[CANON][RP Episode] The end of the Rogue War


Gaius snorted, a chuckle rising from his lips despite his deepest attempts at self control.

”Very well Lady Archon, we have an agreement.”

He mastered his smile, although hints of a grin still lingered.

”If it ever comes to that, Valkoria shall give any visiting Keelish a warm welcome!”

The Emperor stood, standing tall again.

”Thank you for your hospitality, and I bid you farewell. Enjoy your Danheim ‘wine’.” He bowed, and walked out. As he paced out of the palace and down to the quay, he spoke softly to himself, his smile vanishing.

”So be it Lyrien. Now I have work to do…”


Gaius left the chamber, and as soon as he left her presence, she had an order radioed over to the ships docked in Maruba to bring Jarl Valdemar a message…