[CANON][RP Episode] The end of the Rogue War


Gaius pulled out a large quill pen, and a signet ring. He signed rapidly, pen flashing across the parchment. Then he took the ring, pressed a small button on the side of the insignia, and stamped the paper, a blood red eagle taking shape against the white surface.


Lyrien took the parchment next. The scribe bowed before her as she offered her a pen, which she then took to use to adorn the document with her own signature and dragon sigil.


Wesley was reading the so called Treaty
"This means i can’t enter Heitr Eyland right? however i can still enter Storr Skogr, aslong i dont venture south?. Due i have things to do in storr skogr and people to visit"
Wesley asked Lyrien


‘‘The treaty applies for military vessels and troops. Merchants and diplomatic envoys, such as yourself, may still conduct business wherever they please.’’ Lyrien explained.


" So i can’t have troops on what you would call north Vellanora, you know around maruba, lasernor and such?" Wesley asked
"If that’s the case i simply can’t sign i have duties and other deals around thoes areas where my army is needed. hell i demand the right to enter my allies territories"


‘‘I can settle for that.’’ Lyrien agreed.


A nod of assent.


" Have it added to the treaty and i will sign, right a way" Wesley said
Wesley looked at Frej and spoke to her in norse
" Hand me the wax, my dear so i can get ready to sign this damn thing" wesley said her while Frej nodded and started to dig into her pockets


The Emperor turned to the guard standing behind the him, and whispered several commands in Latin. The man nodded, and vanished back out through the palace and down to the harbor, a few more of his companions moving with him for extra protection. The ship at rest in the harbor began pouring smoke from her stacks, as the engines were kicked up a notch to prepare to leave.


The new treaty:


" I can get behid this, however Joten i will warn you this, you might still live and breath but soon enough, your nation will run crimson, and you will fall. It may not be today tommorw or in this generation but once the day comes, when ragnarok comes, count on Danheim and the gods will be there to see your end and the new midjord will be rebuild with us winning and you long forgotten to time, your nation and people gone, making room for an new evil to rise. Which we will crush when time comes." Wesley said as he leaned over to sign the treaty and placed his wax sigil

" Oh yes Lyrien i brought you a gift and one for Rhoa, two bottles of the finest winter mead in Danheim also from my own personal stock. Also if you see Rhoa tell her to visit i got great many books and scrolls from the west she might be interesting in reading" Wesley said as Erik Placed the two bottles onto the table


Gaius slammed his fist on the table. The wine bottles tottered precariously.

”Welsey, I came here to offer you peace. And I tell you, we will have peace…when you hang from a gibbet, for the sport of your own crows. We shall have peace, when you answer for the burning of my villages, and the children that lie dead there!”

Anger was in every line of the Emperor’s face, such as had not been seen before.

”So I tell you, ten years is but a blink in the life of a Valkorian. And when your raging hordes of uncouth savages come pouring south, I will cover the land with your blood, drenching all if need be. Now begone, sorry excuse for a noble title, destroyer of a far greater culture. Now go back to your bonfire.”

”If there is anything else you wish to discuss without this prating fool, I am at your disposal for 20 minutes, Lady Archon.” he spoke to Lyrien.


" Finally it spoke as a man, as a warrior now the smell of blood accepted, it was a mer warning, we know the outcome of the twilight of the gods and the norns haven’t written you in" he said

" If this is all, i have other things to attent to and i hope to see you again Lyrien, if you ever need a break off from this lovely place, i got a spare room you can use, and lit hall that’s warm. And your company will also be welcome" he said Looking at Lyrien taking a bow


‘‘Thank you Wesley, that will be all.’’ she said as she rolled up the scroll and handed it over to her scribe.
’‘I still have a matter to discuss with the Emperor, about our prisoners of war.’’ she added.


After Wesley left, Gaius regained his composure, settling into the quiet voice that was his regular tone.

”How many prisoners do you have exactly milady? Some 3,000 are MIA, how many are in your camps? We must also settle what shall be done with my captives, some hundreds of Danheimers taken prisoner after their defeat outside the city.”


Lyrien gestured her steward, and he stepped forward with a large file documenting how many Valkorians Kleriel had in custody, and where. Some of which they were even able to get their full names from to document.
’‘Approximately… one thousand. There were many brought in to the hospitals that we just couldn’t save. And then, there was that areal assault at The Neck, many died in the slaughter, some perished in the aftermath…’’ she explained with a sigh, ‘‘I don’t believe we ever had near 3000 of them together though.’’

‘‘As for Danheim’s people… You are speaking to the wrong leader. They are not my responsibility. Why didn’t you mention this to Wesley while he was here?’’ she asked.


Gaius waved his hand.

”Wesley is an arrogant up-jumped warlord. He understands only steel. When I spoke so strongly to him, he responded by calling me a ‘true warrior’. Do you really think he would have given me anything? He demanded I pay reparations for a war he started. I wish to deal with the true power in the north, not the leader of a band of raiders, calling himself a king.”


‘‘And yet this ‘‘bandit’’ rules a horde which counts more men and women than your empire… Thank you for your opinion of the man. Now, back to discussing our prisoners.’’


”The Valkorians shall be returned home, and I shall keep the Danheimers as hostages. On the matter of slain prisoners, killed during the Kavehan attack, I shall have strong words with Shah Gilgamesh. VERY strong words.” Gaius looked a bit grim. ”I assume you would want something in return for these men however.”


Lyrien leaned back and modestly began scratching her neck as she spoke in a hushed tone.

‘‘Yes. I mean to discuss something with you, regarding Maruba in fact…’’