actually went ahead and joined forces with the danheimers? He didn’t doubt that they would be victorious, at least while the keelish remained on their side, but would the kaldarossi tolerate such a thing, or were their trade connections at stake? Best to keep their flanks open, huh?

After much deliberation, during which Councilman Vitéz became ever more red underneath his famous mustache, two letters were drafted. The first one read:

"To the King of the Kingdom of Kaldaross

As you very well know, Maruba is at a high risk clash site for the Rouge War now engulfing Allura. For multiple reasons, we have permitted northern refuge in our ports for the duration of the conflict, where they are under our protection. I have also issued a message to Your ally, the emperor of Valkora, about our intension to keep the war out of the Calledian Sea, whose undisturbed business routes, I hardly need to remind you, are a major benefit for your economy, as well as it is ours. If he defies this, we will intervene with what we can. I however hope this will not need to occur.

I seek to set straight, that I under no circumstances possess ill intentions against our great neighbor in the west. Contrary, I hope that we shall remain on good terms, diplomatically as well as economically. I therefor wish to declare that the kaldarossi need not fear an invasion from the east. As a sign of my good will, I will permit a smaller kaldarossi army to reside at the outskirts of the city of Piterud for the remainder of the conflict. They shall be tended to by our hand, and if rouge danheimers attempt to exploit our hospitality to use us as a shortcut to stab Kaldaross, their fate is in your hands.

However, and heed this, IF Kaldaross issues attacks upon any maruban settlement, citizen, or property, by order from valkor or Yourself, you will be met, and this declaration will be of no value.

With honor,
Jarl Valdemar I of Maruba"

While the second read:

"To the Emperor of Valkora

It saddens me to see such declarations, especially as of this economically most lucrative point in history. As much as I would agree with you on the point of the savagery in your home being unquestionably inhumane to the highest degree, I cannot openly declare against the kingdom you seek to destroy. The famines that would occur in our area if you were to succeed would lay waste to our lands, and even you couldn’t change that fact.

I wish you no harm, truly. I hope that Valkora sees no enemy in Maruba either. However, I must warn you, and make it quite clear, that the Calledian Sea is out of bounds to you, and all other southerners as of the duration of the conflict. This is due to many northern nations’ and their traders’ wishes to be spared from the effects of the war. Therefor, any attempts at entering the sea though the Neck, or either of the southern straits of Kleriel and Silvania, will be met with unrelenting force.

Neither will I tolerate hostilities in my lands, and therefor any attack upon any maruban settlement, citizen, or property, will be met, and then our fellow northerners will stand behind us. Therefor, I strongly advice you against violating these regulations.

I hope that you are as much a man of honor as I aspire to remain, and will respect our wishes.

With honor,
Jarl Valdemar I of Maruba"

As such, he rolled up the scrolls, and, after sending the first one off by bird, went to find the valkorian courier, although knowing that his reply was coming later than the emperor would have anticipated.


A schooner bearing Kleriel colours sailed in to Maruba approximately a day after the battle of the Neck. It docked in the capital’s port, and a Keelish messenger hastily made it for the seat of the nation bearing a scroll for the Jarl.

The scroll, upon opening, revealed a message from the Archon of Kleriel.




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